The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


12. I'm STAYING Here

         I wake up early the next morning so I have time to check out the rest of the place. I will find some things for me and Katy since she didn't come. I hope we can stay here, but if not I don't want this whole visit to be a waste of time. I decide to wake Carl up to. He will want to look for stuff too. I shake him gently at first, but he doesn't even move so I shake him harder. He finally groans and roll over onto his stomach. Him and his morning problems. He's worse than a girl. I smile and shake my head. "I'm going to go look around. Get up or don't. I don't care."

         I stand up and walk toward the clothes section. The racks are fuller than I have ever seen them. Man Katy will love it here if we stay. I take my time looking at each piece of clothing. I end up grabbing a black, gray, white, and brown tank top, 3 pairs of skinny jeans, a fancy white shirt, a black button up long sleeve, a long blue thick tank top, and a black cotton short sleeve that says LOVE in white letters. I take the clothes to a changing room and try them on. All of the clothes fit, but in the end I end up choosing a pair of lighter holey skinny jeans, the black t-shirt with white letters, and the white tank top. I'll take the other tank tops with me anyways though. I grab the same pair of jeans for Katy along with the fancy white shirt and the gray tank top.

          I walk out of the changing room wearing my new outfit and head to the shoes. I need a new pair of boots. The one's that  wear now are like 4 years old and they are worn out. I search through the small selection of boots and find a pair that are OKAY. They are black, combat boots, that come up to about the middle of my shin bone. They have 3 silver buckles in the back that are just for looks. I take off my old shoes and replace them with the new ones. The new ones aren't as comfortable as my old ones, but they'll get worn in after awhile. I grab Katy a pair of black and white high tops for her outfit.

          Next I walk to the hunting and outdoors stuff. I grab a smaller knife that I stick in my boot and a little bigger one that I stick beside my hip in my pants for easy access. That's when I see the guns and ammo. I take out my old pistol that I found on a zombie at the beginning and grab a nicer one that has a big clip and his sort of heavy. I also grab all the ammo available for it which is probably 200 rounds. I stuff it into my back pack. I could also get a bow and arrow, but  don't have enough room to lug around a whole bunch of heavy weapons. They'll only slow me down.

          I don't really know where to go now. I'm to old for toys. I already looked at the clothes and shoes. Bags! I can find a bigger book bag to fit more stuff so if we go back to the prison I will have extra clothes and stuff. I half run to the bags. I search through the bags. Most of them are either smaller or the same size as my bag. I am about to give up when I see a big Adidas book bag used for hiking. I put my things in it, including my old book bag, and throw it over my shoulder. This book bag is about 2 times the size of my old one.

          I walk over to the accessories that are just an isle away from the bags and grab a pair of leather gloves. Now that I am done I decide to walk back to "my bed" When I get there I see Carl is still asleep. I roll my eyes. He's still asleep. I walk over to the bed. Its risky, but I decide to do it. I jump up and belly flop on him. It hurts my chest so bad I want to cry, but he laughs so I guess it was worth it. "Get up!" I demand.

          "I'm awake. I don't need to "get up," he disagrees.

          "Yes you do. Now get up."

          "Nooooo," he groans.

          "I still don't understand your problem with waking up," I shake my head.

          "I hate getting up. Dreaming is so much better than real life."

          "Well dreaming doesn't get things done," I snap.

          "No, but they can put you in a better mood and right now I think you need a dream," he teases.

          "Sorry. Its just... I want to stay here. The prison wont protect us forever and we have so much supplies here," I explain.

          "But how are we going to get everyone here?"

          "The cars and walking. We walked here," I point out.

          "I like your logic, but I doubt my dad will leave the prison. He loves that place," he shakes his head. I know he loves it too, but I don't think he wants to admit it.

          "Carl," I whisper.


          "I want to stay here."

          "I know, but Izzy I don't think my dad will."

          "I mean, I'm STAYING here, like I'm not leaving."

          "Izzy," he looks torn.

          "You aren't going to choose between me and your dad either. If he doesn't stay here then you are going with him," I say.

          "We cant let you stay here by yourself," he shakes his head.

          I shrug. "I'll be fine. I stayed by myself for a long time Carl."

         "Why do you want to stay here so bad?"

         "Because Carl this is so much better than the prison. We have clothes, food, drinks, beds, safety. So much that we are lacking at the prison. The fence will not stay up forever."

         "I'll talk to my dad about it," Carl nods.


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