Greatest Wedding Ever.

Wedding of RainbowDashicorn and George Weasley.

Wedding of Skye Luna Everdeen and James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky aka The Winter Soldier

Credit to Cambie Everdeen and R.D.M. Goldlight.

Details and Wedding in movella.


6. How Rainbow was Engaged

Rainbow POV

"Do you have to know?" I ask Ella(ILoveEllaEnchanted). She nod her head, waiting expectantly. I roll my eyes, tapping my foot. "Fine, El. Fine. It started one day, while I was talking to Luna and Neville." I start.

'Luna, we still up for Nargle hunting?' I asked. She smiled her faraway smile. 'Yes, then? Hey, Neviile?" I moved to Neville, an old friend. We were upstairs from Weasley Wizard Wheezes. Neville looked to me. "You really have to ask her out." I whispered. Neville blushed. I turned around, to where George stood. I was surprised at his sudden appearance. He probably apparated. 

'Hey, Ray!" He chirped, his hands behind his back.

"What prank now?" I asked. That's when he brought his hands around. He opened the small black box his hands held. I smiled, knowing this wasn't a prank.

'Y'know, Ray Barnes is such a boring name. Way to boring for someone like you." He said. I looked skeptically at him. 

'Then what should my name be?'

'Ray Weasley.' He answered, leaning down to kiss me.

'"You happy now, Ella? I got a wedding to plan. OH SKYE!" I yelled, standing up and walking away.

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