The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


6. Just A Dream

              *Izzy's point of view*

             I sit up and look around. Carl lays beside me. He sits up too and looks at me with wide, and exited eyes. "Izzy!" he throws is arms around my waist and pulls me into a tight hug.

          "W-what happened?" I ask. I thought I died.

          "When you got shot in the chest you went into a coma and you've been alseep for a week now," he explains.

          "It was all a dream," I whisper.

          "What are you talking about," he asks with a confused expression.

          "It doesnt matter," I respond.

          He narrows his eyes. "What?"

          "Its... a long story," I shake my head. "A long sad story."

          "Tell me," he insists. "It'll make you feel better."

          "Well it all started after I got shot. I thought I woke up later because I heard you talking. It was about a month later and my chest was starting to feel better. We saw a zombie trying to climb the fence. We told your dad and he warned the others. You wouldn't leave me alone the whole time I was getting better. You slept in my room every night," I roll my eyes. "Then one morning I woke up and you were gone. The next day the whole group of people that had been attacking us all those times came and told us we had to give up the prison or else they were going to kill you and take it from us. You went off to save me," I shake my head. "They... had the gun to your head and they were counting down from 10. Rick wasn't doing anything, but then I heard a gunshot. It wasn't at you though. Rick shot the guy who had the gun to your head. Then all hell broke loose. Everyone was shooting at each other. You were still on the other side, so I ran over to help you. A big guy... threw me on the ground and he shot me in the neck. I died," I whisper the last part. "I thought it was real. I thought I really died," a few tears roll down my cheeks at the thought.

            "Shhh... its okay, its okay," he gives me a light hug, knowing my chest still hurts.

            "It felt so real."

            "I know, but its okay," he says he knows, but I know he doesn't. He doesn't understand how real it was. "So you really thought you died for me?" he smirks. "You know I wouldn't let you do that."

            "You're not going to be able to stop me," I tease.

            "Well I'm afraid that 2 parts of that dream are going to come true. First, I will not be leaving you alone at all and second... the zombies really are learning how to climb. While you were in a coma I've been noticing how different the zombies have been acting. I saw a couple climbing, but I also saw some running," he shakes his head.

             "Its so strange. Zombies have always been slow, and uncoordinated. And dumb," I add.

            "I know. I don't know whats changed."

            "I don't even have an idea," I shrug. "I've never understood zombies."

            "No one does Izzy," he smiles, his big smile. A smile that I have been missing. "You don't know understand how much I've missed you."

            "Yes I do. I thought I died. You don't know how much I missed you!"

            "Okay, okay. Its a tie," he holds his hands up in front of me. "But guess what I found?" his eyes light up.

            "What?" He stands up and pulls something out of his back pocket. He hands me a familiar object. Its an old ipod touch. I hit the on button and the screen lights up. It has a full battery. I raise an eyebrow and smile. This brings back old memories of middle school. He smiles too and I already know what he's thinking. Selfies!

            I stand up and hit the camera icon. It pops up. "Picture time!" I say sarcastically.

           He puts his arm around my waist and I do the same. I smile, without showing my teeth. I never liked showing my teeth in pictures. I snap the photo and we move to another pose. I stick my tongue do the "rockin roll" sign in one, Carl kisses my cheek in another, I do my best duck face in another, and lastly Carl removes his hat and places it on my head for the last picture. I got to the gallery and look at the pictures we just took. 12. We took 12 photos. We laugh at a couple and smile at some others. I like the last picture the best. Its the one where I'm wearing Carl's hat.

            "We have to do some dancing! I haven't listened to a song in so long," I groan. I scan through the song list that contains 1113 songs. I smile when I see the song that I want to listen to. "Talk dirty to me." I tap "play" and I hear the familiar beat. Carl smiles and stands up. "You're not going to beat me at this. Singing is one of my natural talents," I brag.

           "Oh we'll see."

           He beat boxes to the rap parts and I sing the chorus. I almost fall over laughing at the sight of him. He looks so weird. I'm so used to him looking so... dangerous and strong. Now... he looks almost normal. When the song ends I have to sit on the bed to catch my breath. The singing itself hurt my chest, but laughing is killing me. I hear the next song come on. Crap! I forgot to pause it. I hear another familiar beat. Blurred Lines! Man the person who used to own this ipod really knows my jam! I stand up and sing along to the rest of the song. When it is over I turn the ipod off to save the battery.

            I wish every day could be like this. Normal. Relaxed. Fun. Happy. I wish I had known Carl before all of this happened. We would have been good friends.



            So that's an extreme plot twist! I hope the last chapter made you guys sad. That's sorta what I was going for. I also hope this was a surprising twist to the story! The first chapters were all part of a crazy, sad dream. I hope you guys like this book as much as the first! I know these chapters haven't been as long as you would like, but I've been sorta busy lately. Sorry! Don't forget to like, comment, and favorite! :)  

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