A Hogwarts Romance

The relationships in Hogwarts from the first year to 19 years later. Particularly between Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Luna/Neville and some others. From one persons POV.


1. The Train- Ronmione

(On the way to King's Cross)

Ron's POV

I am quite nervous about Hogwarts to be completely honest. I know I shouldn't be because, really, how bad can it be? Fred and George have done, and they are probably the most academically stupid people I've met. Maybe that's the issue; I haven't really made any friends before. We live in a relatively muggle surrounded area, and it's pretty rural, so we didn't have any friends or neighbours growing up. I didn't even go to a muggle primary school, I was home-schooled until this year. I just want to make some friends and do well at this school, so I can make mum and dad proud of me and be noticed in my large family.


Hermione's POV

I am very excited to go this new school. It all seems a bit surreal, a wizarding world inside of London and England and the whole world. The magic seems relatively easy actually, I just need to work extremely hard because I probably don't have as much magical ability compared to some of the pureblood children. I know in some of the books I have read, it says that everyone is equal and just because you have magical blood, doesn't mean that you will be able to achieve more, but I still am cautious. I mean, these people have probably grown up around all this magic, whereas I have grown up around London's elite schools and the world of dentistry. I was all set to go to St. Paul's Girls' School this year. I don't think that my parents were very happy when the Hogwarts letter arrived, I've been waitlisted since birth for St. Paul's. But I have begged and pleaded them to let me go to Hogwarts, because hopefully the people at this school will be nicer and more accepting. At all the other schools I have been to, I have always been called the nerd or loser and I didn't like school. One of my first goals at Hogwarts is to make some friends that I can have for life preferably, and then I will focus everything on academics so I can make my parents proud and they won't regret sending me here.


(In the carriage after Ron and Harry have been introduced are eating lollies from the trolley)

Hermione's POV

I am not nearly as worried any more for my academic failures at this school. After I waved goodbye to my parents and watched them until I couldn't see King's Cross any more, I set about trying to find a compartment for the duration of the journey. I went along until I found a compartment that was near empty, bar three scared looking students, who I am assumed were first-years. I knocked on the door and went and introduced myself to the two students. One of them stuttered out his name as Neville and the other two murmured their names as Dean and Seamus. After twenty minutes, I had established that Seamus is Irish and that he has a witch mother and a muggle father. Dean is a very  avid football fan, and was raised by his mother, but apparently has a pureblood father who had left them when he was very young. Neville seems kind of slow but pleasant, and he has been raised by his grandmother. However, I am guessing there is more to his story and family, but that he does not share this information willingly. Neville has a toad which keeps escaping around the compartment. And of course, he was against the door, accidentally put his arm on the handle and let go of the toad, letting the toad escape out of the compartment onto the corridor of the train. I volunteered to go find it. So I have been wandering the corridors knocking on compartments and trying to find the toad. 


Ron's POV

I am feeling much better about the whole friend thing. I am sharing a compartment with Harry Potter and we are getting along very well, he has just bought the whole trolley of food for us. We have just been interrupted so I look up to see who is peeking in. I nearly choke on my food as I see someone who is so insanely cute and beautiful that I feel like I have to hate her.  I can't have a crush; it's barely two hours into the trip. I force myself to make a puzzled and annoyed look, as she flicks her wonderful thick brown hair ever her neat uniform. She says something about a toad and then turns to me and asks if I know any magic. If only, I think. I decide to try and see if a spell Fred and George have tried to teach Ginny actually works. Of course it doesn't, and I end up looking like an idiotic fool. She then frowns disapprovingly and says I have dirt on my nose. I instinctively rub my nose, trying to make myself look better so she will approve of me more. She is still frowning so I guess this hasn't pleased her either. She turns to leave and I watch her go, before trying to come to my senses. As I turn to Harry, I realise, oh crap, I'm in love and the year hasn't even started.


Hermione's POV

Why did I have to go into that compartment? Sure, Harry Potter is very impressive, but the boy sitting next to him charmed me. I don't know what it was, but he did something to me. I have decided I only need friends and good grades, so a crush is completely of the table. However, of course my brain and heart have decided to ignore this. I need to act disapproving so he won't think I like him. I use my ever practiced scowl and examine his face. I need to distract myself, so I ask him if he knows any magic. He attempts to do some sort of trick but I am barely watching his wand. I look at all the freckles, his crinkled nose, he squinty blue eyes and bright red hair. His finishes his attempt, and I retort with some well-practiced sarcastic comment. I then have a desire to prove myself, so I go and perform some sort of spell on Harry's glasses. He looks unimpressed and scowling, so he probably thinks I'm a show off now. I stand up to leave and look at his face again, before blurting out something abaout dirt on his nose. I instantly regret my decision as he turns to rub his face and I can't see his face anymore. Then I realise, he might think that I have been looking at his face and start scowling to attempt to squash any hint of love he could detect. I turn to leave and stumble my way down the corridor, the toad completely forgotten, and replaced by the face of Ronald Weasley.



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