Free Fall - Harry Styles FF

I walked into the living room filled with people, why did I even come here? My friend had spent all week begging me to come to her stupid end of the semester party. She said it would be epic, but this just seemed like any other party. Loud music, BLARING music, and a lot of spirits being passed around the room… What was so epic?

“Hey there love, I’m glad to see you again.” A deep voice spoke from behind me.


2. Coffee?

I woke up the next morning to a warm arm draped over my side and a warm body pressed to my back. I moaned and slowly got up to see the beautiful brown curls curtained over the pillow next to me and an angelic man sleeping peacefully beside me. I couldn’t help but bask in his gorgeous face. What was I doing? We stayed up so late and I guess we passed out, but I would normally be freaking out and slapping him if he was any other guy.

I stood up out of bed slowly and grabbed my phone. I had six missed calls from my father. Oh shit, I didn’t tell him I was staying out. He is probably out with a search and rescue team by now. I decided to give him a call but step into the bathroom to do it. As soon as I shuffled over to the bathroom I heard a groan and quickly closed the door. I dialed my dad’s number and waited for him to answer.

“HELLO!?! HAYDEN?!? ARE YOU OKAY?!?!” I could hear the panic in his voice. “WHERE ARE YOU?!??”

“Dad, I’m fine. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you I was staying at Meghan’s last night after her party.” I tried to say in a calming voice and it seemed to help a little.

“Okay baby. You worried me, I didn’t know where you were or who else to call.” He seemed a little more calm but his nerves were still shot. “Are you coming home anytime soon? I made use of our new grill and grilled us some food for lunch.”

“We haven’t discussed what we are doing today. I can let you know as soon as I do.” I smiled at the thought of him outside cooking on our new grill. He was never the one to be cooking, none the less spending his day off in the yard grilling. We hadn’t spent much time together since my mother passed but I’ve seen him trying to open back up. He works a lot but when he gets the chance he tries very hard, a little too hard, to spend quality time together. But to be honest I really wanted to see what Harry was doing today and possibly spend some quality time with him. After our talk last night I wanted to know more about this mysterious boy.

Oh, shit! I heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Hayden? Are you in there?” There was a short pause and I heard the lovely boy sigh and then mumble underneath his breath, “Did she really leave? What did I do last night?”

I opened the door to see him stop abruptly from his pacing and turn towards me. “I just had to use the restroom and call my father. I forgot to tell him where I was last night so he was worried.” I walked over to the bed and sat down. “Why did you seem upset when I didn’t reply?”

“I was hoping to possibly make us some tea and get to know you some more. I was plastered last night, and I didn’t want that to be your only impression of me.” His big green eyes looked at me with hope.

“Tea sounds nice.” I plopped back on the bed throwing my arms around to the back of my head playfully. He looked confused or taken back and then let out a large chuckle. His teeth were beautiful, and his dimples gave him a young joyful look. My mind strayed back to the fact that I had just woke up. I needed to brush my teeth desperately. I really hope I don’t have morning breath…

“Umm… Do you possibly have a spare tooth brush?”

“Let me look.” He walked so gracefully into the bathroom. As soon as he turned the light on I saw him shake his head and rustle his brown curls back trying to tame his beautiful just-slept-in hair. His arms were so toned. I could see his triceps just from moving his hair out of his face. My mind wondered onto how beautiful his body was, it was like it was sculpted by a master with no flaws. Soon the beautiful boy was standing in front of me with a bright blue tooth brush.

“The toothpaste is next to the sink. If you need anything else help yourself, I’m going to go make us some tea. What would you like in yours?”

“Two sugars and a little bit of honey please. Thank you.” He was so independent for a nineteen year old. He didn’t act his age at all. He was overly prepared for anything that I needed, it was very mature. It made me wonder where his parents were and why he was living here with his cousin. He never mentioned his parents, not once last night. But I remembered the picture of the woman with his smile that had to be her. As he walked out of the room I made my way to the bathroom to find a horrendous creature staring back at me in the mirror.

The little bit of mascara I had on from last night had been smeared all over my face in my sleep and my hair was a rats nest. I looked around the bathroom to find a brush, but I couldn’t find one. I know with all those locks he must have a brush somewhere. I will look for it after I brush my teeth and wash this make up off. I hate wearing makeup. It just feels so unnatural to me. But my mom was the same way, she hated wearing makeup. She said we are beautiful the way God made us so why cover our beauty up. But last night I knew Meghan would have wanted me to throw a little bit of make up on, so I made her happy.

