The Hunger Games after Mockingjay

Don't read this unless you have read Mockingjay or you want spoilers.

I started this Movella because of a assigned paper about anything. Hope you like it!!! If you have questions comment I will try to update as soon as possible

This is about Katniss and Peeta. What will happen when they get kidnapped?
I don't own The Hunger Games. Suzzane Collins and the producer of the movies owns it.


21. Reaping

Katniss's POV


I woke up to nightmares about everything that has happened in my life, everyone who died. i was screaming and sweating. I got out of bed just as Peeta woke up. I didn't really know where i was going I just started walking I grabbed my hunting boots and my dads jacket. Peeta got out of bed and followed me. When I stopped I was in the meadow.

"Katniss are you okay?"

"I don't know, honestly." I said.

"Do you just need to be alone?"

"No stay. I need you here. I'm just going to walk in the woods a little. Get my mind off of it."

"Okay. Do you want me to stay or go?"

"Stay in the meadow."


I walked for a little while when I noticed Gale heading towards Peeta and I ran up to Peeta. "Hi."

"Did you have a good walk?"




"What are you doing out here this early? You haven't been out here this early on reaping day since the day Prim's name got called and you volunteered."

"I haven't been out here because it would have cost everybody's life that I know and love." I looked down and bent down so that I was forced to look at him. I looked up at and helped Peeta up.

"You can't hunt, so why are you out here?"

"Can't I come out here to walk around?" I said louder than I meant to. "And don't touch my bow. Peeta ready to go?" I said trying to keep from crying.

"Yeah." Peeta said.

I grabbed his hand and walked home with him. When we got home it was 7:00 AM. "Do you want to go lay down?" Peeta asked me.


We slept until noon. There was knocking at the bedroom door. "Wake up!" It was Haymitch.

I got up and went to the door. "Yes?"

"The reaping starts at 1:30 and we have to be in the Justice building at 1:00." He said.

"Okay. Do you want to walk down there together?"

"Sure. Come get me when you guys are all ready." Haymitch said walking away.

"Good morning beautiful." Peeta said.

"Morning. I'm going to go shower."

"Okay. I will shower after you."


I showered and put a pink dress and  blue high heels on that I got from Effie on christmas. I dressed little Prim up in a dress and sandals. Peeta came in the room in a shirt and pants while I was braiding my hair. "Ready?" Peeta asked me.

"Yeah, let me get my mom and then we can head over to Haymitch's house."

"Mom, it's time to go. Mom your pale, what's wrong?"

"Oh a-"

"Mom you know your not going into the games." I interrupted her.

"Yeah, but you are."

"Mom I'm coming back, I promise." I hugged her. "Now we have to go."

We all walked out of the house and over to Haymitch's house. I knocked and then walked in. "Have you ever heard of letting me answer the door? I could have been naked."

"I knocked."

He laughed. "You look like a walking piece of cotton candy with a purple cast." He laughed more and Peeta joined in the laughing.

"Yeah, yeah I look funny laugh all you want, but I'm wearing this for Effie." I paused. "Lets go!"

We were silent until we got to the Justice building. I saw Effie and she said "Awe! You look gorgeous in that!"

"Thanks Effie!" I said.

"Alright everyone on stage! Go! Go!" Effie said as she shoved us all on stage. We had to go down on the ground and get our blood taken. Pain didn't effect me as much anymore, so I didn't say ouch or anything when then pricked my finger.  While my mom got her blood taken I held Prim. We had to stand in the front because we were the oldest people there. "Welcome, welcome." Effie said. Then she showed us the video, a new one this year. It was of the rebellion I started. Effie teared up like she used to. "Ladies first!" She yelled happy as ever. "Posy Hawthorn!"

I was shocked. I didn't know what to do 12 year old Posy Hawthorn can't go into the games. "I volunteer as tribute! I volunteer!" I screamed. What was I doing? Saving Posy that's what.

"A volunteer! Katniss Mellark. Now for the boys! Gale Hawthorn!" Effie tried to stay as happy sounding and looking as she could.

"I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" Peeta yelled.

"Another volunteer! Peeta Mellark! Say hello to each other."

Instead of saying hi to Peeta I kissed him and said "I love you!"

"I love you too." Peeta said kissing me again.

"Katniss, sweetheart you got to breath and leave." Haymitch said.

"Okay." I said pulling away and holding Peeta's hand as we walked into the Justice building.

They tried to put us in different rooms, but I wouldn't stand for it. My mom walked in with Prim and Peeta toke Prim while I hugged my mom. "why did you guys volunteer? Gale could have taken care of Posy in the games."

"Mom I couldn't let Posy go in I know what it feels like."

"And my plan was to go in if Katniss was." Peeta said handing Prim to me.

"Mom satay fed and keep Prim fed. You got me to 24 and Prim to 13. You can do it. I love you guys." I said kissing Prim on the forehead.

"I love you too." My mom said. I handed Prim to Peeta and kissed my mom on the forehead.

"Out now!" The peace keepers yelled.

"I love you Prim and mom. Good luck!" I said leaning my head on Peeta's shoulder.

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