Little Vampire

This is a love story adventure fan fiction about a girl in her teens (like 14) she has the most beautiful eyes, hair, teeth, body, smile, face. Everything about her is perfect, all the boys want her, even Michael Clifford, the bad boy who has a bad secret. Once Violet meets Michael her world changes completely!! Read to find out more. :) Love, Michael's lovely angel <3


1. school

Violet's POV*

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, "hello?" I said wondering who would call this early. "Hey, get up it's 7!" Ugh did he really have to call?! I thought. "But I don't wanna go to school." I whined. "Violet? You have to, c'mon this is your first day!!" He spoke softly into the phone.

"What ever." I said hanging up. I looked at the time and it was 6:54! He lied! I just decided to get up anyway.So I put my phone back in it's charger, got up and walked towards the shower. I let the water run over my brown hair and down my back.

-skip shower-

I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me then turned off the water and left the bathroom.I walked into my closet and picked out a cropped top, high waisted shorts and a pair of Vans.

-skip cloths-

As soon as I was done getting dressed, I plugged in the blow dryer, and dried my hair. Then I plugged in the straightener and straightened my hair. Then I put on my nerd glasses and left the closet.

I walked into the bathroom and got out my makeup bag.

-skip makeup-

After getting ready I grabbed my phone and back pack then left for school.

Once I got into the school parking lot, I got out of my car and saw Calum my best friend!!! He ran over to me whilst I was running toward him. We hugged for like five seconds. "I missed you so much while you were gone!" Cal said pulling away from the hug. "I missed you too! And I was only gone for like a month." I say getting out the books for this period.

"Well anyway-" I say then getting cut off cos everyone was looking at this boy that was about 5"6 and he had a lot of tattoos on both of his arms ok his neck. And then a lip piercing. He walked over next to me, opened a locker , grabbed some books and left. "Who was that?" I whispered to Calum. "His name is Michael, and if I were you I would stay away from him." He whispered back.

I nodded, and left for my first class with Calum. I still think that it's a bit odd that two best friends got the same classes and stuff.


A/N; hey sorry for the short chapter I'll update soon :)

Michael's lovely angel <3

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