stuck with the sand siblings

A version of the "akatsuki kitten" kitten story's but with the sand siblings


2. chapter 2

Ember’s pov. 
“I’m leaving, Anna,”i said as she changed the open sign to closed.
“fine, don't forget your kittens.”
“I won't,” I said grabbing them kittens from the pen, deciding not to put them in a cage, I carry them to the door and look outside. Its raining. great. I remove my coat and hold it over my head like an umbrella, until I get home. 
i unlock my door and go inside with the kittens still in my arms,when i put them down, they all just sat there.Looking at them now that I got a good look at them they resemble the sand siblings...funny.
“Are you guys hungry?” I ask them as I go into the kitchen. I grab some chicken and put it in three separate dishes and place it on the floor for them. All of them went over to a dish and started eating. I look over at the time, 4:17, Arielle should be here any moment,she was staying with me for the summer.
Not even a moment later I hear knocking at the door. I go open it to see Arielle standing there.
“hey Ari, I like your hair,” I say referring to the fact it was brown yesterday, now its bright firetruck red with  hot pink highlights and cut from waist length to shoulder. 
“Thanks Ember. Who are they?” she questioned pointing to the kittens.
“My boss told me to take 'em”
“Ok, do they have names”
“Not yet”
“Oh! Can I name them, Please.Please.Pleeeeeease.”
“Sure you can, but I name the red one first.”
“All right!”she exclaimed happily.

Garra's P.O.V
I sat and watched to the other girl that just came through the door. The girls talked for a bit, could they be sisters? No, they looked looked too different from one another. One was extreamly tan with red and pink hair and dark brown eyes, the other was almost the complete opposite, she was death pale with black hair past her waist and eyes such a pale gray they looked almost completely white. Then again, I don't look anything like konkurō or Temari.
"All right!" I heard someone exclaim excitedly, which brought me out of my thoughts, I was picked up and held along with Tamari and konkurō.
Ember's P.O.V
"You know what? They look a lot like the sand siblings," Arielle told me quietly.
"I thought so too"
"Well, what?"
"Well, are you gonna name him?"
"Oh ya... right, I think Gaara's a good name"
"Me too, now for them I think,"she said and only a moment passed before she said, " Temari and Konkuro "
"Perfect," I respond while petting Gaara.

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