Nowhere to run

Kate and Leo are running from the Nazi's who have taken their parents but they are suddenly caught by the USA and they figure out a secret they will never forget.


2. Leo's P.O.V


I was exhausted. Running from away from the Nazis was hard. They had tied up my parents and took them away and chased me out. Now I was cut up with scratches because I had just jumped through the window. With a girl looking very scared and like I was a maniac. She looked about 7 or 8 years old. "Who are you?" she asked in a scared tone. "A Nazi?"   

"No," I answered trying not to sound scared. "But they are coming; the Nazis, I mean. They are following me."

"Who are you?" She asked again. 

I sighed and said, "My name's Leo. Who are you?"

"I'm Kate. I'm 8 years old. The Nazis took... my parents. I was about to run away when you came crashing through the window."

"Sorry about that." 

"It's OK. Nobody's going to live here anymore."

"I'm sorry about your parents," I said. 

"I am sorry about yours."

"Do you want to run away together?" I asked.

"Sure," she said.

I'm pretty sure she didn't trust me but I would feel better running away with someone... even if it was an 8 year old girl.


OK, So I'm not going to going to be writing as much as it is easter weekend.



please comment below about how it went and if you have any suggestions


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