Island of Síochána

~This story is a little like Divergent, NOT trying to copy idea it's just what came to my head. If you want to know síochána means peace in Irish (I think).~

Hello, my name is Ebilyn. I just turned 18, so you know what that means. I have to take the test. The test to tell you whether you are a Louian, Zaian, Nian, Leeian, Harrian. Or the one that no one wanted to be in, the mis-fits. My friends (Toni, Delaney, Violet, and Hanna) are all taking the test as well. We all want to be together, in either Nian or Leeian, but we probably won't.


1. Morning Of The 18 Test

Ebilyn's P.O.V.

"Girls! Get up! Time for school!" I heard the girl's advisor, Mrs. Bradley yell up the stairs. I heard plenty of groans come from the girl's, and me too.

"Girl's who are 18 years of age! Get up!" she yelled. "It's the testing day!"

Then I heard everyone start getting up, so I decided to get up. I walked over and closed my open door so I could get some privacy. 

I wasn't happy at all. Testing day meant taking a 100 page test, in 8 hours. The results determine basically who you are. For example:

If you're a bitch (basically what it is), you go to King Tomlinson, the only reason people enjoy living there is Prince Louis. He's sassy, but pretty damn hot. If you're not a bitch then apparently you have to go to this hospital for them to make you one. 

If you're a smart sweetheart (basically all they are), you go to King Geoff, people always love going there. Two reasons: that whole family is very nice, and Prince Liam (he is so hot). If you aren't what they want you to be, they have you come into this room. I don't know what happens exactly, but I heard they give you this kind of serum to make you what they want. It's the same for all of the kingdoms-factions-whatever you wanna call them. There are Kings and Queens, and Princes and Princesses, so they are kingdoms.

If you enjoy eating and are a considered cute by a lot of people, you go to King Bobby. Being a Nian is fun because you can eat whatever you want and you don't have to worry about gaining any weight. Prince Niall too. He's adorably hot.

If you are a slut (most everyone call them that) and enjoy partying, you go to King Twist. They party every Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday. Prince Harry is really hot too. Not the England Prince Harry, King Twist's stepson Prince Harry. He wasn't a Prince before, his mum married into a royal family.

If you care a little to much about yourself, you belong in King Malik's territory. They are the most vainest people in the world. Prince Zayn is vain, but who gives a shit? He's hot. He parties too. A lot of times with Prince Harry. 

Well, that's just a quick run down on what is what. I looked down at myself and decided to finally get ready. I got up and went over to my closet. Looking through what I have, I finally found the perfect thing to wear to the testing. It was a light pink shirt. I put that on my bed. Then I walked over to my dresser. I got out my black skinny jeans to go with the shirt. I threw that on my bed. Then over to my shoe bucket to get the heels that match the shirt. I walked over to my bed then started to change. I was done changing in about 5 or so minutes. I walked over into my bathroom. The only room I won't miss. It just wasn't very pretty looking in here. It looked kind of like it was painted in the 50s. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked terrible, so I put on my usual make-up. Mascara and the light pink lip gloss. After about 10 minutes my hair was in pretty curls that I made with my pink wand. Then put the flower that matched the shirt in my hair.

(what Ebilyn was wearing:

that is what she was wearing)

"Ebby, come on. it's time to go." my friend, Delaney said. I put on my gray necklace, and I grabbed my gray purse. Then turned around to see her looking amazing as usual. She was wearing a black dress with red roses around it. Over that was a black leather jacket. She was wearing sexy black heels. Her make-up was flawless, she was wearing small red earrings. A black bracelet with black sunglasses. Her nails were done red, and she had a black purse.

(this is what Delaney was wearing:

Sorry for the bad quality)

"Coming, Laney." I said to her. I followed her out of my room. 

"Ebby! Laney! Catch!" our friend, Hanna said. Then came a pancake flying straight towards my head. 

I let out a little squeal and ducked. Toni, our other friend caught it right in her mouth.

"Hole in one!" Laney called out. We all laughed. I walked over to my sassy friend. 

"Hey, Vi." I said to her. Vi was short for Violet.

"Hey, Ebby." she replied, handing me a pancake to eat. 

"You look sexy." I said to her. She did! She was wearing a short flowey dress. It had a ruffley white top part, with an orangish-coral bottom part. There was a black tie around her waist. She was wearing a nice black jacket over it. She was wearing a pretty flower necklace, with golden bracelets. Her long golden locks were in natural waves, with a pretty light pink bow in it. Black wedges were on her feet. Her white purse was where it usually was. Right next to her bag that she uses for a backpack.

(this is what Violet was wearing:

Sorry if it isn't very nice quality)

"Hanna, here!" Hanna said. She was the smart one of all of us. She's the Ringo to our Beatles. the 'peacemaker' of us all.

"Hey, Hanna! Lookin' good." Vi said to her. Hanna was wearing a nice light blue long high-low shirt, with a black tank top. A gray cardigan to go with it. Pretty black flats went with the outfit perfectly. She was wearing her lucky, black watch. 

"Thanks." she said, blushing. Hanna was always like this. Never a shy person, but whenever someone paid her a compliment. 

(what Hanna was wearing:

That is what she was wearing)

"Hey, guys!" Toni ran in. She was wearing a pretty light pink dress with a light jean jacket. Light pink tights, with cute platforms on. Her lucky silver key necklace was around her neck. 

(this is what she was wearing:

Pretty right?)

"Come one, girls! Time to go!" Mrs. Bradley yelled. 

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