Free Fall - Harry Styles FF

I walked into the living room filled with people, why did I even come here? My friend had spent all week begging me to come to her stupid end of the semester party. She said it would be epic, but this just seemed like any other party. Loud music, BLARING music, and a lot of spirits being passed around the room… What was so epic?

“Hey there love, I’m glad to see you again.” A deep voice spoke from behind me.


4. The Chase

~~When I woke up in the morning I was surprised to see Harry had actually gone out and slept on the couch in the living room. I pulled the duvet off my body and slid off the bed slowly placing my bare feet on the wooden floor of his bedroom. My body shivered at the coldness of the hard wood floors. I grabbed the duvet and wrapped it around my body. I walked over to bathroom and saw that he had left out the toothbrush I had used a week ago. He was so thoughtful and mature. Even though I had seen so much bad in him I just couldn’t help but want to look at all the good. I was slowly warming up to the thought that maybe my toothbrush could be there all the time, maybe. I washed up and brushed my hair out before making my way into the living room.
There he was. He slept so peacefully the only word I could describe it would be angelic. His eyes were so gently kept shut, his beautiful brown curls circling the pillow, and his dimples shone out just a little when he inhaled through his nose. He was so quiet, I couldn’t wake him. I decided to pull the cover over his shoulders and tiptoe wrapped in the duvet to make a warm pot of tea and some breakfast. Hmm, maybe oatmeal, with a little bit of honey. I grabbed his tea pot and filled it and put it on the stove to boil while I was cooking the oatmeal. I didn’t realize how quick the pot would whistle and how loud it would be. I quickly ran to the pot and picked it off the stove. I heard a grumble come from the couch but I didn’t think he woke up. As I finished cooking up our breakfast I felt a hand grab my right hip. It was large and warm, definitely Harry’s.
“Good morning beautiful. Thank you for making tea and oatmeal, you are too kind.” His voice was so raspy and tired. His words made my stomach tighten. I reached down and grabbed his hand on my hip and twisted to become face to face with him. As soon as I turned around I felt his plump lips pressed to mine.  I let out a soft moan as he sucked on my bottom lip, leaving little bites in-between kisses. I reached around and grabbed the hair at the nape of his neck as I moved my body in closer to his. I could tell he was surprised by my move as he moved back removing his lips from mine. He looked down at me with a scared look, “Are you sure? I don’t want to overstep. I’m sorry for being so forward. It’s just that I fancy seeing you all wrapped up in my duvet like that.” He made a cheeky smile and then winked at me. I giggled a little before walking over to him and placing both my hands on either side of his face. I looked up at him with a smile before leaning in and kissing him. This time he wasn’t so shy. He reached around my back and wrapped his arm around my waist so he could lift me up and set me on the countertop behind me. Once resting on the countertop I wrapped my legs around his waist and nudged him with my heel so he would come closer. Something ignited within me, I had never felt this way before. All I wanted was his touch all over me.
Did I even know what I wanted? My train of thought was stopped when Harry pulled away with a grin and blurted out, “We need to eat and then get ready! I have a surprise for you!” I was confused at his statement. The whole reason I was staying here was to let a few days pass and get rid of the prominent bruise left on my neck. Now it looks like I’m staying here to get another. I hopped down from the counter and followed Harry to the table with our oatmeal and tea. We ate very quickly and I couldn’t finish my oatmeal. I helped take all the dishes to the sink and then cleaned them. When I was done I made my way to the bedroom. When I walked in Harry was already half way undressed and getting on some nicer clothes. Where were we going? And what were we doing? I looked down and put my hand over my eyes, acting like I was shielding my eyes from his body.
“Where are we going? I need to know how to dress.” I said with a smile. I didn’t have any clothes here. I didn’t hear a reply so I looked over my hands and saw he was fully dressed grabbing his wallet and phone. “I don’t have any nice clothes here and you look fit.” I grinned at him as he looked up amused. As I watched him walk over towards me all I could focus on was his beautiful green eyes and his prominent biceps filling the arms of his nice shirt. He was stunning. He grabbed my arm and looked down at me with a smile.
“Well the first stop is your choice. We’re going to go get you a nice outfit. So where would you like to go?” His statement made me smile. I still didn’t know where we were going though.
“Well I like this little boutique in town, but if that is out of the way we can go wherever is on the way. Where did you say we were going?”
