The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


27. I'm afraid

          So many zombies. There's so many of them. They're climbing on shelves, jumping one another, running. "Carl!" I whimper.

        He turns around and runs to me. He is no longer paying attention to his wounded arm. He hands me Judith and grabs my hand. He is the only things that keeps me running. My heart is beating so loud. I cant process what is happening. They were CLIMBING and RUNNING and JUMPING! No zombies can do that, but they were zombies and they were doing that. But how? How is any of this possible? Just minutes ago there was absolutely no zombies in that store and now we are being literally being chased by at least 50 of them and these zombies are definitely smarter than the normal ones.

         We don't stop after we run out of the building. We don't stop until we are at the end of the parking lot near the road. I stop for a moment to catch my breath. My head is clearer already. "Carl... we... cant... leave," I say in between breaths. "We cant... we have to stay... here. This is the only place they will... be... able to find us."

       "We don't have enough ammo! We cant use it all either," he shakes his head.

       "My sword. We can use my sword too," I suggest.

       His shoulders droop a little. He is close to giving up. "Izzy. Don't you see. We have nowhere to go. Our only place to stay has been over run by zombies and we don't have enough ammo or STRENGTH to kill them all," he says sadly.

       "Yes we do," I insist. "We have to try Carl! We have to. All of this," I wave my hands in the air. "Has to have been worth something. I cant just give up after all that I have been through. My parents dies for me. For me, so that I could live! Your dad gave you the opportunity to leave without him so that you live. If they died back there then has to be for something! I cant die today because that would mean that everything I have been through has been for nothing. And I cant except that," I set Judith down as I shake my head.

         I take a step toward him before throwing my arms around his neck. His arms wrap around my waist and hold me tightly. I crush my lips to his. He lifts me a few inches off the ground so I am the same height as him. Our lips move as one. We kiss urgently as if its our last. Maybe it is. I think that's okay. If we fight today and we don't survive that is an okay death. That's an honorable death. Dying while you are fighting to live is an okay death. He pulls away, but neither of us smile like before. "I love you," I whisper.

         "I love you too," he nods. "Always."

         "Always," I repeat.

         I set Judith down on my book bag. I grab my 2 pistols and my sword. I put my sword over my shoulder and put 1 pistol in each hand. Carl brings his 1 pistol and we advance toward the zombies that are filing out of the store. Once I am about 20 feet from them I stop, plant my feet on the ground, and start to shoot. I let off round after round. So many zombies fall over dead, but its like a never endless supply. I hear Carl's gun click a couple times as he tries to keep shooting. He's out. I throw him one of mine and we continue shooting.

          Finally my gun starts to click too. I don't have anymore ammo. I pull out my sword and swing it all around me. I cut one of the zombies head off. I have to squeeze my eyes shut and close my mouth as blood squirts everywhere. I spit and continue to slice. Still more exit the store. I already know there is too many for me and my sword to kill. I hear Carl scream and I look over to see a zombie about to bite is neck. I rush over and stab the end of my sword in his head just before its teeth grab hold of his throat. Carl throws the thing off of him and stands up.

          We're surrounded now. We have no place to go. I grab Carl's hand and for once in my life I start to pray.

           Please God help us. Please help us. We have to take care of Judith. We have to. Please help. Please don't let us die. Just... save Carl. I don't care if I die now. Just save Carl! Please! Please! Please!

          The zombies are so close now. Just feet away. I take in a deep breath before leaping forward. I knock down 2 of them, which is enough to leave a gap. "Go Carl! Run! Go and take care of Judith!" I yell.

         I know the look in his eyes. That determined look. He isn't going to leave. I don't even know why I expected him to. He pushes a zombie that was about to jump on me and lifts me off the ground with a groan. I had forgot about his arm. The one he had been shot in is swollen and bleeding pretty bad. "You have tried to do this to many times before," he shakes his head. "Now its my turn."

         He kicks one in the gut. The impact sends it flying back into another one and knocking it over. He punches another one in the face which causes its jaw to fly off. I'll five him credit. He really is trying. I actually smile. My Carl. My wonderful Carl is trying to save me. Maybe he is a super hero. Carl and Izzy the Zombie Killers. We really do make a great team. Its too bad we're both going to die.

          I count down in my head how long we both have.


          I'm not afraid


          I grasp Carl's hand tighter.


          My heart beats faster


            I shut my eyes


            Its okay


            I'm not afraid


            I'm not afraid


            I'm not afraid


            I'M NOT AFRIAD


            I'm afraid

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