Island of Síochána

~This story is a little like Divergent, NOT trying to copy idea it's just what came to my head. If you want to know síochána means peace in Irish (I think).~

Hello, my name is Ebilyn. I just turned 18, so you know what that means. I have to take the test. The test to tell you whether you are a Louian, Zaian, Nian, Leeian, Harrian. Or the one that no one wanted to be in, the mis-fits. My friends (Toni, Delaney, Violet, and Hanna) are all taking the test as well. We all want to be together, in either Nian or Leeian, but we probably won't.


3. Different Territories

Delaney's P.O.V.

I was so excited! I got accepted into Malik land! So glad it wasn't Tomlinson, the family isn't very nice. Prince Louis I'm sure is nice, it's just that he is only friends with the popular crew. Them and (secretly) the other princes. The royal families aren't really supposed to be friends. No one in separate 'kingdoms' are supposed to even know each other. I really hope that my friends got in Malik land with me, so we can still be friends. 

I held my letter close to my chest and ran to Ebby's room. I then heard some crying. Oh, it's probably Mrs. Bradley crying because all of the 18 year olds are leaving, I thought. Mrs. Bradley was always close to everyone. Not like her husband, Mr. Bradley, who always is at work. Whenever he is here, he is always up in his office working on god knows what. 

"Violet? Hanna? Toni?" I said as I entered the room. "Why are you guys in here? More importantly why are you crying?" 

"We're c-crying be-because," Hanna stuttered, tears swiftly rolled down her cheeks.

"W-W-We a-a-are." Toni stammered, her cheeks were covered with tears and tear streaks.

"What?" I said, I felt the tears start to form as if my body knew the answer before I did.

"I'm in T-T-Toihgjks" I heard Violet say softly. Her face was too, covered with tears and streaks.

"You're in what?" I asked her, I held the tears in as much as a could. "Where's Ebby?"

"I-I-In the bath-bathroom." Toni said with a sad voice. I stormed over to the bathroom, and rapidly knocked on the door.

Ebilyn's P.O.V.

Ms. Ebilyn,

You are in King Twist's part of SÍochána. I will enjoy meeting you as well as the other newcomers. You will be here about noonish tomorrow. 

Xx Prince Harry (A/N: whenever I put down 'Prince Harry' I keep on laughing. Is it just me, or do you keep giggling as well? Oh. You don't . . . well . . . forget I even said that . . . -Mack<3s1d)

I couldn't think of anything. I sat on my bed in shock. I didn't know what to feel or think. I sat there for about five minutes like that for about five minutes until Violet came into my room. 

"Vi?" I said to her. She shook her head. Then the tears came, she started to cry. 

"T-Tomlinson." she said. Just that one stuttered word, and I knew. She got accepted in the place where no one wants to be accepted. Tomlinson land. 

I walked up to her and we embraced in a hug. Not before long we were bawling on each other's shoulders. 

"Ebby?" I heard the familiar voice of Hanna say in the hall. Violet and I broke apart. "I'm in Payne."

"Vi's in Tomlinson. I'm in Twist." I said for both Violet and me. About two minutes of Hanna staring blankly at Violet and I, she ran to both of us and cried. We stood there in a three-way hug session, just crying. We only broke apart when Toni came. 

"Ebby? Oh! Han, Vi?" Toni said. Then she saw us sobbing. "Why are you crying?"

"Violet's in Tomlinson. Hanna's in Payne. I'm in Twist. We can't be together." I weeped. Toni looked at us with no expression on her small face. Then she gracefully stomped over to us and we all hugged and cried. I decided something. 

"I can't take this anymore!" I called out. I broke out of the hug and ran over to my bathroom. I locked the door. 

"Ebilyn! Ebby! Ebilyn!" I heard the continued chants of my friends. I ran over to my shower and grabbed the razor. I slowly slipped on the ground as the last few minutes replayed in my head. Never being able to see my best friends anymore. We have all been friends since we were only five years old. Thirteen years of being together and this is what happens. I don't know what Delaney got, but most likely it's Malik. She just so works for that place. 

I cut my thoughts short as I slid the sharp razor blade on my wrist. I inhaled sharply as the blood came rolling around my wrist. I thought of all of the terrible things that happened to me from all of my life. To being taken away from my parents, to being taken away from my friends. The only family that I have left. I cut again and again for every heartbreak that I've had. 

"Ebby?" I heard Delaney say through the bolted door. I ignored her and watched the blood drip onto my thighs. I moved the razor, which was stained with my blood, down and cut my thighs where my wrist blood dripped. 

"Ebby, sweetheart? It's Mrs. Bradley. Please open the door." said the caring voice of Mrs. Bradley. I cried more as I slowly got up and limped over to the door, and unlocked it. Then I sat down in front of the counters. 

Mrs. Bradley walked in. When she saw the blood, she gasped. 

"Ebilyn, why?" she asked quietly. I looked up at her, the tears I had before got stronger and heavier.

I opened my mouth to tell her everything, but nothing came out. I just started to cry harder. 

"Sweetheart," Mrs. Bradley came over to me and held me. Her arms were around me and she was telling me that everything was going to be okay. I looked up at her.

"Everything isn't gonna be okay! Nothing is ever okay! Why do you always lie!?" I yelled at her. She looked taken back by my sudden outburst. The girls all poked their tear streaked faces into the room. 

"Girls, why don't you go back into your rooms?" Mrs. Bradley said to them. Hanna and Toni turned to leave, but Violet and Delaney stayed. 

"No." Violet said.

"Do as your told." the new voice said behind everyone. Mr. Bradley pushed pass Violet and Delaney to come into my bathroom.

Mrs. Bradley shot up. "Steven, w-what are you doing here?"

"Go deal with these four. I got this one." he said. Mrs. Bradley reluctantly left the room, grabbed Delaney, and motioned for the rest to follow suit. Her husband kneeled down to me. 

"Pack your bags, sweetheart. 'Cause you're never coming back here. Not even to visit my lovely wife. Not even to visit the other ladies of this house. Understand?" he said evilly. I slowly nodded. He threw cleaning supplies at me. "Clean yourself up. Then clean your mess up. After you're done with that, pack up all of your stuff." 

I did as he said. Then got into the shower. Tomorrow was gonna be a long, horrifying, day. 

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