“Did I not say I have a surprise for you?” I smiled at him and shrugged my shoulders. I was shocked when he leant down in front of me and picked me up. My arms were wrapped around his neck and he held my legs in one arm and my back in the other. He made his way through the flat and out the front to his Audi. He set me on my feet so I could get in but wouldn’t let me open the door myself. He was being a perfect gentleman. I guess this was his way to make up for the other night. I watched as he made his way around the front of the car to the driver’s seat. I had already hooked my phone up so when he turned the car on we heard Ed Sheeran’s soothing voice come over the speakers singing, give me love. His lyrics always filled my thoughts, they were so meaningful. I began singing along and Harry flashed me a cheeky grin, I guess he was surprised that I was belting out the lyrics. I reached over and set my hand on his knee gently squeezing. I couldn’t imagine being here and feeling this way even 24 hours ago, but now it’s like I’ve really fallen for him. His cheeky grin, his prominent dimples, his rigid jawline, his beautiful curls, and his playful attitude made him somewhat irresistibly charming to me. What was I to do, I wanted to call Meghan and tell her everything but I knew she wouldn’t be as thrilled as I currently am. So I figured I would just let that sit for a little bit and talk to her about it later.
We pulled up outside of one of my favorite boutiques and Harry dropped me off out front so I didn’t have to wait for him to find parking. I walked inside and saw beautiful gowns and women being fitted into personally made outfits. This was one of the more expensive boutiques in town but I loved some of their vintage clothing they always had stowed away in the back corner of the store. I made my way past the vast amounts of beautiful gowns lining the entrance of the store. Finally I came to the small corner in the back and found a cute vintage crop top and some dressy high waist shorts.  As I made my way to the fitting room I saw Harry approaching me.
“I just need to make sure they fit. Then we can go. Is this appropriate?” I lifted the clothing so he could see and his face spread into a grin.
“Yes, that’ll do. Do you need shoes to go with it? And a coat because it might get a little nippy.”
“Yeah I do need shoes but those are a quick grab. I should be fine. If I need a coat I’ll just steal your blazer.” I winked at him and closed the fitting room curtain. I giggled to myself and started to try the clothes on.
“You better come out and let me see it on you!” I hear him yell from outside the fitting room. So as soon as I finished buttoning and zipping I took one quick glance in the mirror and proceeded out to entertain his demands. As I grinned up at Harry he took swift steps towards me grabbed my cheek and pressed a forceful yet passionate kiss to my lips. When he released me I just looked up at his now burning green eyes. His look was now more seductive and passionate.
“Well, I’m guessing you like it?” As he nodded I turned around walking swiftly into the dressing room to change out of the new clothes and into my old ones.
- - - - -
“Harry, it would please me so to know where we are going.” I tried to talk very properly but kept making myself laugh before I could even get the full sentence out.
“We are almost there.” He pulled the car over mid-sentence and pulled a piece of cloth out of his pocket. “Here turn around.” He pulled the fabric over my eyes and gently tied it around my head.
“What are we doing that you need to blind fold me? You aren’t killing me now are you?” I said with a smirk. I felt his finger rub over my bottom lip, he moved it so slowly it made my stomach clinch. What was he doing? I felt his hand glide down to my chin and I felt him push my face up making my head tilt back. He ran gentle kisses along my jawline to my ear and whispered, “Don’t worry love, it’ll be a pleasant surprise.” I felt a jolt as the car pulled away.  I smiled as I felt his hand grab mine. He was being so spontaneous it made me giggle.
“What is so funny over there, Ms. Brooks?”
“You are cute. That’s all.”
“Only for you.”
I felt the vehicle take a hard right then come to a stop. Following was my belt strap being released and him telling me to stay put and not peek. I did as I was told and soon enough he was helping me out of the seated position in the car. We took a few steps before he stopped me pulled the blindfold off my head and stood there looking at my reaction. I was facing the harbour, beautiful ships lining the docks. The view was breathtaking.
“This is beautiful…” I looked at him and smiled as butterflies took over the space in my abdomen.
“Follow me, there is more.” He walked quickly while holding my hand down the dock and stopped in front of an elegant boat. “I pulled a few strings and we have this beauty for the day.”
“Oh my.” It was beautiful. Not too large, just a decent boat. I walked behind Harry stepping onto the boat and feeling the movement beneath my feet made me sway. He put his arm around me and smiled.
“Maybe I should give you a tour of the inside of the boat first. If this is too much we can go back to the flat. I just thought you wouldn’t want to be stuck in there all the time, and no one will see you on the water.” He smiled and gently touched my cheek.
