Forever Marked

"Why didn't you tell me?" Claire was backing away, tears streaming down her face, fear and anger making her head spin.
"You know... I thought I could do it," Luke had his eyes closed, his dagger fell to the ground with a heavy thud.
"Do what," Claire felt dizzy, her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed on the ground, all strength leaving her, as her breathing slowed and her eyes fell closed, she heard him whisper back.
"I thought I could let you go..."
Claire McCarth has been living in her small apartment in New York her whole 18 years of being on this Earth. When her parents go travelling around Europe and leave her with her uncaring, older sister, Claire finds herself kidnapped by two mysterious boys who bring her into a world she would never expect to be apart of. Finding herself caught between doing what's expected of her and what's right, Claire has to choose what path she is going to take to save the whole humankind from what could be the risk of extinction.


2. Awkward Car Trips

As she waited for someone to come out of the strange car, she realised that whoever was inside, didn't intend to come out anytime soon. Getting bored waiting for something to happen, she looked back at Luke, she noticed how he moved with such agility and his slim body seemed to just slip between tables and balance with such ease, he made it look so easy. But Claire knew better then to think it was anything but incredibly hard, a few years ago Claire had gotten a summer job in a restaurant and was fired within ten minutes of starting, she really wasn't one for agility or balance.

Suddenly a huge waterfall of rain pelted down at full blast outside, the hail sounded like bullets raining down on soldiers in a war, and just like the soldiers would, everyone outside ran for cover. Looking at her watch she realised she only had ten minutes left before Katie woke up demanding an aspirin and some food. Claire just had enough time to drive to the shops and get back before she woke. She took her last sip of coffee and put some coins on the wooden table. As soon as she started making her way to the door, Luke interrupted her stride.

"Umm excuse me, but would you like me to walk you to you're car, I've got a umbrella?" Luke asked

"Ohh, that's ok, my cars just around the corner," I said embarrassed

"It's no hassle, and I insist," He smiled, Claire just couldn't resist that warm, friendly smile.

"Well okay, thank you," They stepped out of the café together under the safety of the umbrella, stepping in between puddles and quickly making their way to Claire's car. Just as Claire was reaching for the handle, Luke suddenly grabbed her outstretched arms and pulled her towards the car parked next to her, surprising Claire and putting her off balance. She nearly fell straight into a puddle, but he lifted her up and quickly opened the car door, throwing them both inside. As soon as the door was shut behind them, the driver sped off with Claire in the backseat, held uncomfortably tight and feeling extremely betrayed and angry.

"What the hell do you think you're doing..."

The driver turned around to look at her, and she must have looked incredibly shocked, because he started laughing at her. From the back all you could see was his black hair and suit, so Claire immediately thought he was an oldish posh driver for a very rich super villain or something. But instead there was a young boy who was around the same age as Luke and looked like a bad boy who played lead guitar in some boy band. His eyes were a piercing green like a forest. His black suit and hair add an element of mysteriousness, his arms were muscly and strong and his suit stretched against his arms when he moved. He caught Claire looking at him in the mirror and smirked. Claire stared back angrily and he looked away awkwardly, she was over hot boys betraying her. After five minutes she turned to Luke and mumbled angrily "You can let go of me, its not like I'm going to jump out of the car now."

"Umm, sorry," He blushed and let her go.

"So, are you going to tell me first of all who you are and secondly why you KIDNAPPED ME??" Claire grumbled

"I'm Zac, he's Luke and we need you because..." The boy driving started to say but was interrupted by Luke.

"Shhh!!! Look, we'll answer all you're questions, once we get there."

"Well at least answer this, how do you know who I am, or did you just need anybody and decide to choose me?" Claire huffed

"Actually, we've been watching you for a few months now," Zac said oblivious to the fact that Luke was giving him a death staring from hell.

"Right so you're creepy stalkers as well as kidnappers, just my luck?" Claire sighed. Zac shrugged.

After a while Claire's eyes drooped and she fell into an uncomfortable sleep...

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