Once I was all clean and my teeth were brushed I looked under the sink for the hair brush but found nothing. Then I walked into his room. It was on his bedside stand. How did I not see that earlier? I walked back into the bathroom and brushed my hair out. My hair was so long and so knotted. It took me about thirty minutes to fully brush it through but afterwards I decided it was a good day to put my hair up. As I gathered the hair around the nape of my neck Harry walked in. He set the two large cups of tea down and started to smile.

“I like your hair down, it’s so long and beautiful.” He grabbed my hair and started running his fingers through it. My stomach clinched, I turned around quickly and smiled.

“Thank you for the tea. It was very nice of you.” I grabbed the tea and walked quickly over to the bed. As I sat down I remembered that I told my dad that I would tell him what I was doing. “I need to call my dad,” I took a big gulp of the warm tea and it warmed my body as it slid down to my stomach. “I told him I would keep him informed. I don’t want him freaking out again.”

“You can call him in a minute. I want to show you something.” He smiled really big and grabbed my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine. His hand was so warm and comforting. He walked me out of his room and down the hall into a huge open space filled with sunlight. As my eyes adjusted I saw a whole bunch of art, there were so many different things circling the space. I looked at the one closest to me and it had the letters ‘H’, ‘E’, and ‘T’ in the bottom right corner in beautiful cursive. What did HET stand for? I turned my head and looked back at him. His eyes looked scared, vulnerable.

“Who did these?”

“…me.” He said it so quietly I was surprised I could hear it. My heart leaped right out of my chest. He didn’t look at all like the artsy type but these paintings were beautiful. Some were of a troubled woman with bright green eyes while others were of nature and animals. I have always had a love for art. I think the art someone designs says more about the person than what words can portray. His paintings showed his hurt and his compassion, how delicate his strokes were showed his patience.

“They are absolutely stunning. I am a big fan of art.” I walked over to the biggest canvas plastered with a beautiful woman with green eyes. Her cheeks were dramatically sunk in completely exaggerated but you could feel the hurt she had been through. “Who is the woman in these paintings, if you don’t mind me asking?” He looked at me, with those piercing eyes. I could tell he didn’t want to divulge who the woman was, but at the same instance I knew who she was. “Is this…” I paused for a second as to ponder who the woman would be. Should I just go for it or respect his privacy?

“It’s my mother.” His voice was deep, it almost sounded like someone choked the words out of him. My heart twisted at the hurt in his voice. All I wanted to do was hug him but he had finally started talking. I wanted to hear more.

“Well she is a beautiful muse. Where is she?” I smiled and walked closer to him in the center of the room. I peered up at him with my blue eyes hoping I could get him to pour out information. I had been wondering about her since I saw the picture on his desk.

“I don’t know. She left me. That’s when I moved in here.” He looked down at the floor like he couldn’t look at me. Why did she leave him? “She did a lot of drugs and put me in a bad position from a young age until she finally just left. I don’t know if she is even alive anymore…” His voice faded to silent. Holy shit, I had no idea what this amazing man had been through. It makes since now why he is staying here with his cousin, but I mean she doesn’t treat him that well either. The strong mysterious guy I met last night has vanished, right now there is a hurt boy standing helpless in front of me. No matter how much I don’t like being in romantic relationships, this boy had my heart in less than twenty four hours. The least I could do is comfort him when he is hurt.

I moved in closer to him and wrapped my arms around his chiseled torso. I had never really realized how tall he was. My head came to his collar bones. But I held him as tight as I could as he wrapped his arms around me and let his head fall to rest on the top of mine. I felt like I was in the safest place in the world. I could feel his biceps grow as his grip got tighter. I gasped for air and whispered, “Too tight Harry. Too tight!” His arms released their tension and I felt his hands move from my back to my hips. I was now at arm’s length from him and we were staring at each other. His eyes looked like an even more brilliant green than usual, his lips pressed to a firm line across his face.

“I’m sorry to bring something up that brought back such bad memories. You do a beautiful job. These paintings are magnificent. Have you ever thought of putting on an art show?” I was hoping talking about the other paintings might help get his mind off things. Instead I saw his face just fall even more, I could tell there was more than what he was saying. Should I ask? Does he even want to tell me all these things?

