21 Days

Because of Grace losing a bet, she now has to do whatever the school jock, Niall Horan wants her to do. She has to stay with him at his place for 3 weeks, and obey Niall's orders. Whether it's doing his homework or getting in bed with him. Will these be the best 21 days of her life.. Or the complete worst?
∞ A Niall Horan fan fiction ∞


6. Chapter 5 ♡

♡ Grace's P.O.V ♡

"Don't call her that." Zayn growled.

"Why.. does it hurt your feelings?" Jerk face Niall said with a smirk.

"Just leave her alone.. leave us alone."

Zayn pushes Niall and gets in the car. I shoot a hateful glare at the jerk and get in. Zayn drove off quickly and I turned my head around to see Niall walking away angerly."

"Fuck, he's so annoying.. i'm sorry about that." Zayn ran his fingers through his hair.

"He hates me."

He turns to look at me while he keeps his hands gripped on the steering wheel.


"He hates me." I repeat.

"He knew you before you moved here?.."

I shake my head.


Zayn faces becomes confused.

"Then how can he hate you.. If you've only been here for a day?"

"I don't know.. He just does."

We arrive at my house and Zayn puts his car in park.

"Well, who cares.. Your awesome and Niall can go suck a dick."

We both arupt in laughter and I seem to admire Zayn's sense of humor.

"I hope you liked the beach.. I'm sorry if I made it sucky."

I look into his beautiful brown eyes and I smile.

"You made it great."

"Glad I did.. See you tomorrow Gracey."

I laugh at his cute little nickname for me and nod.

"See you tomorrow Zaynie."

I get out of his car and head inside of my house. Silence goes throughout the house, and I already know mom isn't home yet.

I glance at the time on the microwave and see that it's 7:00. My stomach growls, and I decide to make myself some spagetti.

Half an hour later, it's done and I eat in silence. All I could hear, is the clanking of my fork hitting the plate.

Clank, clink, clink, clank.

It was like this almost every night in Arizona. I would make myself dinner, while my mom was stuck at work being busy.

My phone began to buzz, and I saw the caller ID as "mom". I slide answer and bring the phone up to my ear.

"Hey mom."

"Hi sweetie, sorry that i'm not home. I went there earlier to pick up some paper work and saw the note you left on the fridge.. Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, actually I met this really nice boy named-"

"I have to go Grace, i'll see you later on tonight. I love you. This job is super important." She cuts me off and hangs up.

I thought I was 'important' too, but obviously not any more than her job.

I finish eating and clean my dishes. I head upstairs and change into a pink shirt and pajama pants. The pants have little frogs on it and on top of the frogs head, is a crown. They might be kiddy, but I find them comfy, so who cares. Pulling the elastic off of my wrist, I put my hair into a ponytail and I wash the makeup on my face off. I apply my face cream on, and wipe my hands on a towel.

I walk into my bedroom and lay on my bed, covering my body with my covers. I flutter my eyelids closed, and that's when I hear a noise.

I open my eyes and look around, and figure it was nothing and shut my eyes again.

Another noise.

I sit up and look around my room. That's when I see a pebble go flying to my window. I get up from my bed and look out the window.

Jerk face Niall.

He has a huge smirk on his face and a handful of pebbles. I lift my window up and stick my head out.

"How the hell do you know where I live?!" I shout.

"I followed Zayn." He laughs.

"Well what do you want?"

"Nothing, I just like messing with you." He smirks and attempts to throw a pebble at me, but miserably fails.

"Leave me alone!" I scream and shut my window.

It finally goes silent and I smile a smile of victory. Guess he got the message.


I sigh and walk back to the window and see Niall laughing his heart out. I stomp out to my living room and open the front door. I go to the side of my house, and Niall faces to me.

"I told you to leave!" I scream.

He pulls out his phone and points the camera towards me.

"Say hello to my camera. Gosh, you look ridiculous! Face cream and frog pj's.. Oh god, you're killing me." He chuckles.

And that's when I remember what I look like. My face covered in white cream and my little girl looking pajama pants.

"You're.. You're.. Recording this?" I ask with a cracked voice.

"Smart girl." He laughs and tilts his head back while continuing to record me.

"I hate you." I run back into my house and slam the door.

I fastly enter my room and dive my head into my pillow. I scream into it, and clench the cotton soft material with my fingers.

I feel tears stream down my face and I feel nothing but hate.. What did I do to him to make him do this to me? Why me?

I shut my eyes and keep repeating in my mind the same 4 words over and over again.

I hate Niall Horan.

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