Abby and Hailey are great friends. After two months they go missing. 2 years later one girl was found. Who did they find Hailey or Abby? Did one of the girls kill there own best friend? ..... Read To Find Out More.....


9. *Chapter 9*

“We know what you did Max.” I said sitting down across from him.

“I didn't do anything.” he said.

“We know you were in those woods that night. And we know about that other girl.” I said.

“That was just a little misunderstanding.” he said.

“I get it, I mean Abby was a very pretty girl.” said Henry.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I didn't hurt Abby!” he said.

“Max, we know you left the house that night and we know it was to meet Abby, but Hailey showed up instead.” I said.

“I never meant to hurt anyone.” he said.

“I know that, but if you don't give us something, we can't help you.” said Henry.

“She wasn't supposed to be there, it was supposed to be Abby.” he said.

“What happened that night?” I asked.


I had texted Abby to meet me and she said she would. I grabbed my gun and headed out there. I walked out to the spot where I told her to meet me. She was already there her back was turned to me. I pulled out the gun to scare her.

“Abby.” I said.

She turned, but it wasn't Abby standing there it was Hailey.

“You're not going to hurt her.” she said.

“Hailey, how did you...?” I began to ask.

“I saw the text and I'm not going to let you hurt her again.” she said.

“Now Hailey let's talk about this.” I said pointing the gun at her.

She turned and ran.

I ran after her and called her name, “Hailey! Please stop!”

She kept running and screaming until she tripped over a branch. I walked up and pointed the gun at her.

“I can't let you tell anyone.” I said.

“Please.” she said with tears in her eyes.

“I can't.” I said. She closed her eyes and I fired.

“What did you do?” I heard a voice cry from behind me.

“Abby.” I said.

She ran over to Hailey's lifeless body.

“You killed her! You sick perv!” she cried.

I pointed the gun at her.

“You're going to help me bury her.” I said.

She got up and followed me back to the car where I pulled out a trash bag and a shovel. Abby cried the whole time.


“Where are you taking?” asked Abby as we drove past state lines.

“I can't let you go now, Abby.” I said as I pulled off the road.

We got out and I led her into the trees and pointed the gun at her.

“Killing me doesn't change the fact that you are a sick perv who deserves to be locked up like an animal.” she said.

“Shut up! I've had enough of your mouth.” I said and pulled the trigger.

Present time

“What happened after that?” I asked.

“I buried her and went home.” he said.

“Get him out of here.” I said to Henry.

Henry cuffed him and led him to the cells. I walked over to Thomas who had been listening the entire time.

“I'll see if there are any unidentified dead girls out there.” he said and walked off.


“There hasn't been any reports of any jane does out there.” said Thomas.

“Maybe she's still buried.” I said.

“I can send some people down there.” said Thomas reaching for his phone.

“Wait, I've got something.” said Henry.

“What?” I asked.

“A young girl matching Abby's description was found out on the road by a couple. She was covered in mud and leaves.” said Henry.

“Abby survived.” I said astounded.

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