The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


25. Notification!!!

         Hey guys it Samantha here! I just want to let you guys know that there will only be 1 or 2 more chapters to this book. I will have a 3rd book though so don't worry. It will be called The Dead Walking 3! Yeah I know its real creative... lol... not! I'm not very good at making story titles so yeah that's what I came up with. I hope you guys are enjoying this series and I hope you will continue to read upcoming movellas of mine. Please like, comment, and favorite! I know I say this a lot, but I always update depending upon how many people like my books. If I don't have a lot of fans of the book then why would I want to waste my time on writing it? I also really like to get constructive criticism so if you guys have any ideas on things I should work on or even things that you think I should continue to do. If you do not like my movella at all and all you are commenting about is why you don't like it that's fine, but please do not waste my time with things like "this is so stupid" and "I hate this" because i don't really care :). Okay well thank you all for reading! I really appreciate it! And again (I know) don't forget to like, comment and favorite! Thank yasssss!

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