The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


7. Old Friends and Old Memories

            "No. Absolutely not," Carl shakes his head with a stern look planted on his face.

            "Why not? You can come with me," I point out.

            "It has only been 2 weeks since you were hmmm... let me think... SHOT IN THE CHEST! You are not going hunting for zombies," he continues to shake his head.

            "You are treating me even more like a baby than in my dream! You are my boyfriend not my mother and last time I checked my MOTHER IS DEAD!" this is our first argument since we have been together and so far I'm not liking it.

             "Exactly Izzy you need someone looking out for you or else you would be off doing God knows what. I'm not going to let you keep running into danger like your life doesn't matter! Because believe me you do matter so just stop! Why cant you just relax and let others do the work for once?" he asks angrily.

              "Because Carl! Don't you see? You guys have done so much for me. I cant... take it! I cant let people do things for me constantly. I have to fend for myself. You don't understand. I survived by myself for almost a year. I am a big girl! I can fend for myself. I do not want people doing all the work for me!" I shake my head and look away from him.

               "Izzy you are not indestructible! Dammit Izzy you were shot in the chest! You cant just "fend for yourself" now," that is the first time I have ever heard him cuss like that.

               "I know I'm not indestructible Carl! I don't know how long I have. I could be dead by tonight and I am not going to waste the time I have laying in bed doing nothing. I'm sorry Carl, but I'm going and you cant stop me," I know I'm being stubborn, but I don't care. Everything I said is true and he knows it. He can either cry about it or come with me because I am not wasting whatever time I have left in this world and he knows me enough to know that's the way I feel.

               I stand up, throw my sword over my shoulder, put my pistol behind my back and walk out of the room. I hear Carl behind me, but I am surprised when he spins me around to face him. He kisses me for a moment before staring into my eyes. "I love you Izzy. You know that. And I know you don't want to stay in your room all day, just please promise me you'll stay safe. I cant always help you and... I don't know what I would do without you," this is his way of apologizing. I hear it in the softness of his voice.

             "I love you too Carl. I love you with all my heart and I promise to stay safe. I cant leave you."

            He nods and takes my hand. We walk outside and find Rick waiting by the gate to leave the prison along with Daryl and Glenn. Rick is sitting on the ground with his back propped up against a black mustang, Daryl is sitting on his motorcycle, and Glenn is standing in between them pacing back and forth. When we reach the 3 of them Rick stands up and brushes his pants off. "Okay so there's only enough room for 3 at the most in the car," Rick's eyes move around Glenn, me, and Carl.

             "Izzy can sit on my lap," Carl suggests with a smirk.

             Rick shrugs. "Whatever. Lets go."

             Rick sits in the drivers seat, Glenn sets in the passengers seat, Carl sits in between the seats and I sit awkwardly on his lap. Why did I agree to this? Oh that's right because there was nowhere else to ride and Carl had to suggest this. I try not to move to much. I don't want to make Carl uncomfortable, but I don't want to put to much weight In one spot. "Izzy."


            "Can you remove your sword? Its kind of um... in my face," he laughs.

            "Sorry," I say quickly. "Can you get it?"


            I feel him pull it off of my right shoulder and hear him set it behind him. He leans forward a little bit more now that the sword is gone and wraps his arms around my waist. I actually feel better now. After what feels like an hour we turn into a parking lot. I thought we were going to be observing zombies. Maybe here?

            Glenn and Rick get out of the car and I exit after them with Carl close behind me. I made sure to grab my sword before I get out. We are in the parking lot of an old hospital. "What are we doing here?" I ask.

            "We're checking for any supplies and if we want to observe the zombies that we find around here," Rick explains. I just nod.

            Daryl parks his motorcycle beside the car and joins us as we walk up to the big, glass doors of the hospital. They creak and moan as Rick opens them. The rest of the group walks in the dark building and I follow reluctantly. We walk down a long hallway. We pass what used to be the receptionist's counter and I feel so weird being in here with no doctors or nurses. I feel like I am walking through a morgue and maybe I am. I'm sure a lot of people have died here. We round a corner and I see a familiar person standing in the hall holding a gun. "Katy!" I call.

           She looks at me, astonished. "Izzy? Is that you?" she asks.

           "Yeah," I nod. "Its me."

           "Come here and give me hug," she demands.

           I used to be best friends with Katy in school. We hung out all the time. We were practically sisters. I have missed her long curly blonde hair, and deep green eyes. I missed her sarcastic comments and funny remarks. I had missed all of the fun times we shared. All this time I thought she was dead, but she wasn't. She's standing right here in front of me. I run to her and throw my arms around her. I have grown a lot, while her... not so much. She only comes up to my nose. "I've missed you so much!" I exclaim.

           "You too Izzy," she agrees.

           "Are you alone?'

           "No my dad is on the floor above me and you remember Mark don't you?"

           "Yeah wasn't he one of your all-time crushes?" I ask.

           "Yeah and he's with me. We're uh... sorta dating," she says shyly.

           "I have boyfriend too," I whisper.

           "HIM!" she screams. "Wow he's hot," her eyes widen.

           "Thank you. That's makes me feel wonderful knowing you think my boyfriends hot," I say sarcastically.

           "I'm guessing you know this girl," Rick calls.

           "Yeah. She's my best friend."

           "Who are they?"

           "Oh well that's Carl, his dad Rick, and Ricks friends Glenn and Daryl. There's more of us back at this prison," I explain.


           "You have to come with us!"

           "Let me go get my dad and Mark."


           She practically skips down the hall. I roll my eyes and walk back to Carl and the rest of them. "Okay so I told them they could come with us..." I let my voice trail off.

            "That's okay," Rick says.

            "So that's one of your old friends?" Carl raises and eyebrow. "She's cute." I push him and he laughs. "I'm joking," he rolls his eyes. "You know I only like you."

            "You better! And yes she is one of my friends. My best friend actually."

            "I'm glad you found her. You need someone to talk to about "old memories."

            "So many old memories," I sigh. "And old friends. All this time I thought they were all dead."

            "You do seem to think the worst of things," he agrees.

            "I know."

            Katy returns a few minutes later with her dad and Mark flanking her on both sides. Mark looks so much different! His blonde hair has grown out and it hangs in shaggy stands across one of his eyes. He is about a foot taller than Katy and he sorta muscular. His eyes are still the same hazel though. He used to be so obnoxious though. I never really understood why Katy liked him, I mean beside his looks. He doesn't even compare to Carl though. Her dad looks like crap. He has dark circles underneath his green eyes and gray streaks his brown hair. I'm guessing Katy lost her mother.

            "Hello," Rick nods his head in greeting.

            "Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Steve," Katy's dad sticks out his hand for Rick to shake it.

            "I'm Rick and this is Carl, Daryl, Glenn, and Izzy," he motions to each of us as he says our name.

            "Its good to see you again Izzy," he smiles at me and I smile back.

            "You too."

            "Well this is Katy and Mark."

            "I guess we can head back to our camp. The only problem is we rode here in a car and it wont fit all of us."

            "That's okay. We have a truck."

            "Then lets go."

            We all walk out of the hospital and to the cars that we will be riding in. I sit on Carl's lap again as we pull out of the parking lot with Daryl behind us and Katy's group behind him. With that we head back to our camp.

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