“No. I don’t want to do an art show. It’s just a release for me. I can take my thoughts and focus all my negativity on something that turns out beautiful. But I can say I have never had one person inspire me so much in my life like you. When I saw you walking towards me last night you just looked so beautiful.” He had a smirk on his face waiting to see if I accepted his statement. I was blushing. I could feel the blood rush directly to my cheeks. While my mind was trying to get the blood out of my face, I saw Harry take a large step closer to me. He grabbed my chin and lifted my head back to look me in the face. “Did I make you embarrassed? You shouldn’t be. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.” I turned my head away and walked to another painting. What am I supposed to say to that? Think Hayden…

“That’s very nice of you. But you’re making me distracted! I still haven’t called my dad.” I turned towards him shaking my finger trying to look serious but that didn’t work very well because soon enough I was busting out laughing. I walked into the kitchen and unlocked my phone to see my phone had been lit up. Meghan had sent me six text messages, two missed calls, and a voicemail. Also I had a text from my dad that just had three dots and a question mark. I really hope he isn’t upset. I quickly tap his name on my phone and soon I hear his familiar voice.

“Hello there darling. Meghan just called here to see if you got home okay last night. Is there something you need to tell me?” His voice seemed calm but damn he was stern and to the point.

“Dad, I stayed with a guy last night. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry.”

“WHAT?! A GUY?! Who is he and I will beat his ass.” My stomach clinched at the thought of those words impact. I couldn’t bare the images popping into my head. I became angry at him talking to me like a child.

“I chose to stay here dad. It was obviously my decision. I am fine. We are planning on spending the day together so I will see you tonight. Love you, don’t stay up! BYE!!!” I pressed the end button as fast as I could. I don’t care if he is mad. He has neglected me for the past 3 years since my mother died and now all of a sudden he wants to play dad? No thank you.

I open my messages and read all the ones from Meghan and then listen to her voicemail. She seems weary and sounds very strange. Maybe I should call her and talk. I would need to get far enough away from Harry so he couldn’t hear a noise. I turn the corner and see a door to the back patio. I walked over to it and slipped outside quickly shutting the door behind me.

“Hay, are you okay? I’ve been worried sick about you.” Her voice is definitely filled with panic. What is she so scared of?

“I stayed at Harry’s last night.” I was trying to whisper but I don’t think it was working. I could see Harry looking for me through the window so I sat down out of view. “I am fine. Why do you seem so worried?”

“H-Harry? You stayed at Harry’s?! I saw you leave with him. Look Hay, I know you are all strong and what not… but he is a lady killer. Don’t go falling for him. He’ll just break your heart.” She seemed more defensive and ready to pounce.

“I’m fine Meghan. Harry is a gentleman and trust me. If you know me at all, you know I don’t just fall for anyone. Can we grab tea in the morning? My shift starts at nine.”

“Yeah, I’ll meet you at the normal at seven forty five sharp! We have a lot to discuss!”

“Okay, love ya! Bye!”


Thank God I made it through that. I can’t believe I finally like a guy and it isn’t the guy she approves of. Oh well, he is the one guy that made it through that I was naturally attracted to. I walked back in the door and saw Harry standing in the kitchen making me a fresh new cup of tea.

“Hey Harry, what do you want to do today?” I looked at him with a grin. He looked so masculine and beautiful. I couldn’t stop myself from blushing when he turned around to see me staring at his beautiful body.

“Well I would love to take you to meet some of the lads… Does that sound okay?” He walked over and grabbed my hand and moved me over to the counter where he was making the tea.

“Yeah, that sounds good to me.” I stared up at him in curiosity. I felt something tighten in my stomach, something I’ve never felt before in my life. There was this tension in the air, I just wanted to feel his touch. What was happening? He dropped his free hand to my hip and pulled my hips until they were pressed to his. I looked up at him with shock… I probably looked like a frightened deer.

“Are you okay? You look flush…” He reached down and ran the back of his fingers down my cheek and grabbed the bottom of my chin. He slowly tilted my head back as I felt him plant a kiss on my right cheek. His warm lips pressed firmly against my skin, it felt so good. He went on to kiss my left cheek and then I grabbed his defined jaw and pressed my lips firmly and quickly onto his. I found myself lost in his touch. My body felt like electrical impulses shooting from every origin point of his touch. I fell deep into the kiss as I felt him press me up against the countertop. I slowly arched my back away from him as I pulled out of the kiss and back to reality.

