21 Days

Because of Grace losing a bet, she now has to do whatever the school jock, Niall Horan wants her to do. She has to stay with him at his place for 3 weeks, and obey Niall's orders. Whether it's doing his homework or getting in bed with him. Will these be the best 21 days of her life.. Or the complete worst?
∞ A Niall Horan fan fiction ∞


4. Chapter 3 ♡

♡ Grace's P.O.V ♡

Once I arrived home, I noticed that my mothers car was still not parked in the driveway.

Surprise?.. I think not.

I unlocked the door to the house and shut it and locked it behind me. I head to my room and place my bag onto my bed. Since I didn't have any homework or studying to do today, I found myself miserably bored. I decided to go on my laptop.

I've never been so much about social networking, and I don't think I ever will be. I made a facebook a few months ago, only so I could keep in touch with my friends and family back in Arizona. I text a few of them, but not all so I thought making a facebook would help.

I quickly logged into my facebook for the heck of it, and saw that I had 4 notifications, 2 messages, and 1 friend request. I first checked my notifications to see 3 from Brandon. All 3 were posts he tagged me in, saying how much he missed me.

Brandon is an ex boyfriend of mine, who is probably the most annoying person in the world. And for me to say that, is very unusual because i'm the nicest person you could ever meet. My mom and his mom were close friends I guess, so we saw each other.. A lot. But once my temper was lost with his annoyance, I broke up with him. Now, he thinks we're friends and I play along just to stay the nice girl I am.

I ignored his posts, and saw that the last notification was from Zayn Malik. My head quickly traces to earlier when he bumped into me, making me fall. He had sent a post out about me being the 'new girl' and how I seem nice. I liked it and commented a smiley face and a simple 'thank you'. He had also been the one who sent me a friend request, so I accepted it.

Clicking on my messages, I saw that one was from of course.. Brandon. I also ignore his message and check the other message I have.

It was from.. Zayn.

"Hey Grace (:" he sent.

I smiled and decided to message him back.

"Hey Zayn!"

While I was waiting for a response back from Zayn, I decided to scroll a bit down on his profile. Not in a stalker way.. Just a friendly way.

Many girls had posted things about how much they love Zayn and how cool he is, and blah blah blah. He seems really popular actually, but that honestly doesn't phase me.

My inbox received a new message from Zayn.

"What are you up to?"

"Nothing much, just got home.. (:"

"Cool.. Hey, do you want to hang out? Like go get something to eat or something.."

I smiled at Zayn's kindness, and thought about it.. What if he's some type of player who just wants to hook up with me?

"Only if you want to!"

His added message broke my thoughts. He doesn't seem like the type, so why not?

"Sure, why not(:"

"Cool, what's your number?.. So I can call you, and discuss our plans(:"

"It's 816-394-4119 :p"

All of a sudden, my iPhone began to ring.. God, he's fast. I grab it off of my bed and slide to answer.

"Hey." he spoke with a raspy voice.


"So, when's a good time to hang out with you?"

"Whenever's fine with me."

"Alright.. What about 4 o' clock?"

I glance at the clock to see that it's 3:10.

"Sure, sounds good."

"Alright, send me your adress and i'll pick you up by then."

"Okay, see you soon." I smile.

"See you later."

I hang up and toss my phone onto my bed. I know that it's not very smart of me to give my number and adress out to someone I barely know, but I could really use some new friends now that I just moved here to California.

I pick my phone up off my bed again, and text Zayn my adress. Once I send it, I head towards my closet to find something to change into. My eyes glance to the high waisted shorts hanging up, so I take them off of the hanger and toss them on my bed. Looking through my drawers, I decided on a floral print crop top to go with the shorts. I toss those on my bed as well, and head to the bathroom to take a shower.


Once i'm showered up an dressed it's already 3:45, leaving me 15 minutes to do my hair and makeup. I quickly curl the tips of my long brown hair, and apply some mascara and eyeliner to my eyelashes and waterline. As a last minute thing, I add on some flower earrings, and slip some pink toms on.

By the time i'm done, it's 4:00 on the dot, and I can't help it but feel accomplished. I grab my phone and head downstairs. I quickly scribble down on the note pad connected onto the fridge, explainning that I went out with a friend just so my mom doesn't have a heart attack to come home and not see me here. I finish writing, and suddenly I hear my phone ding. It was a text from Zayn.

*I'm outside (:*

I quickly hop out of the kitchen, towards the front door. I swing the door open, and see Zayn parked in front, in a red top-down convertible. I walk to the passenger side, and hop in.

"Nice car." I say while smiling.

"Thanks.. Her name's Betsy."

I start to burst out in laughter as Zayn chuckles lightly to himself.

"Betsy.. I like the name."

"Good, me too."

I take in a moment to glance a bit more into Zayn's apperance. He's very casual, laid back. He's wearing a red varsity jacket, light blue jeans, and what I think to be red converses from my view. It's like a total opposite from his look in school. He's also wearing some black Ray Bans.

Breaking my thoughts, he puts the car in drive.

"Where are we going?" I ask while leaning back onto the cold leather seat.

"Well, since you just moved here to California.. I figured i'd take you somewhere very.. Californian I guess you can say."

"How do you know I just moved here?" I asked confusingly.

"Your lack of a tan." He giggles.

I just nudge him and laugh.

I wonder where he is taking me.. I guess i'll just have to wait and see.

After about 10 minutes of a quiet drive, Zayn pulls into a parking lot that's full of cars. He parks into one of the last empty spots.

We get out, and Zayn walks me somewhere about 2 minutes away from the lot.

As we get closer, I notice the sand, water, flocks of seagulls, and a whole bunch of half nakes teenagers.

"Welcome to Cali's most popular beach." Zayn smirks.

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