Forever Marked

"Why didn't you tell me?" Claire was backing away, tears streaming down her face, fear and anger making her head spin.
"You know... I thought I could do it," Luke had his eyes closed, his dagger fell to the ground with a heavy thud.
"Do what," Claire felt dizzy, her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed on the ground, all strength leaving her, as her breathing slowed and her eyes fell closed, she heard him whisper back.
"I thought I could let you go..."
Claire McCarth has been living in her small apartment in New York her whole 18 years of being on this Earth. When her parents go travelling around Europe and leave her with her uncaring, older sister, Claire finds herself kidnapped by two mysterious boys who bring her into a world she would never expect to be apart of. Finding herself caught between doing what's expected of her and what's right, Claire has to choose what path she is going to take to save the whole humankind from what could be the risk of extinction.


4. getting the gossip

The smell of pancakes wafted through Claire's room, waking her up. She pulled off the covers and stood up, the chilly air started creeping across her skin and making her inhale sharply at the sudden cold. Running over to her suitcase she quickly changed into the warmest clothes she could find. After successfully changed she opened up her door and followed the delicious scent of pancakes. Walking down the staircase, she saw just how beautiful this place was. There was a dark, wooden staircase with detailed carvings of vines that wrapped around the banister. At the bottom there was a magnificent carving of a lions head, its jaw wide open and with a row of sharp teeth like spear heads. Reaching the end of the stairs she tried to remember which corridor she would had to go down to reach the kitchen. Taking a guess she turned right and walked down a short hallway. She opened the only door and stepped inside. Draped elegantly over a chair, reading a old, decomposing manuscript, was a girl with neck length black and violet streaked hair and matching bright violet eyes. The book she was reading was in strange symbols and seemed to move across the page. She looked up at Claire, squinting her eyes inquisitively, "Who the hell are you?"

"Umm, well my name is Claire," She replied awkwardly. The strange girl stood up, placing the manuscript on the small side table next to her, she then walked with the same grace as Luke over to Claire, stopping a metre away, she looked her up and down, grabbed her wrist and pulled her out the door and across to the other corridor. She held Claire with a firm grasp and made her almost fall over from surprise. "What are you doing?" Claire asked bewildered. The girl opened one of the many doors and pushed Claire through.

She stumbled a few steps and clung on to the table for balance, nearly knocking over a bottle of maple syrup. Luke and Zac looked up in shock, a piece of pancake on each of their forks, soaked in syrup and about to enter their mouths. The girl pointed at Claire, "What is this?" Feeling rather offended, Claire crossed her arms over her chest and scowled. "This is Claire, she's going to be staying with us from now on," Luke answered. Zac smirked at Claire's scowling face. "Oh great! And thanks for telling me!" She shouted angrily. Trying to calm down she forcibly tried not to shout, "can I have a word with you outside, darling?" She turned around and walked out of the room, Luke followed apprehensively. "Well isn't she a ball of fuzzy feelings." Claire sarcastically grumbled.

 "Hahaha, well she can be for Luke," Zac laughed

"So they're like... together?" Claire asked surprised. She sat down at the table and plonked a stack of pancakes on her plate.

"Yep, for about two years now." Zac resumed eating. "It's quite surprising really, I mean just look at the way she treats him, but she does love him, I suppose as much as she can love anyone."

"Claire took a bite of pancake and thought things over. Her eyes lit up as she tasted the fluffiness of the pancakes and the heavenly smooth, sweetness of the maple syrup.

"This is amazing!!" Claire exclaimed surprised. "Who made them?"

"The amazing and gifted chef, moi," He grinned gleefully. Claire rolled her eyes dramatically  and stuffed more delicious pancake into her mouth. She could hear the girl shouting and Luke trying to calm her down. "So who is that girl?" She asked curiously.

"  Alice, she's been with us for about three years now. she's quite good but no where near as good as Luke," he smirked, "or me."

