The Hunger Games after Mockingjay

Don't read this unless you have read Mockingjay or you want spoilers.

I started this Movella because of a assigned paper about anything. Hope you like it!!! If you have questions comment I will try to update as soon as possible

This is about Katniss and Peeta. What will happen when they get kidnapped?
I don't own The Hunger Games. Suzzane Collins and the producer of the movies owns it.


15. Why?

Katniss's POV

When I blacked out I saw all of the people I love that died because of me except for my father. I could still here Peeta and everyone else, but they were barely audible. Even then they were mumbling.

"Coin!" I heard Gale say. I heard some other noises, but I have know clue what the are.

"Get your stuff Gale!" I heard Coin say. "Go up stairs now!"

I felt someone pick me up and carry me upstairs. I aaaume that it was Peeta because my mother can't, Coin wouldn't, and Peeta wouldn't let Gale do it.

While I blacked out I started having a nightmare. In my nightmare they were killing Peeta. I started screaming "Peeta! No! Peeta!"

"Katniss, I'm right here. Shh." He kept saying southing words. I hugged him hard. I pulled him as close as I possibly could. He was starting to pull away so I kissed him. "I'm going to go get your mom and tell her that your awake. Okay honey?"

"Yes honey." I said giggling. I kissed him one last time.

When I laid back down I noticed Gale sitting next to me. "Hi." He said standing up. He leaned over me and that made me nervous. "Hi sweetheart."

"A...hi." I said. He leaned in farther. "Get off."

"No" He said kissing me.

"Stop! Peeta! Stop! Help!" I screamed.

Peeta came running in a worried look on his face. "Gale get off of her!" He yelled.

"No Bread Boy." Gale said to Peeta. "The Girl On Fire won't hurt me. Will you?" He said.

"Yes in fact I will." I said as he leaned in to kiss me again. I started kicking. Peeta was by my side now and pulling Gale off of me.

"I love you Girl On Fire!" Gale said as he walked out of the room.

I hugged Peeta, "thank you." I whispered in his ear.

"Honey," he paused. "I'm always here to help you."

"Promise?" I ask.

"I promise." I kissed him.

My mom walked in. "Are you guys ready to get your cuts cleaned out?"

"Yes." Peeta said and I nodded.

"Katniss you will have to take off your dress." My mom said. Peeta helped me talk off my dress. My mom put the medicine on my wounds. "Katniss your done. Peeta your turn. You will need to take your shirt." Peeta let go of my hand and help me get my dress on. He got on the bed and my mom put the medicine on him. i held his hand. I don't know if he needed it, but I know that I needed it.

"Where is," I paused. "Gale," I choked out. "Going to sleep?" I finally got out.

Peeta stared at me. "On the coach." My mom quickly answered. "Peeta your done." The second she said that i hugged him. He was shocked.

"I'm sorry." I whispered so that only Peeta could hear me.

"Don't be." He replied.

"I'll leave you two in here, alone." She said.

"Lets go check on Prim." I said.

"Okay." Peeta said starting to walk slowly and then stopped until I joined him. Peeta is still shitless while we walked hand in hand to my mothers room where little Prim stayed in her crib. She couldn't sleep in the room with Peeta and I because I scream to often. We walked past Gale on our way. He didn't pull any stunts, this time. "Prim is beautiful just like her mother." He said kissing me.

"More like her father." I said kissing him again.

Gale walked in wile we were kissing and we didn't notice him and wouldn't have if he hadn't cleared his throat.

"Can I take to Katniss? Alone?" Gale asked.

I looked at Peeta to see what he will say. "Yes." He said. "But first I need to talk to her alone. Katniss come here." Peeta said taking my hand and leading me to our bedroom. "Katniss if he hurts you, makes you upset, or makes you uncomfortable leave or call my name. Okay?"

"Okay." I said. He opened the door "wait." He turned around. I jumped into his arms. "I love you!" I said kidding him. Until Gale cleared his throat. I didn't even know that he was there.

"I will be in Prim's room across the hall." Peeta said. I gave him one last kiss before he left.

"I'm sorry about Prim's death." He said.

"You should be! And what the heck is up with you glaring at Peeta and being angry at him?!? I'm the kne who hugs, kisses, and says I love you to him! Why be mad at him instead of me!?" I screamed at him.

He rubbed is hand on my left arm. "Because I love you Catnip." He cornered me and leaned in to kiss me.

"Stop it!"

"No Catnip I love you!"

"Peeta! Peeta!" I shrieked.

Peeta came running in as Gale kissed me in the lips. I tried to pull away, but I couldn't because I was against a wall. "Get off of her now!" Peeta screamed as he pulled Gale away.

"But. But." Gale said. I was paralyzed with fear because I thought that my sister Prim was here killing Peeta.

Peeta was hugging me and saying "Katniss it's okay I'm here. Katniss!" He said as I screamed.

"Peeta?" I asked.


"Your okay?"

"Yes, I am. Katniss can you tell me what happened?" Peeta asked.

"Prim she was here, but she died. She, she was killing you." I said with tears rolling down my face. He hugged me and I wasn't paralyzed anymore.

"Shh Katniss." Peeta started to say more, but Gale cut him off.

"Prim May not be trying to kill Peeta, but I am!"

"No! If you think killing Peeta will make me love you then your wrong. It'll only make me hate you just like when you killed Prim!" I screamed at Gale as I stepped in front of Peeta.

"Fine I won't kill him!"

"Out!" I screamed at Gale. With that he left.


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