The Hunger Games after Mockingjay

Don't read this unless you have read Mockingjay or you want spoilers.

I started this Movella because of a assigned paper about anything. Hope you like it!!! If you have questions comment I will try to update as soon as possible

This is about Katniss and Peeta. What will happen when they get kidnapped?
I don't own The Hunger Games. Suzzane Collins and the producer of the movies owns it.


5. That night

Katniss POV

When we got back to the "cell" he gave us some food. He told us to go to bed and then left. Peeta and I got changed into the clothes that was left on the bed.

After we were changed we laid down.

I feel asleep after Peeta and I sad "I love you" to each other.

That night I had nightmares-bad ones. I woke up screaming "Prim, Prim!!" And "Peeta no!!!" In my dream Prim was about to get killed an when I screamed her name she walked causally to me. Then they tried to kill Peeta. That's when I woke up.

My screams were so loud that the kidnapper came in.

He came in and looked at my face and saw how scared and sweaty I was.

"What's going on?" He said in an angry voice.

"Nothing I just had a nightmare." I looked at Peeta a graves his hand the second I did I felt safer.

"Next time be quieter" he said.

"Okay" I said. My voice wasn't that shaker.

With that he left.

Peeta hugged me and again I winced. Where I was whipped still hurts. And Peeta realized that and said "I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing, Peeta. It's fine. I'm okay it just hurts." I said.

"I" he stopped himself. "Okay Katniss."

We layed there for a while. He had his arm around me and I made circles with my finger on his arm.

I finally fell asleep. Shortly after I feel asleep Peeta did.

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