Island of Síochána

~This story is a little like Divergent, NOT trying to copy idea it's just what came to my head. If you want to know síochána means peace in Irish (I think).~

Hello, my name is Ebilyn. I just turned 18, so you know what that means. I have to take the test. The test to tell you whether you are a Louian, Zaian, Nian, Leeian, Harrian. Or the one that no one wanted to be in, the mis-fits. My friends (Toni, Delaney, Violet, and Hanna) are all taking the test as well. We all want to be together, in either Nian or Leeian, but we probably won't.


2. Taking The Test

Toni's POV

"Come one, girls! Time to go!" Mrs. Bradley yelled.

I groaned. I wasn't really looking forward to this test. 100 pages in 8 hours. Ugh! Me and the girls got up and walked out the door. We all walked out to a bus to that takes all of the 18 year olds to the testing area. Once we got there we all took our seats and we were handed paper. We started the test. One of the questions were: 'If you were to save any of the princes, who would it be?' I answered the question with the answer: 'Niall'

Ebilyn's POV

When I got the test I started instantly. I noticed the one question was a little shocking: 'If you had to decide who would you want to rape you?'

I giggled at the question and answered 'Harry' my slut side showing.

Delaney's POV

This one question that stuck out to me was: 'If you had to choose between mirrors' or food which would you take?"

I simply chuckled at the question. It was so obvious. I choose mirrors instantly.

Hanna's POV

'Turtles or Panda's?' that was the hardest question I had to answer. They were both so adorable! I just choose both. I couldn't decide.

Violet's POV

'How sassy are you?' that was a very funny question. I was obviously very sassy. I put down 'Do you wanna know?' I know I can be a bitch, but this question is so damn stupid.

~After the test~

We were laying around the lounge half way asleep, when Mrs. Bradley came in and handed us letters. I opened mine and almost screamed.

Ms. Violet,

You have been selected to be in Tomlinson's land. You will be there tomorrow.


Prince Louis

Toni's POV

Mrs. Bradley handed me and the girls letters. I opened mine to see a letter from Prince Niall.

Dear Ms. Toni,

You have been chosen to be in King Bobby's territory. You will need to be here by noon tomorrow.


Prince Niall

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