stuck with the sand siblings

A version of the "akatsuki kitten" kitten story's but with the sand siblings


1. chapter 1


AN:Just thought to mention that this is just after Shukaku is extracted from gaara​

Chapter one
Ember's POV.

Thud! "Ouch...That was smart," I mumble to myself as I got up off the floor, I was reaching for my Ipod to check the time, and fell out off my bed. 8:30 AM... Dammit! I have half an hour to get to work! I quickly put on a black tank top,my uniform shirt and I put on some black yoga pants, a pair of dark red trainers and leastly a teal sweater. I rushed to brush my long black hair grab all my stuff and head out the door.
 when I got to work I had five minutes to spare, thank god, I see Ari-Anna's blond head in her office.
"Ari-Anna I'm here!" I call across the empty store to her in her office.
" if I've told you once I've told you a million times: don't. call. me. Ari-Anna!" she yell at me as I smirk, she hates her full name. I hear something come with my my ear, I turn around and duct just in time to miss the object she threw at me.
"Shit! Anna stop throwing things!" I called at her.
" get to work Ember," she hissed at me, so I got to work as quick as possible, just  to avoid another session of trying to dodge things from from dog bones and toys too the  pegs you put in the ground to anchor leashes.
"Hey Anna, what day is it?" I question her
"January 19, why" 
"Because, its my birthday today, I'm sixteen now."
"Oh... Happy birthday," was the response I got.I didn't care all I was thinking is that my favorite character from 'NARUTO', GAARA, also turned 16 today.
After about five minutes of feeding the animals I was done. I sat down ,seeing as the store was not open yet, I pulled out a 'NARUTO' book and started to read.
I look up at Anna expecting to get lectured for sitting on the job.
"would you like the kittens in pen 12 on the right wall, we need the cage for the rabbits coming in on the twentieth."
"Uh..Ok... Ya I'll take them," I say looking at the odd bunch of kittens, one was a sandy color and had teal eyes, one was black and had what looked like purple markings on its face, the last and smallest one was a crimson-red color and had black rings around its blue-green eyes.
          The sand siblings POV.
GAARA sat at the glass staring at the black haired girl that just entered the store.The sand siblings had been stuck in this different world for three days now. He had never seen her but apparently the blond haired one knew her as she started to throw things at the black haired girl. Konkurō went and joined Gaara at the glass, just observing the scene play out of the black haired girl dodging two objects then yelling "Shit! Anna stop throwing things!"
"Get to work Ember," hissed this Anna
" and I thought we were the cats," laughed konkurō
 Gaara just sat there until Ember, as she was called, came and gave them food. Unlike the others she gave them real food not that hard, dry, disgusting stuff. 
"Yes real food!" meowed konkurō.
Tamari watched the girl finish then sat down and pulled out a book.
"GAARA come here!" she called to him when he came she said, " look at the cover of her book!"
She was not to far away so it was not to hard to see her book. He studied the cover for a moment then read the title, 'NARUTO',His mouth dropped slightly then he looked closer at the cover.
"Its me..." He whispered 

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