“Whoa there, let’s take this thing slow.” I said with a humorous tone. His face turned a light shade of pink and looked a little worried as he quickly turned around to finish our two new cups of tea. Wow. I can’t believe I made him nervous. Well this is giving me a boost of ego that is definitely needed to deal with Harry. I slowly leaned on the counter and gave him my best attempt at a seductive look. Instead I looked like I was in pain and when he turned around he grinned so wide his dimples looked like craters.

“Um, looking mighty fit there Ms. Hayden. What’re you doing exactly?” He let out a little chuckle and made his way to the living area. I grabbed my tea and followed behind and laughed a little bit thinking of what I must’ve looked like.

“I was trying to look pretty for you… Did it work?” I asked with a prominent pout following. He reached up and attempted to push my bottom lip back to its natural position but I refused to budge. His hand settled on my cheek as he looked up at me with his emerald eyes.

“You are pretty to me all the time. No need to stand in pain.” I let out a large laugh at his statement. He always had to state things blatantly which was a trait I actually adored.

“So when are we going to see your lads? And who should I expect to be seeing since I remember you telling me that you’re close to Meghan’s bloke. Should I see if she wants to come?” I was hoping to be able to invite Meghan so she could see this with her own eyes. I didn’t understand why she was so weird about him. I had spent the whole night here and he didn’t do anything but fall asleep next to me. I think it was safe to say he was being nothing but a gentleman, at least to me.

“Well. I wasn’t going to invite them but the more the merrier.” He looked down as he fiddled with his cup of tea. He seemed nervous. Maybe I shouldn’t invite them.

“Are you sure? I don’t have to invite her. I just thought it was perfect timing for her to meet you too.”

“Yeah… Yeah. That’s fine Hay. Go ahead and give her a call. I’m going to go to the room and call some of the lads. Tell her we can meet up at the café down the street, okay?”

“Alright.” What was going on with him? Oh well, my friend got to come! I watched as he got up and walked back to the bedroom with his iPhone out. I reached into my pocket and opened my lock screen, I hope Meghan will come. I dialed her number and soon heard her ring back tone.

“Hey Hayden!”

“Hey, Meg, what’re you doing?”

“Nothing, Dave and I are thinking about going into town.”

“Well Harry wanted to know if you guys would like to meet us at the café down the street...?” I waited hesitantly as I heard them banter back and forth. Meghan didn’t seem too pleased with the idea but I was glad to hear Dave in my favor.

“Yeah, we’re up for it. When will you two be there?”

“I’d say give us twenty minutes, but I can text you when we leave.”

“Okay! See you two then! Love you!”

“Love you too. Bye!”

As I pressed the end button I walked into the room to find Harry on his phone looking out the window. I decided to stand out in the hall to give him privacy but I could hear every word he said.

“I know, mate. I can’t wait for you to meet her. It’s crazy.”

“Slow down. I know you’re excited but don’t freak her out. I actually like this one.”

“Okay. At the café, yeah. I’ll see you there soon.”

I made my way into the room is if I had just gotten off the phone with Meghan. I couldn’t believe he actually said that to his friend. Maybe this was just moving a little too quickly for me. He was a great guy but the thought of it was frightening. I have never dated anyone. I’ve spent my whole life focusing on school and working that relationships just never really meant enough to me for me to make it happen. Right then I realized how bad this would be. I mean he wouldn’t want to date me. I’m so inexperienced and I know he has more experience than me. Apparently a lot of people knew about his experience. I had to stop my train of thought. I could talk to him about those things later. Right now we have to get ready and meet up with Meghan and the lads.

“Wait! Harry. I have no clean clothes…”

“Well lucky for you. I did laundry last night after your shower.” He picked up my clean white V neck out of the laundry basket. “They just finished drying but I didn’t have time to do your jeans.”

