The Hunger Games after Mockingjay

Don't read this unless you have read Mockingjay or you want spoilers.

I started this Movella because of a assigned paper about anything. Hope you like it!!! If you have questions comment I will try to update as soon as possible

This is about Katniss and Peeta. What will happen when they get kidnapped?
I don't own The Hunger Games. Suzzane Collins and the producer of the movies owns it.


19. Why Coin Why?

Katniss's POV

While Peeta and I were on the roof Coin came up with my mother and Gale following behind. They all glared at us. Peeta shirtless and me on his lap.

"You guys get to go home." My jaw dropped open. "Only because the games are starting up again."

"Huh?" Is all that I could get out.

"Well, look who isn't very bright yet again." She made me mad. I tried to get up, but Peeta held me down like a rock.

"She is right." Coin paused. "Coin is right that is."

"I would punch you again, but my arm is broken and Peeta won't let me up." I said smiling.

"Nope." He said smiling too.

"Why Coin why? Are you trying to get back at me?"

"Want help?" I asked Peeta as I put my hand out.

"Thanks beautiful." He said picking me up and spinning me like I was weightless. He had to stop when it got to hard for him.

I giggle when I said "anytime honey." I kissed him.

I heard Gale clear his throat. I pulled away to look at Gale. "Lets go Hun." Peeta said to me. He carried me, he usually does, my legs were wrapped around his waist my left arm, that wasn't in the sling, was against my body and my head on his shoulder.

He sat me on the bed and said "we will be back here."


"Because we are either going to be going to be in the games or mentoring."

"Your right. They will probably get one of in there. What are we going to do?"

"Volunteer if our names go back in."

"Coin wants me in there. I know it." I said.

"She's not wrong you know." Coin surprised me.

"What do you want with her?" Peeta asked standing in front of me.

"One last whipping all of you." I looked at her with my mouth wide open. "Except for the baby."

"Only if you don't hit Katniss's arm."

"No promises." Coin says walking away, but Peeta grabs her arm.

"Promise. You can hit me extra if you want as long as you don't hit her arm."

"Fine." Coin huffed. "Be ready in an hour. Clothing optional." Coin laughed as she looked at Peeta's bear chest. She left thankfully.

*1 hour later*

"Ready?" I ask everyone.

"As ready as ever." Peeta replied. I looked at Peeta and kissed him, hard.

"Now, really?" Gale said.

"Yes really." I snapped back. "Mom I will take Prim."

"Not with that arm of yours." She snapped at me.

"I haven't been able to hold her or see her much because you take her every where with you. Yes I understand that she will wake up to my screaming, but I want to see her, talk to her, anything!"

"Then take her!" My mom hasn't been this mad at me since before my dad passed away.

"Thank you." I said still upset with her.

"Wait." My mom said. "Have Peeta hold her."

"Okay." Peeta toke her from my mom.

We rode the elevator in complete silence. I looked at everyone's outfits. Peeta was the only one to change. Even then he only change his shirt, I braided my hair.

When we arrived on the stage they had already started filming. "Welcome Mellark's, Hawthorn, and Everdeen!" Coin scarred me by how cheerful she was being. "Hello Panem! Katniss has a message for you!"

I choked. "What would that be?"

"The games." She said trying to stay calm.

"Well, the games are starting again." I choked out.

"For District 12 these four people can go in. Bye Panem!" With that the cameras stopped filming. "Whipping time!" She said in her cheerful voice. "Line up!" Peeta put Prim in the playpen that was sitting there for who knows why.

She whipped us all for a solid 5 minutes and then said "We leave in the morning."




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