Greatest Wedding Ever.

Wedding of RainbowDashicorn and George Weasley.

Wedding of Skye Luna Everdeen and James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky aka The Winter Soldier

Credit to Cambie Everdeen and R.D.M. Goldlight.

Details and Wedding in movella.


7. How Skye Was Engaged

Skye's POV

"Iris, Raine, Tressa! I have BIG news!"I called.

"Coming Skye!"Iris yelled back.

"Shut it Skye!"Raine hollered.

"No one cares!"Tressa screamed.

"Typical..."I muttered. I turn and sit down on my bed waiting for Iris and ,possibly, the others. Iris walks into the room dragging the others behind her.

"We're here!"Iris yelped,"Go ahead!"

"Well it all started a few days ago..."

I was walking home from the Triskelion, where I had just finished my latest mission, searching for a friend. I padded across the pavement, as rain beaten down. I immediately regretted leaving my umbrella at home. I glanced down at my watch, 9:13 PM. I sighed and pushed through the piercing rain. A few minutes later, as I was passing a bus stop, a bus pulled up. The doors open and foots steps clatter, along with the heavy sway of an arm. Ignoring my want to take the bus, I kept going, only pausing to tie my shoes.

"Hello,"A voice piped up.I gazed up to see a man a few yeas older than me wearing a hoodie, in which his left arm seemed to be crammed into. He carried an umbrella,"Could I walk you home? You seem in dire need of an umbrella."

"It's okay, you need it anyways,"I replied.

"How about we share it?" he asked.

"Umm... okay, thanks,"I said.

Three blocks later we arrived at my door. 

"Thanks for your help,"I acknowledged, pushing the door open,"Well goodbye."

"could I come in?" he asked

"I don't let strangers into my house...."

"Oh, we're hardly strangers, Skye..." He slid his sleeve up to reveal his bionic arm.

"Bucky! You're home!"

"Did you really think I would forget about my best friend's sister?"

"oh, that's al I am now?"


"so you did forget about everything we've been through together?"




I groaned and plopped down onto the couch burying my head in my hands. "Not again..."



"What did you say my name was again?"

"You're James Buchanan Barnes and I can't live without you." He smiled and pulled me into a hug. I felt something cold slip onto my ring finger.

"I've got to go see Steve,"He said pulling away,"Apparently your brother's having trouble with the coffee machine."


"I'll see you tonight."

"Bye..." He smiled a sad smile, I knew he was wished he could stay, but it's Steve, he can't help it. I walked to my bedroom and laid back on my bed. I pulled off the circular object Bucky slipped on my finger, a ring. Engraved into the surface was four words I had been waiting to here my entire life. "Yes" I murmured and drifted off to sleep, clutching the ring.

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