There's a girl


1. theres a girl

There's a girl she doesn't know to handle things everything's spiralling out of control sometimes she can convince herself she's not really alive maybes she's in a nightmare and she just can't wake up?

You wold never guess her secret if you knew her she hides it so we'll she seems so happy do you what to know her secret? She cuts herself she herself she doesn't know why and she doesn't understand why she resolved to it but one thing she knows it she can't stop but why?

When she feels out of control overwhelmed with emotion cutting helps her calm down and able to think but at the same time when she feels so numb empty cutting helps her feel alive for a minute.

She didn't have an easy childhood there were always arguments always giving never receiving and she never felt good enough important enough who would care if I cut? Everyone's better without me that's what she tells herself each and every day she was every thing she despised.

Sometimes she would sit in her room crying a rasor blade in her hands at the ready the laughter from downstairs she'd never felt so alone and yet did no one? She just wanted a hug someone to love to tell her everything's gonna be ok and that they care so why didn't they?

Sometimes she thought about dying just a load of pills ending everything she would never do it but sometimes she really wanted to who would care after all right?

She was only 11 a lonely misunderstood girl by the time she was 12 her body was full of scars and cuts she just wanted to be loved was that too much to ask? She always tried to be everyone else's idea of perfect that she completely lost who she was.

She lied to her friends and family just so she wouldn't see the tears of disappointment in there eyes she wanted someone to understand to care but it didn't happen who knows if she would ever escape self harm? Who knows if anyone ever cared for her? One day you might realize you've known her all along that bubbly girl who tells you her cat or dog scratched her could be hiding it all under a smile she wants someone needs someone.

There's a girl do you want to know her secret? She self harms to help her cause that's all she wants Can you guess who she is ?

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