The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


24. Star-Struck Idiot

             I hear the zombies following us, but they are still far behind. If we keep up the pace we'll lose them before long. We slow down to a walk once we reach the main road. I made sure not to push myself to hard before so I wouldn't have another "break down" or whatever. I walk along the dotted yellow line in the middle of the black topped road. I guess its more of a highway than a road because it has 2 lanes, but they are wider than the average lanes. "Do you think we lost them?" I ask.

         "Oh yeah. There at least a mile back and I don't think they have enough sense to keep going in one direction to find us even if they are getting smarter," he says.

         "How far away do you think Wal-mart is?"

         "Maybe a mile or 2. We should be there in an hour at the latest," he assures.

         "Good. I'm wore out."

         "Me too. The past couple of days have really took a toll on me," he shakes his head. "You're heavier than you look."

         "I know. What was that? The third time you had to carry me somewhere?" I ask sarcastically.

         "Yeah I think so," he smiles.

         "Aren't you glad you have me to carry you everywhere you need to go?"

         "I'm not really happy that you have to carry me all the time. Maybe if I had asked you to, but not because you had to."

         "Eh... I don't really care. I like saving you. I feel like I'm a super hero saving innocent pedestrians," he jokes.

         "I want to be a super hero. Well... I want to be Cat Women. I don't know if she is considered a super hero," I tilt my head as I think about it.

         "I don't think so, but she's still pretty cool. I mean I wouldn't want to be Cat Women."

         "Well I would hope not Carl. You are a guy. I mean its in the name Cat WOMEN not Cat Man."

         "I'm going to make up my own super hero name," he pauses to think of something. "Carl The Zombie Killer," he laughs.

         "That's so original," I tease.

         "It is! Have you ever seen a super hero that saves people from zombies? No. You see super hero's saving people from weird creatures that don't exist," he shakes his head. "That is totally original."

         "Okay. Why don't you come up with my super hero name," I suggest.

         "Hmmm... Izzy The Zombie Killer."

         "That's the same as yours."

         "So. Now we can be called Carl and Izzy The Zombie Killers," he says in his best Darth Vader voice.

         "Okay," I roll my eyes.

         "Do you want me to hold Judith?" he asks.

         "I'm good. I like to hold her. It keeps my mind busy," I explain.

         He nods. "Do you wish you had a sister?"

         "No. Then that would have been one more person I lost," I shake my head.

        He frowns. "I mean would you like to have a sister, now?"

         "Still no. That's one more person I would have to worry about."

         "Geez Izzy. You can be really harsh sometimes."

         I can tell he's joking, kinda, but it still nags at me. All this time I have been trying to show him that I'm not perfect. That I am kinda mean. But now that he sees it a little bit it makes me feel weird. "I know. That's what killing things does to you."

         I think he can tell his comment bugged me because he stops and rests his hands on my shoulders. "I was joking Izzy. I know you and you aren't like that. I shouldn't have even said that," he shakes his head.

        "No you're right. I am harsh. I am mean. I might not have been like that before, but everything I have been through has shown me that I cant be nice and thoughtful anymore. You cant let your guard down even for a second. So you were right Carl. I can be harsh and its not that, that made me feel bad. Really it didn't have anything to do with what you said," I say. "Its the fact that all this time I have been trying to show you that I am not perfect. That I can be mean and harsh and awful. Now that you can actually see that just worries me. I have never understood why you loved me so fast and I don't know. I guess I'm worried you wont like me anymore," I sigh. "I wouldn't really be mad at you if you didn't like me. But I don't think I would be okay if you didn't.

          He just stares at me for a second. His blue eyes practically burning through mine. A few years ago I would have blushed and looked away. But now... I cant take my eyes off of him. He doesn't even have to lean in for me to know what he is thinking. I set move Judith to my side and we lean at the same time. My free arm wraps around his neck and both of his hands rest on the curve above my hip. Our chests rise and fall against each other. We are one. We are just a piece in a puzzle that without the other are not whole. His lips are soft and warm against mine. For so long we stand there, our lips touching, our arms holding us together. I am the one who finally pulls away. He smirks a little at my expression which, at best, looks like a star-struck idiot. I feel my cheeks flush with color.

          He shakes his head. "I would never even dream of leaving you Izzy. Never."

         I just nod. I don't understand why I feel so nervous right now. I shouldn't have butterflies in my stomach right now. I've kissed him plenty of times before. What makes this kiss so different? Maybe its because it was so deep and emotional. I mean we were practically making out. I don't know, but I kind of like it. I like the feeling of butterflies in my stomach and the star-struck look that crosses my face. It reminds me that I love him and that he loves me. He grabs my hand and we continue walking like nothing happened. No. I cant do that. There is no way I will ever forget that.

           We only walk maybe 10 more minutes before I see the building far ahead. We are literally no more than 3 minutes away from Wal-mart. I feel my heart beat faster. I want to just sprint all the way there, but I stop myself. Apparently I cant run like that now. So we walk at a decent pace until I can clearly see the white letters that spell out WAL-MART on the front of the building. Then I start to run. My run is so slow now, its more like a speed walk. With the weight of Judith, the bags, my weapons, and my chest slows me down dramatically. I run into the parking lot then stop. There is a car parked up near the front door. A car that was not there the last time we were here. I look over at Carl. His expression shows the worry and anger that he is feeling. Some other group has got here before us.  

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