stuck with the sand siblings

A version of the "akatsuki kitten" kitten story's but with the sand siblings


3. chapter 3

Ember's POV. 
"I think its time to go to bed," I said through a yawn, to Arielle from the top of the stairs, "I'm taking him," I say gesturing to the sleeping Gaara, who was in my arms.
"Okay,then, I'll take Kankuro"
"What about Temari? Who will have her?" 
"I guess I will."
With that I left to my room and Arielle to hers. she had one of my many "guestrooms" in this house I got from my, now deceased, parents. I like having Arielle over because I'm an only child in this, ten bedroom, house. I entered my room put the sleeping kitten on the foot of my bed and then collapsed into the pile of blankets on my bed, but still remaining up for hours, stupid Insomnia.
Gaara POV.
I fell asleep in Embers sitting room, but when I woke up I was in a relatively large room on a bed. Looking around I saw A large dark wood dresser with a few Jewelry boxes on it, two doors on the far wall, presumably to a closet and bathroom,  another door, dark crimson-ish red curtains slightly open revealing a window, roof to floor black curtains were covering a sliding glass door to a balcony, the floor was light colored wood with a black carpet, and the blankets I was laying on were really soft, some were black and others crimson red. After a moment the door by the dresser opened revealing a hallway and the other girl, Arielle I think, with Kankuro and Temari behind her.
"Someone looks comfy," snickered Kankuro.
I glared at him which,unfortunately, made him snicker more.
"If you were still like how you were before the chunin exams I would be terrified right now,"he laughed.
Great, now Temari is snickering. I roll my eyes and get up off the bed and hit Kankuro on the head.
" what was that for?"
"Laughing at me," I told him.

Arielle's POV.
I walked into Ember's room with Kankuro and Temari trailing behind me. they looked at Gaara, wait is Kankuro snickering!? No, cats can't snicker,I must be seeing things, but still. I start trying to wake Ember she is not really a morning person, she's more of a night owl. I start shaking her,calling her name, I even punched her.
"fuck this," with that I left the room to get water, ice cold water.
When I return Gaara is on the floor, good, I don't wanna get him wet. I dump the water on Ember.
"ARG! SCREW YOU, ARIELLE, SCREW YOU!" She screamed, while dripping wet.
"Morning," I say while laughing my head off. 
I turn around and spot a purple bottle, that stands out here in the red and black room, it looked like a perfume bottle.
"Hey Ember what's this," I question her.
" what? oh no clue, where was it?" She said still half asleep, somehow, as she saw the bottle.
"On your dresser."
"Let me see it," She took the bottle opened and smelled it, "UGH! YUCK! IT SMELLS LIKE SHIT!" She exclaimed as she through the bottle
It smashed near the kittens and a cloud of smoke appeared, we both started coughing, one it cleared we saw the, luckily fully clothed, sand siblings. I knew they looked similar. 

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