The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


22. Better Things to Talk About

             Sometime later I begin to hear groans. I look around, searching for any signs of walkers. I don't see any. "Can you hear that?"

        "I hear groaning, but I don't know where its coming from," he shakes his head.

        "I'm sure its nothing. Probably just a small group somewhere in the woods," I shrug the groaning.

         As we walk further I see a pile up. A pile up that was not there when we first went to Walmart. We approach it slowly. The groaning gets louder and I begin to worry. I'm not used to having to hold a baby and not being able to protect myself as good. I bring Judith over to my left side and set her on my hip. I pull out my gun and aim with my right hand. Carl looks at me and I nod saying "lets do this." I cant see around the pile of cars. There could be anything on the other side. I shudder a little before stepping around the cars.

         My eyes widen automatically. I go to shoot, but I know its useless. There has to be at least a 100 of them walking the streets. They turn their attention to us and start to advance. There's no way around them on the street. The woods! "Carl... we have to go through the woods. There's now ay around them," I instruct.

        "What if we get lost?!"

        "This is NO time for questions! We have to go NOW!" I yell.

        We run to left and practically leap into the woods. "Which way?"

        "Run diagonally to left and then we'll head back to the right once we get away," I explain.

        He nods and we run forward and to the left. My breathing becomes hoarse in a very short amount of time. I need water. Its hard to breath. I go to breath in, but my breath catches in my throat. "Izzy?!" Carl gasps. He grabs Judith and sets her on the ground. "Izzy whats wrong?" he demands.

        "Cant... breath," I use my last bit of air to choke the 2 words out.

        "W-what do you need?"

        Water! I want to scream this, but I don't have any air to say the word. It must be because of my chest. Running that hard must have caused my lungs and heart to work too much and caused me to choke. If I cant breath then I will die. Carl stands up and reaches in his pack. I don't know what he finds though because everything is black. This it. I'm dying.


            *Carl's point of view*


           I pull out a bottle of water and open her mouth. I let a her mouth fill and watch as it runs down her throat. I don't know what else to do. We hadn't even ran that far. Her chest must be worse than I thought. She doesn't open her eyes. I grab her wrist and check her pulse. It is slow and uneven. There is only one more thing I can do. CPR. I push down on her chest a couple times before giving her mouth to mouth. "You will not die Izzy," I insist even though she cant hear me.

        "Ibby?" Judith asks.

        I turn to look at Judith, shocked. She can understand me? I'm getting off track! I turn back to Izzy and continue the process. I can here the zombies in the distance. "Come on Izzy! Wake up!" I plead.

         I turn my head and see the hoard approaching about 200 feet away. Oh no. I look around for any sign of an escape. I spot a tree that I think I can climb. I throw my book bag over my shoulder, lift Judith in one arm and half drag Izzy to the tree. I climb up a few feet and set Izzy on a thick branch. I jump down and pick Judith up. The zombies are only about 10 feet away. I feel my heart pound against my chest and I'm actually afraid it might burst out. I start climbing, but something grabs my foot. I loose my grip on the tree and start to fall. I grab hold of a branch just in time and I find myself dangling from a limb by one arm about 5 feet in the air. My hand starts to slide against the slippery bark. "No!" I scream.

          My hand is almost completely off. I am going to die. Not just me, but Judith too. I squeeze my eyes shut, not wanting to see the horror that awaits me on the ground. Something strong grips my wrist and I open my eyes to see Izzy struggling to hold me and Judith. Relief floods through me. "Come on," she moans.

          I hand her Judith and she sets her down beside her. Then she pulls me up. I sit beside her and try to catch my breath. Its no use. "What... the... hell... is... going... on?" she asks.

         "You blacked out again. I guess it was from the running. It must be too hard on your chest," I shake my head and shrug a little.

         "Dammit!" she yells. I've never heard her cuss so much at once. She must really be mad.


         "I always screw everything up!"

         "Its not your fault Izzy," I insist.

         "Yes it is. Me and my stupid body always get us into more trouble," she groans. "We're never going to get out of this tree," she shakes her head. "You should have just left me."

          "Yeah right," I say sarcastically.

          "Ughhhhh!" she screams. "I cant believe we are stuck in a freaking tree surrounded by God know how many freaking zombies! We aren't going to be able to make it to Wal-mart. And its my freaking fault!"

            "Stop it Izzy," I snap. "I'm tired of you always blaming yourself! If I wanted to leave you I would. So its my fault we are up here because I chose to drag us up here!"

           "If I hadn't have been here then you wouldn't have had to do this," she shakes her head furiously.

          "Oh not this again! I would not be here if you weren't here Izzy! I would not be alive you weren't here!" I scream.

          "Yes you would," she says a little calmer.

          "Just stop. We have better things to discuss right now than this," I don't know why I am so mad, but I am completely ticked off.

          She doesn't say anything, but I can tell she is ticked off too. I don't know why though. She has nothing to be mad about. She is alive. I am alive. What more could she want?

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