The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


23. Distraction

            Judith sits on my lap. I am still mad. Not at Carl. I'm just mad in general. I'm mad at myself and my fainting problems. I'm mad at myself for not being able to breath right. I'm mad at the zombies for trapping us up here. And I'm mad at the world for everything. For everything that has happened to me. My families death. Losing the prison. Everything.

           I feel bad for yelling at Carl. He was just trying to save us. I know I shouldn't have yelled at him like that, but I couldn't help myself. I was just so ANGRY. Everything just made me blow up and I took it out on him. I look up. He is sitting on the branch above my head. I can tell I made him mad. He always gets mad when I try to blame myself for anything.

         "I'm sorry Carl," I whisper.

         "No Izzy. I yelled too so don't apologize," he shakes his.

         "But it was uncalled for and I'm sorry. I know I can be a jerk," I mumble.

         "You're not a jerk Izzy," he stands up and lowers himself to my branch.

         He sits in front of me before leaning in. Judith is smashed in between us as we kiss. His hand rests on my cheek. My left arm is wrapped around Judith and my other hand sits on his shoulder. For a moment I can almost forget about the groaning zombies beneath us. He pulls away and looks me in the eye. "Sometimes you're just hard to love."

          I smile. "I know."

          He smiles too. "But I do love you."

          "And you know I love you."

          "Wuv yoo," Judith giggles.

           Me and Carl laugh a little. "I wuv you too," I croon.

           This causes her to giggle louder and the groans beneath us to get louder. I roll my eyes and look down at them. "Oh... shut up!" I moan.

         One of them jumps a little and swipes in the air. I sink back against the trunk of the tree. I shake my head a little. Zombies are jumping now. Great! "What are we going to do?" Carl asks.

         "I don't know," I admit.

         "We cant stay up here forever. Judith has to eat," he points out.

         "I know, I know. Here. Take Judith and I'll think of a plan," I hand Judith to him and climb up higher in the tree.

          I survey the area. Zombies surround the tree for at least 10 feet. Its too far to jump. There is no way to get out of here while the walkers surround the tree. We will either have to kill them or distract them long enough for us to get out of the tree. 

         I crawl back down to where Carl and Judith is. I let out a loud breath and Carl looks at me. "Did you come up with a plan?" he asks.

         "Well... not really. I have eliminated at couple of ideas, but I don't have a specific plan," I shrug.

         "Well then tell me your thoughts and we'll think of something together," he suggests.

         "The zombies surround us for like 10 feet so there's no way we can jump down. We are either going to have to distract them or kill them."

         "Why don't we use your sword to kill some, then find a way to distract the rest?"

         "Sounds like a plan, but we should wait. Its going to be dark soon and I don't really like walking in the dark," I admit.

         He nods. "Okay... but what should the sleeping arrangements be? Someone has to hold Judith."

         "That's up to you. Maybe we can wrap her up in the blanket and like... tie it around the tree limb so its like a sleeping bag that is tied to the tree. That way if she rolls over or she squirms out of our arms she cat fall."

         "I like it," he nods.

         I pull out the black blanket that I stole from Charolette's house. I wrap Judith in it and tie it around the tree limb. She falls asleep quickly. All three of us lay sideways in a fork of the tree that is made of 3 limbs at least 3 feet wide. Judith is closest to the trunk of the tree, I am beside her, and Carl is beside me. The wood does not feel good on my back and the reminder of 100s of walkers below me makes me nervous to fall asleep. I know I cant fall though. There's only a couple inches between each branch, but I am too close to them for comfort. I tuck my hair in my shirt so the walkers have nothing to grab of me.

           "I don't like going to sleep when there are walkers so close to me," I say.

          He smirks. "Me neither. I keep telling myself that they cant get us, but then I'm afraid that I will fall off the branches," he shakes his head.

        "You wanna trade spots?"

        "Nah, I'm good. I feel better with you closer to the middle."

        "I still don't think I will be able to sleep very good," I tell him.

        He scoots closer to me and rolls on his side so he is looking me in the eye. He lets and arms drape over my waist. Our bodies are just inches apart, our breaths share the same air. I feel better already. "Better?" he asks with a smile

        "Better," I agree.

        "You can sleep now. I can make sure you wont fall."

        "You need sleep too."

        "I will. Once you go to sleep," he adds.


        I close my eyes and focus on his breathing. I try to match his breathing as I drift to sleep. Finally I achieve my goal.




           I open my eyes and squint them against the bright sun. I feel a bead of sweat roll down my face. The sun is already heating up fast. Carl's arms is still around me. "Carl," I whisper.

          He opens his eyes a tiny bit. "What?" he whispers back.

          "We need to start with our plan. We've been delayed."

          "Ugh... just hold on a sec," he groans a little. "My arms are really sore."

          "Its probably from all the lifting and hanging from trees," I say a little sarcastically.

          "Probably," he smiles.

          I sit up and look at the walkers below us. I can tell some have gone away, but there is still to many to escape from. I pick Judith up and change her into a clean dipper that was in the bag that Rick gave us. I set Judith on my lap and bounce my legs a little. Her laughs shake a little as she bounces. I check the bag again. There is 2 cans of applesauce. I open one and feed it to her. When she is done I clean her face off and then I realize what the distraction can be.

          "Car!" I gasp.


          "We can throw a can filled with either meat or some other food to distract them," I explain.

          "Don't we want to kill some first so we wont have to run from as many?"

          "Yeah. So lets hurry up!" I rush.

          I pull out my sword and hand it to him. He shoves the sword into a zombies head before pulling it out. He does this several times before handing the sword to me. I take it and do the same thing. Its harder than he made he made it look. Zombies skulls are tougher than they look. Once we have killed half of them the sun is risen past the tree line. I lean back against the tree and calm down. "This better work," I shake my head. "We are going to have to open a can of food for this and if it doesn't work then that will be a waste of food."

          "Even if it doesn't we can just kill some more and then just climb down," he shrugs.

          "That will take us at least 2 more hours. We don't have time for that."

          "Ain't nobody got time for that," he says waving his finger in the air.

           I laugh loudly and put my head in my hands. I pick my head back up and shake it. "You always say the weirdest things."

         "What? You haven't heard that before?"

         "No I have, but I wouldn't have even thought about saying that."

         "That was the perfect time to say it!" he exclaims.

         "Okay," I say unbelievingly.

         "Lets just get this distraction done so we can go to Wal-mart."

         I open up a can of ravioli that I had grabbed from the prison before we had to leave. I open it over halfway so they will be able to smell it, but it wont explode everywhere before we have a chance to get down. "Do you wanna throw it?" I ask.

         "Yeah!" he says like its obvious.

         I hand him the can. He looks at it for a moment and prepares to throw it. "Wait! Let me get everything packed."

         I put the blanket back in the bag. I grab Judith's small pack and shove it in my big book bag along with all of our other stuff. I check for all of my weapons and make sure I have everything. Once I know I have everything I grab Judith and nod and Carl. He pulls his arm back before launching it 50 feet away in the opposite direction of which we're going. This is our chance. Most of the zombies walk over to the can. The three of us get down from the tree and we run. Just like when we were running from the prison. We run and we don't look back. We made it, we made it, we freaking made it. We aren't stuck in the tree anymore. We made it.

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