21 Days

Because of Grace losing a bet, she now has to do whatever the school jock, Niall Horan wants her to do. She has to stay with him at his place for 3 weeks, and obey Niall's orders. Whether it's doing his homework or getting in bed with him. Will these be the best 21 days of her life.. Or the complete worst?
∞ A Niall Horan fan fiction ∞


2. Chapter 1 ♡

♡ Grace's P.O.V ♡

Today's the day I start a new school, and i'm a nervous a wreck. When I lived in Arizona I only had a few friends and I kept to myself a lot. My grades are always on point. And I don't go out much. But now that I live here in California, I have a feeling that staying in a lot is going to have to change because of the weather.

For my outfit, I decided to just wear some light blue skinny jeans, a sky blue tank top, and some matching light blue converses. Once I was dressed, I headed to the bathroom to do all of my daily necessities. I decided on putting my hair into a sock bun. To finish up, I applied some mascara to my long dark eyelashes and applied some eye liner on my waterline. I walked back to my room, grabbed my phone and slipped it into my back pocket, and swung my jansport bag over my shoulder.

Once I get downstairs, I noticed my mother wasn't home. Whenever she leaves, she'd leave a note on the refrigerator so I decide to check it. I walked up to the fridge and read the note.

"Morning Grace! Left early for a meeting, make yourself some breakfast. I love you.

- Mom.

P.s- have a good first day!"

My mother would usually be out by the time I woke up, even when I lived in Arizona a week ago. She's a real estator and is busy.. A lot.

I make myself a bowl of cereal and eat it in about 5 minutes. Taking my keys, I locked the door and headed to my car.

I typed "Sunhill High School" in my navigation and with my luck, it was only about 8 minutes away. I'm happy at the fact that this my last year being in high school. Next year, i'll finally be in college.

As I pulled up into the school parking lot, I noticed that there was a huge amount of people that come here. It took me 15 minutes just to find a parking spot. While I was about to pull into the spot, a black Range Rover quickly made it's way into the space.

"Ugh, you have to be kidding me!" I groaned while hitting my steering wheel.

I watched as the door to the Range Rover swung open. A boy with a dirty blonde quiff, and a varsity jacket on stepped out of the drivers side. I could see a girl who was very pretty step out of the passenger side. The boy looked at me and stared at me for awhile and just laughed. I shook my head in annoyance as he hooked his arm around the girl he was with.

"What a jerk." I muttered to myself.

I finally found a spot after the incident with the jock, but sadly it was all the way in the back making me walk a long way to the school.

Once I got inside the school, I noticed that all of the girls had been wearing things like shorts and skirts, making me feel different. All of the guys had been tall and muscular, making me feel small.

Looks like i'm already starting to "fit in"..

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