“Harry, this is perfect. I love being on the water.” I reached up and put my hand at the nape of his neck and pulled him into me. Pressing my lips firmly to his, savoring every moment I could. He just keeps surprising me. I leaned back and gave him a grin.
We walked down into the cabin of the boat, it was flourished with wooden accents and beautiful antique décor. This was like a dream. I knew it was a rental, but I felt like we were on the top of the world. This is the life of wealthy people, was Harry wealthy? I really didn’t know much about him at all. Maybe this would be the perfect opportunity to find some things out.
“This is amazing. How did you pay for this? It so extravagant, I hope you didn’t spend too much..” I looked up to see his blazing green eyes looking straight into mine. His glare was so intense it took every last sip of air from my lungs. He held his eye contact as he moved closer to me and smiled.
“You’re worth every penny.” I couldn’t help the grin spreading across my face.
“Is everyone here? I’m about to pull her out.” I assumed he was the owner or operator of the ship. He looked really young to be in charge of such a large vessel.
“Yes, it’ll just be the two of us. Thank you.” Harry was so polite. He gave the man a smile and turned back to me as if there were no interruptions. “Now on with that tour.” He grabbed my hand and started towards the hallway. “This is the lounge room obviously, couches and such. But down this hallway are bedrooms and the bathroom.” We moved past the hallway, I guess there was no real reason to see the bedrooms. We wouldn’t be using them, so we made our way over to the small kitchen adjacent the lounge room. “Here is where I will be making you lunch,” he had such a sweet tone in his voice. I giggled a little bit thinking of him cooking for me. “Is that funny?”
“No, Harry, not at all. I’m sure it will be wonderful, just don’t set the boat on fire.” I let out another little giggle as he grinned at me. He was actually a pretty good cook as far as I knew. He turned around and started walking towards the cabin door. We walked out on the deck to see the captain had pulled the boat out of the harbor but the sky had turned a light grey and looked almost as if a storm was on its way in. “Did you check the weather before renting this out today?”
“Yeah, it said overcast. But just in case it does get stormy there are some DVD’s in the cabin and there might be some games.”
“Well let’s enjoy the deck while it’s not storming.” I walked over to him and took his hand. He was so sweet; I can’t believe he rented a boat just for us. I looked up at him and smiled as he led me over to the seating area on the deck. We sat down and enjoyed the sound of the waves crashing against the boat, the smell of the fresh sea air, and the refreshing gust of wind on our skin. It was a beautiful day to be on a boat, if only the storm would have held off a little bit longer.
I threw my hands over my head and spun around in front of Harry, the rain had started coming down pretty hard and I was already soaking wet. Why not enjoy it? I tilted my head back and felt the cool rain drops splash against my skin. I opened my eyes to see Harry looking at me with a weird smirk on his face. What was he thinking? I walked over and grabbed his hand. I gestured him to get up and he doesn’t budge, instead he shakes his head and grins.
“Little rain princess, we should go inside the cabin and dry you off.” I continue to twirl under the sheets of rain pouring over us. “Seriously Hayden, you’ll catch something out here in the cold.” I brought my twirling to a stop, and grabbed his hand dragging him into the warmth of the cabin giggling. I pulled him close to me and looked him in his eyes, “You’ll never catch me!” I shoved him away slightly and proceeded to run away squealing as he ran behind. It was as brilliant as a car chase, I almost out ran him into one of the bedrooms but he put his foot in the door before I could even shut it.
“Oh, where are you going to go now Hayden?!” He sounded so excited to be so close. But I had another trick up my sleeve! I slowly released the door and looked into his eyes.
“Well I guess you caught me…” I shrugged my shoulders in defeat. As he moved in to grab me I ducked under his tall figure and ran into the hallway giggling. “I’m not that easy of a kill.”
“There is only so far you can go Hayden!”
“You bet?!” I kept running in circles around the lounge room sofa. He was bound to get me but I had to make him work for it. I decided to run the other way but when I turned I ran straight into his arms, so much for catching me…
“That I do.” He gave me a tight squeeze and let out a deep chuckle. I could feel the wake of it from deep in his chest. He leaned his head down and gently pressed his lips to my hair. The warmth of his breath on my skin made every hair on my arm stand at attention.