“Oh well. I guess I’ll just wear them and ask Meghan to bring me something if she can. I don’t want to wear these joggers to meet anyone.” I lifted up my jeans and trying to hit any of the access dirt off of them but they didn’t seem to have gotten that dirty in my fall. As I slid them on I looked up to see that I had left the bathroom door open and Harry was intently popping his head in the door to get a good look. I reached over with my right hand and shut the door abruptly and locked it. I couldn’t believe he had the audacity to sneak up on me like that. But then again I did give him some hope with that kiss in the kitchen earlier. What was I thinking? I bet it wasn’t even that good. I’ve never really kissed anyone before but it came so naturally in the moment. It was like my body had taken over me and my mind just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

As I exited the bathroom I realized Harry had left the bedroom. Where had he gone? I looked for my shoes and sat on the bed to put them on. Once I was fully dressed I went to the full length mirror on his wall and took a look at what his lads were going to see their first time meeting me. My hair was flat and dull; I hadn’t had any conditioner when I took a shower last night. My face seemed more pale than usual and my pants were dirty. Perfect first impression…

“Having fun checking yourself out?” His deep voice made the muscles in my stomach tighten. I turned and saw him leaning up against the bedroom door frame. He looked perfect with a black vintage shirt and some dark blue jeans. His luscious curls falling perfectly as his eyes pierced through the few strands on his face.

“I-I wasn’t. I just wish I had some better clothes, conditioner, and make up-“

“You look fine love.” He grabbed his keys by the door and motioned for me to come. We walked out the front door and headed to his Audi. It was unbelievably nice. He opened my door and let me get in before shutting the door behind me and making his way to the driver’s seat. As he climbed in I playfully told him I was in charge of the radio and asked him if he had a way for me to play my iPhone on his stereo. He grabbed a cord and showed it to me. I plugged in my phone and played Matt Nathanson’s Still.

As we listened to Matt’s soothing tone we pulled up to the café and I could see Meghan and Dave standing outside waiting for us. I waved at them from inside the car and I heard Harry breathe in deeply.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I am just nervous.”

“Why?” I sat there waiting for a reply for what seemed like hours. I slowly placed my hand on his knee as a reassuring gesture. “I am sure there is no reason for you to be nervous, Harry.”

“I-I’m sorry. Let’s do this.” He grabbed the hand I had placed on his knee and slowly lifted it to his lips to gently kiss the back of my hand. We made our way out of the Audi and up to Meghan and Dave. Meghan had an eerie look on her face but I walked up and gave her a big hug and whispered, ‘I’ll fill you in tomorrow morning.’ I smiled at Dave and Harry greeting each other and walked into the café to get a drink. I ordered water and walked outside with it as Dave and Harry were waiting for the rest of their lads to get there. Meghan and I sat down at an outdoor table and started chatting while the boys were waiting.

“Well how was the party last night? I didn’t get to stay very long…” I played as I could see she was eager to know what was going on. I looked over my shoulder to see the boys sucked into an intense conversation. “Since I can tell you are eager to know I will just spill now since it seems they are very into their conversation.”

“Thank you! I’ve been dying to hear what this boy did to capture my Hay!”

“Well last night when that bloke you tried to set me up with, thank you for that by the way, was talking to me I tried to get away. But I didn’t know anyone in the party so I wound up walking up to Harry and he asked me to go somewhere and I didn’t really have a choice. Then we wound up talking all night and when I woke up this morning we were sleeping together!”

“Bloody hell! Hayden! That’s not like you at all…”

“I know but it was weird. I’ve never been like this. I woke up feeling comfortable and safe with his arms around me. Then he made me tea! You know how I like my tea.” I let out a little giggle and told her about the rest of our morning and the kiss.

“You kissed him? What? Hayden! I think you’re falling for him and quick.”

“I know Meghan. I don’t know what is happening. I look at him like no one I’ve ever seen before.” As soon as those words came out of my mouth I felt hands on my shoulder. They were firm and not very forgiving.

“You looked at who like no one you’ve ever seen before?” As I turned around I saw the blonde hair of the guy Meghan tried to hook me up with. When I turned back towards Meghan with a confused look on my face her eyes grew wide.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” That beautiful voice I had come to know so well over the past few hours turned very angry once seeing his hands on me.

“Back up. Bloody hell, who are you?”

“I’m with her. Now I’d advise you to take your hands off her.”

As I felt the hands lift off my shoulders I turned around as quick as I could to assess the situation that had just turned very dark. They were face to face with their chests pushed up with anger. I couldn’t handle watching Harry in another fight and this was just stupid.

“And what in bloody hell do you think you’re going to do about it.”

“Excuse me. We are trying to have a nice morning. Now if you can both get over your egos I would love for this to end civilly and just part ways.” I tried to intervene but that wasn’t going over too well. I looked to Dave as he stood on the side and told him to step in. I walked over to Meghan as we watched Dave step between them and calm them both down. There was no need to make a scene and it wasn’t that big of a deal. The two irritated guys walked their separate ways and that was the end of it.

