The Hunger Games after Mockingjay

Don't read this unless you have read Mockingjay or you want spoilers.

I started this Movella because of a assigned paper about anything. Hope you like it!!! If you have questions comment I will try to update as soon as possible

This is about Katniss and Peeta. What will happen when they get kidnapped?
I don't own The Hunger Games. Suzzane Collins and the producer of the movies owns it.


11. What?

Katniss's POV



When we heard the doors open we stopped kissing and looked at the elevator door. We were stunned at who was standing there. Peeta held me the whole time.

"I brought you guys more baking and cooking supplies." Gale replied. He looked a little hurt by us, he did just walk in on Peeta and I kissing. "Katniss come here."

I let go of Peeta go, but he wouldn't put me down. "No she won't come. She is only going anywhere if I go." He said bravely. With that I wrapped my arms and legs back around him.

"Oh Peeta. If it makes you feel any better this will all happen in front of you. And I brought stuuf to make food and clothes for Katniss and the baby!"

"Me?" I gulped.

"Well, is your name Katniss?!?!?!" He screamed at me, which scared me. Peeta could see the fear in my face and held me closer.

"Yes, but why?" I asked.

"Because, idiot your pregnant!" He screamed and I barried me face in Peeta's chest holding him as close as possible. I held back my tears as much as possible.

"Now Katniss!" Gale screamed yet again. I let go of Peeta and this time he let go of me.

"Yes?" My voice quivered.

"Closer." He made me get so close that I could smell his breath. It was nasty it smelled like blood and roses....I got chocked I couldn't breath and I fell to the ground. Gale stood there laughing away, but I could see the pain and sorrow in his eyes. Peeta came rushing over yelling my name. By now my mother had come rushing in. They helped me up and asked what was wrong.

 "Nothing I'm fine." I lied and my mom and Peeta could tell, but Gale couldn't. My mom and Peeta knew that I would tell them when Gale left.

"Everybody, but Katniss back up." They slowly backed up.

When they were far enough for Gale, but to far for my taste. Gale brought out a whip and started whipping mw in they face, never the stomach. I stood strong because I saw the sarrow in Gale's face and knew that he was sorry. Not only that I wanted him to see that he wasn't going to hurt me. When he could see that he was aiming for my stomach getting closer and closer with each shot. When I knew he would be dead on I ducked getting a big hit to my face. "Do you ever learn you lesson? You Mellarks never learn you r lesson do you?" Gale said trying to piss me off. Well, it worked, I gave in darn me.

"We Mellarks? That's the best you've got?" I was screaming now and Peeta was behind me holding me back so that I didn't hurt Gale or more importantly myself and the baby.

"No its not. How about this Catnip? I killed Prim!" He screamed. THat broke my mom down first trying not to breakdown until he left.

"No its not because us "Mellarks" are strong!" I screamed back using sacasm when I said Mellarks.

"How about Everdeens? Huh? Your Mother doesn't look strong." He spat back at me.

That was it I was done with him. "That's because she has been through it all! Ypu think that you have had a hard time because I picked Peeta over you and you walked in on us kissing? Well, guess what, my dad died, then I went into the games twice, then you killed Prim, and now this! You have nothing wrong!" With what I spat at him he walked into the elevator and left.

That's when I fell over crying and shaking. Peeta sat next to me holding and I remembered that my mother was still in the room. I stopped crying immediately. I looked at Peeta, gave him a kiss and got up to go over to my mom to comfort her when I screamed and fell. That got my moms attention and Peeta's attention.

"What's going on?" Peeta who was now at my side along with my mother. I was on my back, thank goodness it wasn't my stomach.

"I don't know I felt something move and..."

"Honey its probably the baby moving and kicking." Peeta said

"Oh. I'll have to get used to that."

They both helped me up and I hugged them both. "I love you both very much you are my everything. If you guys were," I paused and let tears fall from my eyes. "Were to ever leave me I don't know that I could or would be able to cope with it."

"I love you too." They both replied.

"Katniss." My mother said pulling away and with that we all pulled away. "We need to clean out your wounds, With a baby on the way we don't need you sick or infected."

"Okay." I said following her and pulling Peeta along. Peeta and I walked hand in hand following my mom.

"Sit up here." She said patting her hand on the bed. Peeta helped me up and stayed out of my moms way, but still holding my hand.

After awhile of my mom cleaning my cuts with painful medicine and outing ice on it she said "now I want to use this to see the baby." She pointed to a machine that I have seen her and Prim use a couple of times, but I never knew what it did.

"Katniss are you ready?" He asked me.

"Sure." I replied squeezing Peeta's hand.

"Okay." She lifted my shirt to see my belly. She rubbed some gel stuff on my stomach and put something on my stomach that I could see, but on the screen I could see the baby.

"Do you want to know how far along you are?" My mom asked me.

I looked at Peeta and then back at my mom. "Yes."

"You are 5 months along." She said.

"Wow." I said looking up at the ceiling. She out my short down as said that was it. "Peeta what about your cuts?"

"Sweetheart, we already took care of his and we took care if yours, but you got more.

"Katniss, Peeta, and Ms. Everdeen. " It was Coin and she was coming in here. "Well, hello. You will all have scheduled. All of them are the same at 10:30 you will come downstairs. At 12:00 you will go get lunch. At 1:00 you are back down here until 2:00. For the rest of the night you are up here. If you are ever late you will get a whipping. Got it? Good." With that she left.



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