“Now that you got me, what are you going to do with me?” I purred at him seductively. My inner-self applauding at my choice of words but as soon as I saw his gaze change, she gulped. Maybe I shouldn’t taunt this bull, he scared me but I just wanted him to think I wasn’t scared of him. But we both knew I was.
“Hmm, I have so many choices.” I could feel the grin in his words. “Maybe…” I felt the muscles in his arms tighten as he lifted me straight off the ground, “I will take you in here.” He swiftly made his way to the back cabin, and my breath hitches and he steps through the threshold.  The room had become so much darker with the storm; the bed was perfectly made and looked so welcoming. He released his arms around me to allow my feet to take place at the side of the bed. I stood there silently with my eyes wide open, taking in the whole situation I was enveloped in. Warm hands wrapped around my waist and turned me to face him, our eyes locked and my whole body was like a dam of warm water just rushed through me. I could feel my heart pumping the thick blood through my veins.
Was this it? Is this how it is going to happen? I mean I’ve never had any fantasies or expectations for when I was to lose my virginity. His eyes were so intense, his gaze just stole all my thoughts, my body was now his. I purposely looked into his eyes and licked my lips, his eyes followed my movement. I put my hand at the nape of his neck and swiftly pressed my lips against his. I couldn’t stop the feeling that came over my body, it’s nothing I had ever experienced before. In that moment Harry grabbed my upper thighs and lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around him. I kissed down his neck to his collar bone as he walked us over to the bed and kicked off his shoes. He laid me on my back and slowly took my shoes off, one at a time, making sure to kiss a perfect line up my calf.
“H-harry… I-I don’t know what I’m doing… A-and—” My sad attempt of a sentence was cut off as he pressed his lips to mine.
“Baby, if you aren’t ready I will stop at any time. But if you want this, I will be so easy baby. I promised no more violent behavior.” He smiled at me before diving in to nibble on my neck. I hummed at the sweetness of his touch, I could tell he was trying to be gentle. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. We had definitely had a weird relationship since the moment we began conversing. But all reasoning aside, I had never wanted it at all. Here my body was yearning for his touch, and with every new graze the pleasure was building. He said I could tell him to stop at any point… He looped his fingers beneath my shirt hem and began pulling it up and gently pressed his lips to my navel and gently kissed up the center of my stomach stopping at the edge of my bra. His warm breath on the wet trail left behind sent me spinning.
As my body responded to every touch I could see Harry becoming more aggressive. He started unbuttoning my jeans and gently caressing the apex of my thighs. My body let out an involuntary moan; Harry quickly reacted and pulled my skinny jeans off one leg at a time. He did it ever so slowly as to somehow torture me, while pulling the material from my legs he slowly kissed each new inch of bare skin revealed. My body was in this tornado of emotions, I had never felt this way before and I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do. I mean I was falling hard and quick, my thoughts quickly went astray as I lay on the bed with only my panties and bra on. This is the most exposed I had ever allowed anyone to see me.
I reached up and pulled Harry’s hair at the nape of his neck yanking his head back. I quickly put my lips on his neck and began to nibble as I felt a deep vibration come from his throat with an even deeper moan. “Hay- Are you- Um- Are you sure you’re- ready?” His sentence was broken down through the shallow breaths and panting. I nodded my head while still nibbling up his neck to his ear. As soon as my lips closed around his ear his whole body tensed in reaction, ‘this is his spot’ my mind giggled at knowing I had found that one spot that made him melt. While keeping the contact between my mouth and his ear I ran the tips of my fingers along the edge of his briefs that were about an inch above his jeans. I could feel the dip in the v shaped muscle on his lower abdomen. It made me melt and I released his ear and moved my lips to his.
“Ha-arry… You have to help me… I-I don’t know what I-I’m doing…” I looked up at him still tracing skin above his briefs. I bit my lip and looked up at him waiting for him to make a move. It looked as if he was frozen to his spot. “Harry,” I gulped, “Wh-What’s wrong?” I had gotten so worked up my body was screaming for his touch and he just looked at me with glossy eyes. I noticed he wasn’t looking at my face, but instead it looked as if he was looking at my neck. What could he be thinking…? EARTH TO HARRY!
“Hayden, I can’t stand looking at the marks I have left on your body. It seems as if you are ignoring them because you’re in the heat of the moment, but I don’t want to get carried away. I don’t want you to do something you might regret. I truly do care for you and I have already made plenty of mistakes. I don’t want this to be another.” He looked at me and leaned back, standing up. Creating more distance between us I lifted myself up to sit at the edge of the bed and just stared at him. He seemed so beaten down and broken up about the marks on my body, but I had forgiven him for that.
