Forever Marked

"Why didn't you tell me?" Claire was backing away, tears streaming down her face, fear and anger making her head spin.
"You know... I thought I could do it," Luke had his eyes closed, his dagger fell to the ground with a heavy thud.
"Do what," Claire felt dizzy, her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed on the ground, all strength leaving her, as her breathing slowed and her eyes fell closed, she heard him whisper back.
"I thought I could let you go..."
Claire McCarth has been living in her small apartment in New York her whole 18 years of being on this Earth. When her parents go travelling around Europe and leave her with her uncaring, older sister, Claire finds herself kidnapped by two mysterious boys who bring her into a world she would never expect to be apart of. Finding herself caught between doing what's expected of her and what's right, Claire has to choose what path she is going to take to save the whole humankind from what could be the risk of extinction.


1. Cherry Pie


Whispering trees swaying in the late Autumn breeze and a pathetic, hungry bird irritably squawking for his mother to regurgitate food down his puny throat. Claire woke within a few seconds of the peace abomination and aggressively slammed her hand down on her innocent alarm clock, only to find the loud sound still penetrating her bubble of sleepy bliss. She sat up confused, looking at her slightly dented alarm clock she saw a horrible sight indeed, a sight that no innocent teenager should ever have to see on a Monday morning... She had woken up at NINE THIRTY, a whole half hour earlier then she normally got up!!! She despairingly got out of bed and shuffled her way down to the kitchen. Looking around the fridge she finally concluded that, apart from the three day old pasta, the bruised, forgotten fruit and a carton of milk, she wasn't going to find anything edible, let alone tasty.

Grabbing a pen and pad she scribbled a hopefully legible note for her 21 year old, hungover sister (Katie), who'd come home at three in the morning, thrown up in the bathroom and then fallen into bed, she hadn't seen her since and estimated she had three hours before she woke up. Claire crept back upstairs to get into some semi-clean clothes and brush her hair, not that it would do much to calm her waist long, blonde hair that was always knotty no matter what. Feeling more awake then before, she grabbed her phone and keys and headed out of her apartment and toward the lift. She impatiently waited, playing a game of angry birds on her phone, while she waited. Finally she the doors opened and she stepped inside, to her utmost displeasure the lift was packed full with 15 other middle aged people, dressed in suits and fighting for space. Claire slipped in between the cold, metal wall and a man in his mid-thirties with a coffee in hand and big, purple bags under his grey eyes. There was an awkward silence as the lift jolted it's way down. Slowly the people dispersed as the lift descended down to ground level and she could finally breathe without inhaling someone's 'old lady perfume' or musky cologne. As soon as the doors opened onto the ground level she was off and out the door into the fresh, chilly morning air. She briskly walked down the busy street towards her much loved car. Sliding into the seat, she put on her seat belt and started the engine. Claire loved her car because it was her escape, freedom and comfort. Her car was like her portable room, she even had a spare blanket and pillow incase of... well she didn't really know why she had half the stuff she did, but lets just say if she had to spend a week in there, she'd be completely prepared... and in luxury.

Making her way down the street, she thought of where to get food, there were endless possibilities in New York, she decided on her favourite place of all and pulled up to the curb outside the almost hidden café, just on the edge of an alleyway. She quickly hustled inside the warm, familiarity of the place and plonked herself at one of the olden style chairs, while perusing the display of sweets, pies, pastries and cakes. The cherry pie especially seemed to speak to her in her own hunger crazed language. As the waiter walked over to her, she realised that he was not the normal middle aged women with too much mascara and a rather plump body, but instead there was a rather good looking, surfer type guy, in his early twenties. Sitting up a bit straighter, she flattened down her hair and tried to look slightly more... not like a tired, unkept, eighteen year old, who calls nine thirty early... yeah, she really had to work on her look. "Are you ready to order, yet?"

"Umm, yeah, can I please have a cherry pie and a latté, thanks?" By the time she'd managed to stop staring at his sandy hair, blue eyed gorgeous face and say her order, she was blushing furiously and was basically FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!!

As she waited for her order she kept trying to catch glimpses of him as he waited other tables and took orders, she saw the badge on his shirt with his name, Luke... it suited him. Claire started wondered where the old waitress was and why she left? She also thought of work at the book shop and how she should really stop getting paid youth rates, I mean seriously, just because he's eighty, doesn't mean that she's young enough for youth rates. Suddenly she thought of her mum and dad, who were travelling around europe... she really wished she was with them, her sister wasn't much company, all she did was go to parties with her jerk boyfriend and get drunk. Luke came back with her order and jolted her out of her strange stupor. "Thank you," she smiled at Luke, starting the ridiculous blushing all over again. As Claire took a bite of her cherry pie, she saw a small white car park next to her blue Toyota, the car seemed strangely out of place and she got a eery feeling from it...





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