“Thank you Dave.” I walked over to Harry and asked him to go order his drink. We could sit and chat while the others headed over. Soon the four of us were making small talk in wait.

I saw a group of four guys walking from down the street and soon I felt my stomach up in my throat. I gulped my water to try to calm myself down but it wasn’t working. Why was I getting so worked up? I was so focused on my own thoughts I barely realized Harry was already standing up greeting them.

“Hey mate! This is Hayden.” Harry gestured to me and grabbed my hand. I stood up and walked over to his friends.

“Hi. It’s so nice to meet you guys.”

“Hey Hayden. I’ve heard a lot from Harry. Looks like he got himself a keeper!” His friend looked over to him with a grin. “You better keep this one close.”

“I know, she’s already gotten passed at and I’ve only had her out of the house for less than an hour.”

His friends laughed and got some drinks. It was nice to meet his friends. They were very lively and accepting. Meghan seemed more comfortable with us after seeing us together and by the time we were leaving the café it was past midday and we all went back to Harry’s flat.

“So, did I do well?” Harry asked on the car ride back to his flat.

“Did you do well at what?”

“Meghan. I know she isn’t too fond of me. I think she got the wrong impression of me from the beginning.” He looked a little upset as he said that. But he was right, she had told me this morning that she didn’t approve.

“Once she saw us together and how sweet you are to me she was completely happy for me. She would never dislike someone who I cared about. She just had to make sure you weren’t just toying with my emotions. That’s why I wanted to invite her.” I reached over and grabbed his right hand that was free and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I was meaning to talk to you about this earlier but I knew we needed to head to the café… But don’t you think we might be taking this thing a little too fast? I mean we spent one night together and now I’ve already met your friends. I mean don’t get me wrong, you are honestly the first guy I’ve ever truly liked but at the same time… I don’t want to take anything too fast.”

“I understand. I have never been like this. Just after last night I felt closer to you than anyone I’ve ever been with.” He slowly pulled into his parking spot in front of the flat. He put the car into park but instantly looked into my eyes. His eyes glistened as I saw him shake his head. “I’ve never told anyone about my mom, and very few people know about my paintings. I just want you to know every part of me. Most people jump to conclusions that I’m some player who thinks so highly of himself. But I will do anything I can to make you see who really I am.”

Wow. One night with an amazing guy and he is giving me his heart on a silver platter. I didn’t understand this but all I could do was smile up at him. I looked into those green eyes and I couldn’t stop myself. I put my hand on his cheek and leaned in to gently kiss him. As soon as my lips touched his he put his hand around the nape of my head and held me there while his expert lips kept moving and biting my lips. We both pulled back and I was speechless. My whole world was turned upside down in the course of twenty four hours.


I pushed my keys into my front door. I couldn’t believe all that had happened. Just as I thought, my father was sleeping in his chair in front of the TV in the living room. As soon as I shut the door he shot up out of his seat and ran over to me.

“Hayden, are you okay? Did you have a good day? Who’s this boy?”

“Breathe Dad. Everything is fine. My day was wonderful and ‘this boy’ is named Harry.”

“Hayden, I don’t know how I feel about you staying over at his place overnight…”

“Dad, I am twenty years old and I have never done anything bad in my life. I think I can handle staying at a boy’s house overnight without getting into trouble.”

“Hayden, I was a young boy once too. If he does anything, you let me know. Yeah?”

“Yeah Dad.”

My dad grunted and walked away. I knew he didn’t know what to say. He had been so distant for so long that he probably still views me as a child. I wish my mother was here so I could talk to her about everything that has happened. She is probably the only one who could talk me back down from this high I am stuck in. I couldn’t confide in my dad and get him all worked up. I need my mum.

I walked slowly up the stairs to my bedroom. Opening the door to see my welcoming bed waiting for me, oh how I’ve missed you… My mind was racing, as it had been since the party at Meghan’s. The thoughts racing through my head had made me drained; I slowly undressed and pulled on my night clothes. I was in desperate need of rest. And surely as soon as my head hit the pillow my eyes became heavy as sleep overtook my thoughts.



Author's Note:

Thanks again! Let me know if you like things, or what you don't like. Any feedback is good feedback (: 



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