How could he get me so worked up, and make me lose sight of his past aggressive actions towards me? I just looked at him with sad eyes and put my hand over the purple mark left on my neck.
“Harry, I know you messed up. I never thought I would forgive you, but I have never given any guy the time of day. It’s always been me alone, which is truly what I like, but then I saw you. You looked so different, so intense; it made me want to get to know who you are and what your story is…” I reached my hand out to him. “We don’t have to do anything, I don’t know if I will view it as a mistake and I’d rather be certain I am making the right choice than to jump into something so serious so quickly.”
As he grabbed my hand I patted the bed and we both moved to the bed to lie down. As he laid down next to me I moved to cuddle into his chest and rest my right leg over his. His body was so warm it was like a heater, my eyes kept wandering to where his taunt stomach came to a halt as his briefs covered it. I moved my hand back to its previous position running my fingers along the border. I heard a deep breath released and I looked up to Harry as I saw his eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. I enjoyed knowing that he was like this because of me. His breathing became shallow quick pants and my body began to react without me even thinking.
I kept fighting the feeling- but I wanted this. I knew I did. “Harry..” I whispered in his ear, followed by a nibble on his earlobe. “Can you please help me with something?” I kissed the skin right below his earlobe and crawled on top of him seductively before giving his lower lip a nibble and crawling off the bed. I made a pouty face while acting as if I couldn’t unhitch my bra. We both knew I could reach it, but I looked back keeping my back towards him. With a prominent lower lip pressed out I whined, “Can you please help me unhook my bra, it’s really tight…” He grinned from ear to ear before gracefully getting off the bed and enveloping me in his arms. He stood behind me kissing my shoulder as he unhooked my bra and slid it off my shoulders to the floor. I could hear his breath become heavy, and gave me a nice little bite on the shoulder. Ow… That was a little harder than anticipated. I grabbed his hands and placed them on me and slowly slid them up my sides until they cupped my breasts. My head fell back as a result of his intimate touch, my god; I had never been touched there before. His callused hands were so rough and manly, and surprisingly it felt so good to have him hold me so intimately. I couldn’t stand not being able to kiss his lips, I turned around and looked him in the face. His eyes fell to take in the fact that I was standing in only panties. My inner-self smiled feeling confident, I pranced over to the bed and grabbed his hand. ‘Come here’ I motioned to him and before he came onto the bed I stopped him, “I think you need to take off some clothing so we are at least equal...” He smiled at me and took of all his clothing minus his briefs. As I saw him standing in front of me my mouth couldn’t help but drop. His eyes fluttered as he watched me check him out, I looked at him for at least five minutes before realizing I was lost in his god like structure.
He let out a chuckle and jumped on top of me pinning me to the bed. He quickly pecked my lips and made a trail of kisses down my neck to my breasts and kissed the skin surrounding my nipple before kissing each. My heart fluttered at such intimate attention. He slowly left my breasts to leave another trail of kisses to the line where my panties were left to cover myself. I was lost in the sensation but it made me nervous to have his face so close to, there… I giggled and pushed him away, but he looked up intense into my eyes.
“Baby, tell me if you are uncomfortable… B-but I would really like to make you feel good.” He slowly rubbed the outside of my panties before looping a finger under them and pulling them down my legs. My heart started racing as my entirety was completely exposed and his hands were placed beneath my bum to pull me to the edge of the bed. He knelt down placing both hands on the insides of my thighs and prying them open. I wasn’t sure whether I was fully comfortable with this… But before I could think any further he placed a kiss on the inside of my right knee, then another one on the inside of my left knee.
Wow, that feels so good. Who would have thought a kiss on the inner knee would trigger such a surge of pleasure…
Then I felt a kiss higher on my inner right thigh…
Oh my god, I am slowly slipping into a pool of pleasure.
Then there it was, his tongue hit the apex of my thighs and I lost all control. My back arched at the pleasure and a loud moan was released. I grabbed his soft curls and entwined my fingers through them and he swirled his tongue over me. It was like nothing I could have ever imagined.
“Ha-ha-harryy… P-pu-please… C-can,” I tried to breathe through the waves of pleasure taking over my respiratory system, “P-pu-please… Can I-I have you n-now?” My heart raced as the words came from my mouth, my mind was long gone. It had the night off, right now my body was doing all the talking. He looked up at me with those piercing green eyes and smirked with his cheeky grin.
