The Dead Walking 2

This is the sequel to The Dead Walking. You all know Izzy's story and how she came to meet Carl's group, but this is completely different. The zombies are changing. They're getting smarter. Trees aren't safe, wooden doors wont protect you. Nothing prepared her for what is happening to the world.


3. All I See Is Him

          Sometime later I walk back to my cell and collapse on my bed. It hurts my chest a little when I hit, but I dont care. I roll over on my stomach and shove my face in my pillow and begin to cry. Why cant anything ever go right? Why does something always have to go wrong? Why cant I just have him by me forever without any interferences? Because the world is stupid, thats why. I groan and roll on to my side so I have my back facing the doorway. I squeeze my eyes tightly and force myself to go to sleep.

           I sit on my bed and look around the room. I still dont know where Carl is. Thats when I see him walk in through my door. I stand up and run to him. I throw my arms around his neck and his arms wrap around my waist. I back up to where I am leaning against the wall and push my lips against his. He's back!  He guids me to my bed and we fall onto it, our lips still connected. I giggle against his face. He rolls over so I am laying on top of him. Suddenly I feel awkward. I roll off of him and he looks at me with a hurt expression. Why wont he say anything? Doesnt he realize I'm not going to do anything? I go to say something, but I am silenced by the sound of a gunshot. I dont know where the bullet came from, but I want to drop dead when I realize what just happened. Carl lays beside me dead.

            I sit up fast and look around. Fresh tears stream down my face. I just saw Carl laying beside me dead in my dream. Its morning now so I stand up and walk out of my cell. I slept with my shoes on so I'm ready to go. Most of the kids are still asleep. I creep silently down the hall and exit the building. I walk through the feild with our only source of food right now and look around. There are 4 people patrolling the fence and there are 2 people stabbing the climbing zombies. I look out past the big stretch of land that seperates the prison from the woods. I see something moving in the tree line, but it isnt walking like a zombie. Then as soon as I see it, its gone.

            I narrow and squint my eyes. It looks like 2 people arguing. Maybe a kid and an adult. People! I see people! They are both males. One of them seems farmiliar. I look around and see Maggie patrolling the fence. I run as fast as my chest will allow. I reach her in about a minute. "Maggie! Look! People!" I point towards the woods where the 2 people are barely visible. She sqits her eyes and then widens them.

            "Stay here. I'm going to tell the others," she shakes her head. "They might not be nice people."

            "Okay, but hurry. I dont have a gun," I explain.

            "Here," she hands me a small machine gun. It looks like an Uzi. I grab it slowly. I have never held a machine gun, let alone shot one. "You'll be fine. Just remember not to waste bullets," she instructs.

             I look at the people again. I cant find them now. A few minutes pass and Maggie still hasnt came back. A few more minutes pass and thats when I see it. One by one I see people step out of the woods. There has to be at least 20 of them, maybe more. I see the last person follow a little ways behind the rest. My widen and I feel my face transform into a horrified expression. I hear more people run up beside me on all sides. They raise their guns and point at the advancing people. All I see is him. Carl.

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