The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


19. On Our Way

                When I wake up again It is early morning. I roll over so I am laying on back. I sigh and sit up. I look over at Judith who is still sleeping. She is one quiet baby. I shake my head. When my brother was little he used to wake my parents 5 times a night. I look back at Carl before standing up. I stretch my back and hear it pop in multiple places. I pick Judith up and cradle her in my arms. I rock her a little as I walk to the kitchen.

         I set her down in the high chair. She pounds her fist and giggles uncontrollably. "What are you doing?" I croon.

         This causes her to giggle louder. I tickle her stomach before sitting down. I open up our last can of baby food and use the spoon she used last night to feed it to her. Once she is done I wipe her mouth off with a rag. She sticks her arms out as if asking me to pick her up. I grab her under her armpits and lift her into the air. I rest her on my hip and walk out into the living room. Dang it! We didn't even lock the door last night. I walk over to it and lock both locks before setting Judith down on the couch. I sit down beside her and cross my legs in front of me. I grab her hands and move them up and down. She burst out laughing and I cant help, but laugh too. "Izzy. Say Izzy," I say.

        "Ibby," she giggles.

        "Good job!" I smile. "Say... Carl."


        I'm surprised she can already catch on this quick. She only like, what, a couple months old. I didn't start talking till I was at least a year old. "Say... hi."

        "I," she leaves out the "h"

        "Bye bye."

        "Bi bi."

        Its hard to understand here, but she's still trying and that's better than nothing. Just then I hear someone walking down the hall. I look over and see Carl stumbling along, blindly. His hair is tangled and messy. His eyes are more than half closed. I shake my head and smile. "Good morning sleeping beauty," I tease.

         "Oh be quiet," he walks over and plops down beside me, almost smashing Judith. I pull her toward me just in time to save her from Carl's butt.

         "I'm surprised you even got up by yourself."

         "Yeah. I'm trying to break old habits," he smiles.

         "I think you need to brush your hair just as bad as I do," I say.

         "I think you..." he pauses to think. "need to tell me when you get up so I don't wake up, scared to death, thinking someone took you or you left."

         "And wake you from your wonderful dreams? I'll pass," I laugh, but he just smirks.

         "You don't even know what I dream about."

         I feel myself blush. "Carl!" I give him a slight push.

         "What? Maybe I dream about you riding unicorns," he raises his eyebrows. All of my seriousness that I just gained falls away and I start laughing.

         "So you're saying that you dream about me riding unicorns?"

         "No, but that would be fun to see," he nods.

         "You can be such a weirdo sometimes," I shake my head.

         "But you love me anyways," he flips his hair back with his hand like a girl and gives me a cheesy smile.

         I smack my hand to my forehead. "For some unknown reason," I nod.

         "Oh I know why. I'm... amazing."

         I purse my lips and pose with my hand on my chin, with a thinking expression. "See... I don't know if that's the reason," I shake my head, jokingly.

         "Sure it isn't."

         "No, but really guess what."

         "What?" he asks.

         "I got Judith to say some words."

         "Oh really?"

         "Yeah," I nod. "Watch." I turn to Judith. "Say... Izzy."

         "Ibby!" she says excitedly.

         Carl looks at me shocked, but I just smirk. "Say... Carl."


         "How the heck did you get her to do that?!"

         "I don't know. I just said "say this" and she said it," I shrug.

         "Well you must be a very persuasive person because she never talks if I ask her to. See watch. Say... Carl."

         We wait for her to respond, but she just stares blankly at us. "Maybe she doesn't understand you."

         "She's 5 months old she doesn't understand anyone," he shakes his head.

         "You don't know that. Maybe she does. Maybe she only talks when she wants to," I say.

         "Maybe, but she never wants to talk for me," I can tell it irritates him a little to have his sister only talk for me.

         "It doesn't matter. When are we going to leave?" I ask, changing the subject.

         "Whenever you're ready," he shrugs.

         "Then I'm going to go get ready."


         "You have to let me go your hair," I smile deviously.

         He raises and eyebrow. "Why do you want to do my hair?"

         "Just cuz. I can make you look sexy," I nod and smile.

         "Okay," he agrees reluctantly.

         I walk down the hall until I find a bathroom. I walk over to the white, marble sink and open up the mirrored cabinet above the sink. I find a blue brush and run it through my tangled hair. My hair comes down to my butt now. I haven't cut it since before the outbreak. I find scissors meant for cutting hair in the cabinet and bring my hair over to one side. I cut a few inches off, over the trash can. I pull the hair over to the other side and even it all out. Its not too much, but my ends feel healthier. I pull back the freshly cut hair and put it in a loose pony tail. I walk across the hall to the room that me and Carl stayed in and enter the room. I turn around when I see Carl in only his shirt and boxers. I blush a little. "Sorry!" I squeal.

         "I don't really care Izzy. Its not like I'm naked," he points out. That would be really embarrassing.

         "Yeah. Are you done?" I ask.


         I turn around and cross the room to where my book bag is. I pull out a short white tank top that comes down to just a little above my belly button, short waist, light jeans, and my black boots. I take the clothes to the bathroom and change into them. Once I am changed I walk back in the bedroom. "Come on Carl. Time to do your hair."

         His mouth falls open at the sight of me. He looks me down from head to toe. I blush. "Well don't you look lovely," he smirks.

        "Take a picture, it'll last longer," I tease.

        "I would, but I don't have a camera."

        I roll my eyes. "Come on," I repeat.

        We walk into the bathroom and I make him stand in front of me. I realize that he is a few inches taller than me. "Ummm... bend down a little. You're too tall."

        He bends his knees a little so he is shorter than me. "Do you care if I give your hair a trim?"

        "Uh... have you ever cut hair before?" he asks suspiciously.

        "I used to cut mine for school."

        "I guess, just not too much."

        "Never. I love your hair too much," I joke.

        I grab the scissors and take less than half an inch off. When I am down I take the brush and run it through his hair. I almost start laughing. I feel like I am styling a girl's hair. "Remind me again why I let you do this do this to me?"

        "Cause you love me."

        "Right, but I feel like a girl," he admits.

        "I feel like you're a girl right now."

        "Just hurry up."

        I finish up and let him look at himself. His hair looks better than I have ever seen it. Its trimmed, brushed, and styled. "Now that's a sexy look," I nod and smile.

        "And you call me a weirdo," he teases.

        "Hey. I never said I wasn't weird."

        "That's correct. Well now that you have "done my hair" lets go."

        I collect all of our stuff. My back, his bag, all of our food, Judith's things, and mine and Carl's weapons. "Am I holding Judith?" I ask.

        "If you want," he shrugs.

        I pick Judith up and we walk out of the house. The sun is warm and the air is humid. Its going to be a long sweaty day. With that we're on our way.

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