The Hunger Games after Mockingjay

Don't read this unless you have read Mockingjay or you want spoilers.

I started this Movella because of a assigned paper about anything. Hope you like it!!! If you have questions comment I will try to update as soon as possible

This is about Katniss and Peeta. What will happen when they get kidnapped?
I don't own The Hunger Games. Suzzane Collins and the producer of the movies owns it.


28. The arena

Author's Note

Sorry about the games, I am really bad at writing about them, so bear with me and I think that this might be the only chapter of the games and it might be short. Sorry. 



Katniss's POV


Hours pass of us walking through the rain forest killing animals so that we will have some food. We stumbled upon a cave. We got in side of the cave and looked at the stuff that we had. A sleeping bag, 3 canteens full of water, a spile, and some bread. We ate some bread for dinner as we listened to the anthem play. 8 faces to haunt my sleep tonight, great. We then went to bed and shared the sleeping bag when we went to bed.


"A few deaths here and there has happened for two days. The Gamesmaker's are going to get board, ready for the finally." Peeta said over breakfast. "Kat,"

"Yes Peeta?" I said in a funny, girly accent.

"We should probably hunt."

"Do we have to?" I asked in a winey voice spreading my whole body across the floor with my head landing in his lap. We were laughing when we heard BOOM. Suddenly remembering where I was I grabbed my bow and got up on my feet. Everything was quiet until we heard giant cat like creatures running through the woods I looked at Peeta and he was already packing the bag. We quickly got up and started running through the forest. We headed towards the Cornucopia. Peeta tripped a couple of times, but kept on going. When we reached the beach I realized that we aren't the only ones that had that plan. The other 5 tributes that are left are here to. I picked off three of them and the other two that were fighting killed each other.

"We are the last two people left. We should go to the Cornucopia." Peeta said. We got into the water and started swimming. I assisted Peeta when he needed it.

"Alright Coin. What'll be? Huh? Will you crown us both as Victors or will you have no Victors?" I screamed when we reached the Cornucopia.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark our Victors of the 76th annual Hunger Games!" Gale yelled.

"Mellark! I am Katniss Mellark!" I screamed. A Hovercraft appeared and Peeta and I grabbed the rope letting it freeze us in place.


I know that this chapter was short and the games are short, but I hope that they are good! I'm sorry. Bye.


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