The Hunger Games after Mockingjay

Don't read this unless you have read Mockingjay or you want spoilers.

I started this Movella because of a assigned paper about anything. Hope you like it!!! If you have questions comment I will try to update as soon as possible

This is about Katniss and Peeta. What will happen when they get kidnapped?
I don't own The Hunger Games. Suzzane Collins and the producer of the movies owns it.


16. Picnic



Katniss's POV


I started crying and Peeta picked me up, sat on the bed and put me in his lap. Then he started saying soothing words like "Katniss shh. It'll be okay." After awhile I finally calmed down. "Are you hungry?"


"How about a picnic on the roof?"

"Yes." I replied. He picked me up and carried me to the room.

"I will me back. I'm going to go grab a blanket for us to sit on. Okay?"

"Okay." I mumble.

A few minutes later he came back with a blanket. He set it down and I climbed on too of it. "I will be back in a little bit with food."

"Okay." I said as I laid down on the whole blanket.

 After a few minutes he came back with a basket full of food.

I sit up so that he could sit down. When he sat down I out my head in his lap.

"Are you still hungry?" He asked stroking my face and hair.

"Ya." I said as I closed my eyes. He stopped touching me after I said that. I thought that he had got lost in thought and I didn't look up.

"I need to get up." He said and I got off of him so that he could get up. He went down stairs without saying anything. I was hurt by that and I don't know why. Maybe he needed to think alone, or, no, maybe, a flashback.

I walk downstairs into the kitchen and find shirtless Peeta holding onto a chair.

"You should go take care of your husband Catnip." I turned around to see Gale smirking. He must if seen a look of horror on my face because he said "Catnip are you okay?"

"A...I'm fine." I say.

"Catnip. Are you sure?" He asked as he grabbed my arm.

"No." I said trying to get out of his grip. "I need to help Peeta."

"Okay." He said letting go of my arm.

I didn't know what to say to help Peeta. This is different. He hasn't had to go to another room without me since he got back to 12. He stopped having flashbacks like that before we got married. "Peeta?" That's all I could get out. My mom started to come in the room with Prim. I just looked at her with fear spread throughout my face. She turned around and left. I couldn't take it anymore and I walked to a wall an started crying. I fell to the floor crying harder than before.

After a few minutes of that Peeta realized that I was in the room and on the floor crying. He came over to me. "Katniss. Katniss. I'm sorry. You deserve better. You deserve someone who doesn't have flashbacks where he wants to kill you."

"Peeta!" I scream at him. "It's you who deserves better! Or maybe we do deserve each other. We are both broken and nobody else would understand us. We understand us and so does our family's." Said hugging him.

"Your right." He said picking me up and taking me back up to the roof. I snuggled up against his chest.

"What's in the box?" I asked when he set me down.

"Food." He said.

"I meant what kind if food Silly." I said laying on top of him. Kissed him and I didn't want it to end, but it did when Gale found his way up.

"A, hi." Gale said.

I looked up at him and back at Peeta. I got off of Peeta because I could feel the tension between Gale and Peeta. "Want help?" I asked Peeta putting my hand out.


We were all standing now and Gale was glaring at Peeta until he noticed that I was glaring at him and holding Peeta's hand. He changed the look on his face from angry to hurt.

"A, I guess I will be going." He slowly turned around an started walking.

"Wait." I said. The surprised me. "Why did you come? You didn't come just to see what we were doing did you?" Peeta looked at me with a surprised look on his face. I could tell what he was thinking why did I tell him to wait just to ask a silly question. I was thinking the same thing.

"A, I, a. Never mind." He walked away and this time I didn't say anything.

"Why did you tell him to wait just to ask that?"

"I was wondering the same thing." I said.

"Do you want a sandwich?" Peeta asked me.

"Ya sure."

"Katniss are you okay?"


"Are you okay?" He asked feeling my forehead.

"Yes I am, great in fact. Only because you're here." I let a smile escape.

He handed me a sandwich. "Eat up."

I ate the sandwich without out talking or paying attention. "Katniss! You need to feed Prim!" My mother called from downstairs.


"Katniss, wait." Peeta said standing up as I walked away.


"I love you. Don't ever forget that beautiful." I blushed when he said that.

"I love you too." I said kissing him.


"Coming!" I said pulling away from Peeta.

"Here." My mom said giving me Prim.

I went into our bedroom. My jaw dropped when I found Gale in the bedroom. "What are you doing in here?" I screamed at him.

"Katniss what's wrong?" Peeta said running into the room. I was surprised when he got here that quickly with is leg. "Gale?"

"What? Can't I hang out with Catnip and Prim?"

"No!" Peeta and I scream together.

'You killed my sister, you've kissed me, made me uncomfortable, and you think I am going to willingly hang you with you?" I screamed at him. "Peeta take Prim so that I don't accidently hurt her."

"Okay." He said taking Prim.

"Yes honey bunny I think that you will." He started laughing.

'You're crazy!" I screamed at him.

"But Catnip." He sent me over the edge, I punched him so hard that he started bleeding and I hurt my wrist pretty badly.

"What's going on?" My mother came in. I looked up at her and then fell to the ground crying.

"My wrist." I croaked.

Peeta put Prim down in her crib. When he came back he picked me up. "Does this hurt?" He said touching my wrist.

"Ouch!" I screamed!

"Sorry. We need to get Katniss's wrist looked at." Peeta said to my mother.

"Katniss why did you punch poor Gale?" My mom asked.

"He deserved it! He has been doing stuff to me like." I couldn't get the rest out I started crying.

"Oh Katniss stop crying."

"Mom why ar eyou acting like this?"

"Like what?

"Like you like Gale more than you own daughter!"

"I'm sorry I don't know what's going on. I'm going to go lay down."


"Katniss I'm going to wrap up your wrist, okay?" Peeta said to me.







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