The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


18. Living

             Carl comes back a few minutes later. "Its clear," he tells me.

         "Good. Then we're going to stay here. I only got a little bit of food. We need to check and see if there is any here."

         "Okay. The kitchens over here."

         I set Judith on the tan couch. She is still sleeping. I follow Carl down a long hall, but we turn into a room before the hall ends. We walk into a big room filled with a big, wooden kitchen table, a big black fridge, a black microwave, and a white dishwasher. "You check that side of the room," I motion toward the right," and I'll get that side," I motion toward the left. He nods.

         I go over and examine the 5 cabinets on my side of the room. I open the one farthest of them all. I see an old can of fruit cocktail, corn, and green beans all covered in dust. I pull them out and brush them off. I move over to the next cabinet and find a can or spaghetti o's and chicken noodle soup. The next 2 are empty. The very last one contains a box of unopened frosted flakes. I look over and find that Carl hasn't had too much luck finding anything. He only has an unopened jug of water, a box of crackers and a bag of beef jerky. "What should we eat?" I ask.

         He reaches up in the last cabinet and pulls out to jars of baby food. "Well I know what Judith is going to be eating, but we can eat whatever we want," he shrugs.

          He walks over to me carrying all of the food he found and sets them on the table. I do the same. "I guess we should have a main course like soup and a side and maybe some fruit. I mean we'll have plenty of food when we get back to Wal-Mart."

         "Okay. What soup do you want? Spaghetti o's or chicken noodle soup?"

         "Uhh... chicken noodle," I take a moment to decide.

         "Okay and what "side" do you want?"

         "Crackers," I say.

         "Then we'll share the fruit," he nods.

         My meal consists of chicken noodle soup, crackers, fruit, and a piece of beef jerky. Carl's meal consists of spaghetti o's, crackers, fruit, and a couple pieces of beef jerky. We end up just giving Judith one of the cans of baby food. I bring Judith in the kitchen and set her in a high chair in between me and Carl. We take turns feeding her and eating our own food. When we are done I actually feel full. My stomach cant hold much more than what I ate. If only all days could be like this. "We need to lock the windows and doors. Where are we going to sleep?"

         "Lets just sleep out in the living room. That way we can keep an eye on Judith," he suggests.

         "But I want to have a GOOD nights sleep. I want to sleep in a bed. We can either let Judith lay with us or make a bed for her on the floor," I say.

         "If you want," Carl shrugs.

         I smile. "Thanks!"

        He rolls his eyes. "We should just go to bed now. That way we can leave early tomorrow," he explains.

        I nod. "Lets go find a room."

        We stand up and I grab Judith. She rests on my hip while I keep my arms tight around her waist so she wont fall. We walk down the hall until we reach a room with a big bed and a little baby crib beside it. We walk in it and I lay Judith down in the crib. I wonder what baby lived here before all of this. I guess I'll never find out.

         I plop down on the bed and remove my weapons and book bag. I set it all on the floor and lay on my back. Carl lays down beside me and I stare at the ceiling. "I want to know what my house looks like. I think about it all the time Izzy. There would be so much stuff there to remind me of my mom. Its like I want to see it, but I don't know if I would be able to," Carl admits.

         "I feel that way too sometimes. The only difference is my family died there and I wouldn't just be reminded of them I would be reminded of their deaths. I know for a fact I wouldn't be able to handle that," I shake my head.

         Carl grabs my hand and squeezes it. "I'm sorry Izzy," he sighs.

        "Its not you fault."

        "I know. I'm just sorry for you."

        "Carl. I have a question that has been nagging me for awhile now."

        "What is it?" he asks.

        "What's your last name?"

        "Grimes. What's yours?"

        "Gruden," I say, a little embarrassed. I never like my last name. It sounds like a bratty old man's cat.

        He smiles. "That's cool."

        "No it isn't," I shake my head.

       "Its just a last name Izzy," he rolls his eyes.

       "A stupid last name," I snap.

       "Would you have rathered had your mom marry someone else just so you could have a better last name?"


       "Then its a fine last name," he responds.

       "I like your last name better," I say.

       "Maybe someday it can be yours," he says a little quieter. This shocks me. Does he really think about this stuff?

       "Really? You'd want that?"

       "Yeah. I mean not now. I'm only 15."

       "Wait you're 15?"

       "Yeah. I just turned 15 not that long ago," he explains.

       "Why didn't you tell me? We could have done something to celebrate."

       "Because it was while you were in a coma," he whispers.

       "Oh," is all I say.

       "Its not that big of a deal though. Age doesn't matter now, like it used to."

       "I know. All that matters is that you are still living," I nod.

       "Yeah," he agrees.

       I close my eyes and sink back in the bed. "Good night," I whisper.

       "Good night," he whispers back.

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