The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


11. Try To Convince Them

           Once everyone has their stuff we leave the safety of the prison gates. I see one more person leave with us. Mashone. It doesn't surprise me that she wanted to come. It doesn't take us long before we are walking down the bare road that just earlier we were traveling on. For as far as I can see the street is empty except for a few rotting cars. No zombies though so that's a good sign. I wonder what place we will be ransacking or what zombies we will observe. I mean cant we just observe the zombies back at the prison? I guess they want to see zombies further away from us and the prison. We finally come to the end of the long street. We stand at a 4 way. We wnd up just going straight. I guess its easier to remember your way back if you go straight. 

           I am breathing hard by the time we stop. I put my hands on my knees to hold myself up and catch my breath. Don't they understand I cant breath that good?! Carl walks over to me and puts his arm around my waist. He helps me stand up straight. I am actually sort of glad he came. He's the only person who would do this for me. "Thank... you," I say in between long raspy breaths.

          "You're welcome Izzy, but its really not that big of a deal. You think I'm gonna just sit there and watch you fall over while you're trying to catch your breath? I don't think so," he smiles.

          I roll my eyes. "I wasn't going to fall over," I say defensively.

          "Oh really?" he raises an eyebrow. He lets his arm fall from around me and I lose my balance. I start to fall, but he catches me again. "Yeah you weren't gonna fall over," he says sarcastically.

         "Oh be quiet. I just wasn't expecting you to let go of me," I explain.

         "Okay Izzy I'm about to let you go," he starts to pull away, but I cling to him fearfully. He laughs. And makes an expression that says "see"

         "Okay, so I need your help," I admit.

         "I know you do."

         We start to walk again, but this time Carl is right beside me with his arm around my waist to help me walk. I feel bad for slowly the group down, but I cant go any faster. Beth said it was hard for me to walk because the bullet hit my spinal cord and apparently that effects your legs. I didn't really pay attention in health class, so I have no idea what she is talking about.

           The sun is starting to set. It is just above the tree lines when we see an old Walmart a little ways down the road. The rest of the group jogs ahead, but Carl stays planted by my side as I hobble along. We reach the store about 5 minutes after the rest of them. Rick waits till we are behind him to open the old, rusty doors. I think they used to slide, but you can tell they haven't been working for a long time. Rick has to put a crow bar in between the door and the wall to get the door to slide open. We enter slowly.

            The big store is darker than I have ever seen a store. Most of the lights are out, but there are still a few flickering with life. I feel like I'm in a horror movie, just waiting for the monster to creep out of the dark. I shake my head to clear the thought from my mind. I look around and examine the stores contents. It looks like anyone that stopped here either couldn't take too much or didn't take any at all because most of the shelves look untouched. I wonder if the cash registers have any money in them. It would be cool to collect a bunch and pretend like I'm rich.

            "Okay so lets assign tasks," Rick starts. "Who wants to stay here and keep watch?"

            "I will," Mashone raises her hand.

            "Who wants to find canned goods?"

            "I will," Daryl raises his hand.

            "Who wants to find chips and snacks?"

            "I will," I raise my hand.

            "Me too," Carl raises his hand too.

            "Okay, then I'm going to look around for drinks. Meet back here in a minute to see what we've got. Make sure to only get things that wont go bad and aren't spoiled," Rick instructs.

             Everyone heads off in different directions. Carl follows me as I head toward the "snack isle" I walk slowly down the isle, taking in every detail. I grab 2 boxes of cheezits, 4 bags of chips, 2 boxes of trail mix, peanuts, 2 bags of gold fish, and a few other random snacks that look good. I look back at Carl and smile. "Lets go get some candy."

           We walk an isle over and start shoving candy in our pockets. I grab starburst, jolly ranchers, twizzlers, laffy taffy, sweet tarts, welches fruit snacks, and fun dip. I have never liked chocolate so these have always been my favorite. I open a pack of twizzlers and eat one. I pull another one out and smirk at Carl before launching it at him. He cringes as it hits him in the arm. I smile big and burst out laughing. He looks at me deviously and throws it back at me. It stings when it hits my hand. I pull out a handful and throw them at him repeatedly. He dodges a few and catches some too. He throws them back at me as he laughs. We act more like children than actual children sometimes. We finally stop after a few minutes. "We need to take this stuff back there."

            "Yeah," he agrees.

            We take our big load back to Mashone. I literally drop the food at her feet. She smiles and gives me a funny look. "Merry Christmas," I joke.

           "Happy Easter," she jokes back.

           I see Rick come back holding a large load along with Daryl. I also see that Rick is holding bags to put the food in. We bag all the food and I see just how much food we really have. At least 20 bags. How are we going to carry it all. I know. A shopping cart. We can bring a shopping cart back with us. That is an "lol" moment right there. Stealing a shopping cart to carry food back to our prison.

           "I guess we should just make camp here," Rick shrugs. "Its getting dark and this place is safe.

           The rest of us nod in agreement. I get to sleep in a store tonight. This is amazing. I walk quickly to the isle that holds the display beds and pick a futon that folds out into a queen size bed. The futon itself is gray, but the bed frame is black. I sit down and look around. I'll have to pick out some clothes to take with me too. I can almost anything that I want. More weapons, clothes, food, shoes, anything. I don't see how this store hasn't been searched yet. I guess it is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, but I've seen houses through here. I guess everyone just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

            I see Carl walk down the isle towards me shaking his head. "What?"

           "Nothing. You just look so happy," he shrugs.

           "I am. I get to sleep in a store with all kinds of things that I have always wanted. You don't know how long I have dreamt of this," I shake my head.

           "Well... scoot over."

           I move over to leave him some room. "Wait! We have to get pillows and blankets!"I say it like its the most important thing in the world.

           I get up and walk down the next isle which holds blankets and pillows. I grab 2 fluffy white pillows, a black and white comforter, and a black and white pillow case, one for each pillow. "Is this okay?" I ask.

           "Its fine, but I have to have 2 pillows too so grab another 2 pillows and 2 pillow cases."

           I grab 2 more pillows and pillow cases and we head back to the bed I picked out. I put the pillows down before we lay. I put the warm blanket over us and snuggle deeper into the bed. This bed is comfier than the bed at the prison. I wish we could stay here. This place has so much more supplies and there's enough room for everyone. We can even move the beds and make different rooms. It would be perfect. I guess I'll just have to try and convince them that we should stay here. I don't know if they'll listen, but oh well. I'll try anyways. I close my eyes and fall asleep within seconds.



             So what do you think? Should they stay at Walmart or go back to the prison? How do you guys like the story so far? If you like this story so far please LIKE and FAVORITE it. It would mean a lot. Thank you!

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