“Baby, you need to take a break to breathe.” He came up to eye level with me as I scuffled back to the pillows. My breathing was erratic and I couldn’t help but throw him onto his back and pull his briefs down revealing his large erection. I couldn’t help my eyes widening and the large gulp that followed…
That, that was supposed to fit inside of me? How can my body accommodate something so… long, and wide?
Right then he could tell I was scared. “Will it hurt?” I asked him with a pain in my voice.
“Baby, I will be so slow. If anything doesn’t feel right, immediately tell me.” He smiled as he reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a shiny silver packet. “Do you want to put it on? Get familiar with it?” His smile widened and I shook my shoulders as I grabbed the packet out of his hands. I tore it open to grab the slimy circle inside.
“I am afraid I’ll put it on wrong…” He grabbed my hands and assisted me with gliding it on. He made me lean back as he slowly licked the apex of my thighs sending my body back into the raging pool of pleasure. Then I felt it, slowly press up against my opening and my body winced. He stilled as he saw the pain on my face.
“Baby, are you alright?”
“Mmhmm…” I nodded because I couldn’t form words at the moment. I placed my arms around him and firmly grasped his back, bracing myself. He gradually pressed himself further into me, it felt like this spike of pleasure with a dull pain. My face obviously displaying the pain because he came to a halt again, this time I wanted no more talking so I took my heel and dug it into his bum. Pressing him further in me until he had fully filled me, my hips jumped at the pleasure sending shooting pain through my body and this time I let out a scream while digging my nails into his back.
He grabbed me by my shoulders stilling us both. “Baby, you have to stay still for me okay? You’re stretching, getting used to the feeling and it can be pretty painful. So take it slow, okay?” He moved slowly out and a little bit faster in, he moved like this for a while. I just wanted to please him; I wanted to know what it felt to have normal sex. I grabbed his hips, becoming self-conscious and bringing the movement to a halt.
“Harry… I know this is no fun for you,” I looked pitiful, “We can just stop.” He looked at me and kissed me gently on the forehead.
“Baby, I’m getting you ready for later.” He whispered in my ear, leaned back and winked at me. I reached up and grabbed the sides of his face pulling him down to kiss me. He picked up the pace as our lips joined, my body began to accept his size. My throat moaned into our kisses, and my fingers went back to their previous position of digging into his back. The feeling was intoxicating, I wanted more. I moved my hips up to meet his and I moved my hands down to his waist. As soon as my hands fell on his waist I felt his hands grab mine and jerk them upward. Pinning both of my hands above my head and kissing my neck, I saw the aggressive Harry take over. He had lost his gentle touch and was rolling his hips fast and hard into me breathing heavy onto my neck. My body was wincing at each blow, this was too hard. His sweetness had turned into this hunger for… what?
Each thrust becoming stronger I began to cry at the pain, he kept going. I put my hand on his abdomen as a gesture to slow but he just grabbed it again pinning it harder above my head.
“Ha-harry…” I was now sobbing, “P-please sl-low d-down.”
His pace was stuck on high, I fought to get my right wrist out of his grip and slapped him hard. He immediately stopped ruffled the sweaty curls out of his eyes and intensely looked down at me. His eyes were no longer that sweet light green colour. It had quickly shifted to a dark intense smoky green, I could feel the heat permeate off his skin.
“H-harry,” I said through my sobs, “That hurt, I told you to slow down…” He shook his head and I saw his expression lighten.
“Hayden, I’m so sorry. Something came over me, you felt so good. I just wanted more.” His hand released my wrist and gently caressed my face. “Baby I am so sorry.” He looked down and we were still joined. “Baby, brace yourself…” I felt him start to pull himself out, it hurt and felt so strange. Once I felt his presence leave me, I started to panic. I placed my hands over myself and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.
I heard about this from other girls I hope he didn’t see it, and I hope we didn’t leave anything on the duvet. I sat down on the toilet and began to pee. That’s when I saw the blood everyone talked about… My god, how much blood is going to come out? What am I going to do--? I heard a knock on the bathroom door.
“Hay, Are you okay baby?” I could hear the concern in his voice.
“Harry, please just, can you throw my clothes in here? I need some time.”
“Anything for you…” I opened the door and allowed him to throw my clothes in.



Author's Note:

Got a little frisky, haha. Thank you all for reading and I hope you liked it. Post comments please! Let me know what you guys think.


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