"Right, and what is it you guys do again, it's about time you've told me!" Claire was dying to know why they'd kidnapped her and then brought her to a massive mansion, to then treat her like a friend and make her pancakes for breakfast, it just didn't add up! "Look Claire,  there is a lot more to this world than you think. What you once thought was a fairytale might just be your reality." Zac was all serious now. What he said sent shivers along her body. She tried to sound unperturbed, "What, so santa, the tooth-fairy, vampires and werewolves, the lot... they're real?"

"God no, don't be delusional! I'm talking about monsters Claire, monsters. Obviously they're not your typical green, thousand eyed, ten story high monsters, but they're flesh eating demons none the less." Zac replied 

"And you expect me to believe that?" Claire asked disbelieving, "If there are monsters lurking around every corner, how come I haven't seen any?" Claire started to relax as she realised the ridicule of what he was saying. She suddenly heard a climax in Luke and Alice's discussion, Luke suddenly shouted, "Alice, you can't let your petty feelings get in the way of us winning this war. You make me wonder what you care more about, the human and 'Marked' race being wiped out, or having to share a house with a nice girl who can help give us an upper hand?" With that Luke burst into the room bringing a thunder of anger with him. Alice's footsteps could be heard walking back down the hallway. aggressively clicking in her high heeled boots. "About time someone stood up to her," Zac said approvingly. 

"What's all this about a war and the human race being wiped out, and what is 'Marked' and how am I supposed give you an upper hand... can some one PLEASE tell me what's going on!!" Claire was sick of not knowing why or what she was doing here!

I've just been trying to tell you for the past five minutes," Zac exclaimed frustrated, "she doesn't believe me!" He whined to Luke.

"What, she doesn't believe that their are millions of monsters all over the world and that she is a part of a superhuman race who hunt them down for a living while trying to defeat Tyrone who is an evil mastermind trying to kill all of the Marked so that monsters can roam the world with him as their leader... Wow, I'm soo surprised she didn't believe you!!" He said sarcastically.

, too shocked to speak.

After standing awkwardly, she finally found her voice again, "I think all of you need to take a trip to the mental hospital, you might make some friends and you can tell them all about your little fantasies." And with that said, Claire stood up and ran out of the kitchen. She turned down the corridor. She started to sprint faster and faster, turning down halls until finally she was to exhausted to continue. She turned around, looking at her surroundings. There was a large tapestry hanging on the wall next to her. She walked closer, taking in the magnificent craftsmanship and intricate designs. It was a scene of a battle, on the left, there were black, creatures with gleaming red eyes and claws. Riding on top were soldiers wearing black armour and holding long, blades tinged red at there sides. On the opposing side there was a man with piercing blue eyes and a sword shimmering a pale blue. He lead pale figures, clad in silver armour, they were riding on huge, majestic, white horses, elegantly riding across a green field. There were grey, looming mountains in the distance and the sky was a stormy grey, contrasting against the white figures. There was a swarm of bird like figures above the battle. She looked looked down at her wrist, her black birthmark standing out against her pale skin. She lifted her arm and placed it next to a familiar looking bird on the tapestry. She gasped in surprise, looking between her birthmark and the bird. "Identical," she mumbled under her breath. She heard footsteps behind her and quickly hid her wrist with her sleeve. People from school had always thought she had gotten a tattoo, no matter how many times she said otherwise. The footsteps were coming closer until she saw Luke walking towards her with a worried expression. 

Claire started walking towards the stairs, not wanting another encounter with the nutcases. "Stop," Luke cried as she put her foot on the first step. He realised he had said to much to soon and swore at himself for nearly wrecking their chances with their last tactic in winning this war. "Look, that may have sounded completely crazy, but I can prove it!" Luke said desperately. 

Claire looked back curiously, "oh yeah, how?" She raised a eyebrow inquisitively. 

"Come back in here and I'll show you." Luke gestured towards the kitchen. Claire was apprehensive to go back inside but felt her legs move towards the kitchen none the less. Zac was still shocked sitting exactly how he was and with his mouth slightly open is disbelieve. He had never seen Luke lose control like that.

Claire stared at him, "Why don't you guys just take me home? You clearly have more important things to deal with, like your mental issues, for example."

"Just let me show you something, then you can decide if you still want to leave," Luke sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

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