The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.



        "Maybe its our group," Carl suggests.

        "They didn't come here in a car. There's too many of them," I shake my head.

        "Well what are we going to do," he asks tiredly.

        "Take it back."

        "Izzy we cant do that. We don't know how many of them there is and I don't want to offend you, but you really aren't in the best conditions to fight."

        "I'm fine," I snap. "You can stay here then with Judith and I will fight them myself. I am getting this place back whether you help me or not," I insist.

        "Then I guess we are both going to fight them. I cant let you do this yourself. But what about Judith? They'll take her first," he points out.

        "I would take a bullet for her. She'll be fine," I say.

        "Then whats the plan?"

        "We wait until one of them either steps outside or e get someone who is looking away and use them as a shield sorta. Then once we find the others we can shoot them because they aren't going to try and shoot at their friend. And even if they do the bullet wont hit us because we will use him as a shield," I explain.

        "Sounds a little too good to be true."

        "Well its the only plan we've got," I shrug.

        I pull out my pistol and make Judith sit on my left side so my right arm is free to shoot. We approach the door slowly. I see 2 males talking or maybe arguing with each other. I put my arm out in front of Carl so he cant walk any further. I wait until one of them walks away before I proceed. We creep forward until we are right behind the man. Carl jumps forward and wraps his arm around his neck and holds a gun to his temple. I hide Judith directly behind him so there is no way she can be harmed. "Go!" Carl orders.

         The man walks forward reluctantly. "Lead us to the rest of your group," I say, more calmly than Carl.

        We walk down an isle after isle until I see a 2 men pulling food off the shelves. Their mouths drop open when they see us. "Drop the food," Carl instructs.

        They sit the food down before pulling out a gun. "Let our friend go."

        "No!" I yell.

        I keep my gun pointed at the stronger looking man. He doesn't even flinch when I yell. He actually lets out a little laugh. I move the gun down a little and pull the trigger. The bullet hits him in the shin. He cries out and hold his leg as he tries to stop the bleeding. I smirk. "Now you can either leave peacefully or I will shoot you both right now."

        "You wont kill us," the smaller man shakes his head. "You're too young," he sneers.

        "You know people really do misjudge me a lot," I shake my head.

        I lift the gun up and let the bullet fly into his head. He falls to the ground. I hear a gunshot and the man that we are hiding behind lets out a small squeal. I hear him gurgle a little and blood flows out of his mouth. He was shot in the throat. The bigger man must have been aiming for me, but missed by a lot. I let out a small laugh before shooting the bigger man. They really need to work on their aim. "That was almost to easy," Carl shakes his head and lets out a nervous laugh.

         "Yeah, almost," another voice sounds from behind us.

         I spin around and go to shoot at him, but another gunshot sounds first. "Gahh!" Carl screams.

        I look over and see Carl holding is left arm tightly. His eyes are squeezed shut tightly. The man goes to shoot again, but I am faster. I shoot his hand and he drops his weapon as he cusses his head off. I shoot again and this time I get him dead center in the forehead. I look around half expecting to see another man walk out from a hiding place and shoot at us. No one comes. I run over to Carl and examine his arm.

         The bullet got him on the outer part of his higher arm. It isn't life threatening, but it probably hurts like hell. At least I blacked out when I got shot. "Okay, so it doesn't look that bad. You're going to be fine its just going to hurt for awhile. But I'm going to have to get the bullet out and I'm sorry, but that's going to hurt... a lot," I tell him.

         "Since when did you become a doctor," he jokes, but his face is still scrunched up in pain.

         "Since I needed to be," I joke back. "Here... umm... I'm going to go find some plastic chairs or something for us to sit in and just in case I have to tie you down I'll be able to tie your arms to the arms of the chair," I joke a little near the end, but I'm really being serious. I don't know if he will be able to sit there and let me do that to him.

          "Uhh... Is it really going to hurt that bad?" he asks.

          "I don't know. I was asleep when they took mine out," I shrug.

          He sighs loudly and I roll my eyes. "Oh you'll be fine," I assure him.

          "Just go get the chairs... and some rope," he adds.

          I smile, set Judith down and walk towards the outdoors section. I find the plastic lawn chairs in the first isle and rope in the second. I walk back to where Carl is, holding the chairs in one hand and the rope in the other. I pass isle after isle until I reach isle 7. I stop dead in my tracks. I let the chairs and rope fall to the ground. My eyes go wide and my heart beats fast. I take slow shallow breaths. OH MY GOD.



          Cliff hanger!!! So there is only doing to be one chapter and its crazy! Like literally you are going to flip out. Everything is going to be crazy and unexpected. I'm so excited!!! :)

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