The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


17. We Just Run

            I can hear the groans outside just a few minutes after the sound of my gunshot. It happening again. I take in a deep breath and sprint back to my cell. I grab my bag and stuff all of my belongings in it. Carl grabs his stuff and we run outside. I don't see any sign of Rick, but I do see the zombies against the fence. Its not as big of a hoard, but this one still consists of a couple 100. I search the crowd for Rick, for anyone, but I cant see anyone. The first gate collapses. Where are they?! Just then I see Rick holding Judith across the pavement. I run to him with Carl at my side. "Take Judith! I have to go get the others!" Rick yells and hands Carl Judith.

           "What do we do? The zombies are going to get in again!"

          The next fence collapses.

          "JUST GO! Go back to wal-mart or find a safe place," Rick has pain in his eyes as he says this, but I can tell he's trying to stay strong.

          "But dad! I cant just leave you here!" Carl whimpers.

          "Go Carl! Now!" Rick insists.

          "Let me have her. You shoot."

          Carl hands her over and we run. We just run. We run all the way to the road and don't stop until we are at least a mile away from the prison. I finally stop and it takes all I have not to fall over. Carl sits down and lays his head on his knees. He begins to cry. I sit Judith down beside me and wrap an arm around him. He lays his head on my shoulder and lets out a quiet sob. "Its gonna be okay Carl," I assure him.

           He doesn't say anything. Judith crawls over and tries to sit on Carl's lap. This makes him smile a little. I smile too. He lets Judith crawl on his lap and she giggles. "At least I have you," he finally says. "And Judith."

          "We'll have to take care of her. Until we find your dad again."

          "I think we can manage."

          "Me too," I agree. That's when I realize that this is sorta like us being parents. Its just the two of us with a baby.

          "Where are we going to go?" he asks.

          "Wal-mart I guess. That's a place that Rick told us to go and he'll know how to find us there," I shrug.

          "Straight away?"

          "I don't know. Why?"

          "Because I'm not walking that far all in one day. Judith needs to sleep anyways."

          "Then lets find a house to stay in," I instruct.

          We stand up and Carl wipes the tears away. I know I should be sad too. Katy was there. She might not have made it out. But for some reason I don't FEEL sad. I feel sort of free. I don't have a group to tie me to them anymore. I feel terrible about it, but I cant say I'm sad when I'm not. Its not that I don't like having a group or the people in my group. I just like to feel free and by myself. Now I am not by myself though. I still have Carl and Judith to look after. But I actually enjoy being with them, more than the whole group itself. Ughhhh! I want to slap myself. I'm thinking like a total bitch. Like one of them movies where the main girl packs up and leaves because she says its every man for themselves and I am not like that. I shake my head.

           "Whats wrong?" Carl asks. I forgot he was still right beside me.

           "Just thinking."

           "You think a lot," he comments.

           "I don't have much else to spend my time on," I point out.

           He laughs a little. "I know what you mean."

           "Do you think there okay," I ask suddenly.

           "I think they are. They're strong. They no how to keep themselves alive."

           "Yeah." I see a small cottage up ahead. "Lets check that place out," I point at the house.

           We walk to the house and approach it slowly. Carl pulls out his gun since I have a sleeping baby in my arms. He opens the door and lets it swing out. Nothing appears. We step inside. I still don't hear anything. "You go check the house and I'll stay here with Judith," I say.


          He walk away and starts to search the house. I look down at Judith who is sleeping peacefully in my arms. Life would be so much better as a baby. No worries, no pain, no sadness. It would be so much more peaceful.

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