Abby and Hailey are great friends. After two months they go missing. 2 years later one girl was found. Who did they find Hailey or Abby? Did one of the girls kill there own best friend? ..... Read To Find Out More.....


7. *Chapter 7*

“Maybe it had something to do with her family.” said Henry as we sat at the desk in the station.

“Why do you think that?” I asked.

“Sara obviously knew something, but she didn't want to say it in front of her parents.” he said.“So you're saying we need to talk to her without them?” I asked.

“Yeah, maybe she'll give us something.”

Just them the chief came up to us.

“Did they find her yet?” I asked.

“No, not yet. Do you have any new leads?” he asked.

“Becca and Rachel said that Abby was in some kind of trouble, we think her sister knows what it is, but she wouldn't say in front of her parents.” said Henry.

“Go down to her school and talk to her, maybe she'll give you something without her parents around.” he said and walked off.


“Hi, Sara.” I said as she walked into the office.

“Am I in trouble?” she asked.

“That depends if you lie to us again.” I said.

“I didn't lie.” she said.

“Sara, Hailey is dead and Abby is still missing. We know you know something and you need to tell us.” I said.

“It's...Max.” she said slowly.

“Your stepdad?” Henry asked.

“Yeah.” she said looking down.

“What about him?” he asked.

“Mom and Abby were fighting about him the day she went missing.” she said.


“Mom it's true!” I heard Abby yell as I came down the stairs. They were in the kitchen and were fighting about something.

“Abby, I said that's enough.” she said.

“Why don't you believe me? It's true.” said Abby.

“I have had about enough of your attention seeking stories.” she said.

“You need to divorce him, he's a sick person who needs help.” she said.

“I said enough!” yelled my mom turning around and slapping her right in the face.

Abby stood there tears rolling down her face. My mom stood there stunned.

“You know what, maybe I should just leave and take Sara with me.” she said and walked out the door.

My mom stood there for a minute then turned and went back to her cooking.

Present Time

“You're sure she was talking about you're stepdad?” I asked.

“Yeah.” she said.

“Do you know what about?” Henry asked.

“No.” she said.

“That must have been what the fight was about.” said Henry.

“Thank you, Sara.” I said.

“You won't tell her I told, will you?” she asked.

“We won't.” I said.


“You better start talking to us lady.” Henry said to Mrs. Hall.

We had brought her into the interrogation room.

“I told you everything I know.” she said.

“You didn't say that you slapped your daughter.” he said.

“She was making up stories.” said Mrs. Hall.

“About what?” I asked.

“That is none of your business.” she said.

“It is our business if we're going to find your daughter you have to tell us everything.” I said.

“Unless you killed Hailey and Abby.” said Henry.

“I would never hurt my daughter.” she said.

“What about Hailey? Did she get into your business too?” he asked.

“I didn't hurt either of those girls. Now I would like a lawyer.” she said.

We left the room.

“Did she say anything?” asked Thomas.

“Nope. She lawyered up.” I said.

“Bring in the stepdad. He must know something.” he said walking away.

“I can't believe this woman is putting her husband before her own daughter.” I said.


“How well did you and Abby get along?” asked Henry.

We were in the conference room with Max Hall.

“We got along fine. Where's my wife?” he asked.

“With her lawyer.” I said.

“Are you charging her with something?” he asked.

“Yeah, murder.” said Henry.

“That's crazy, my wife would never hurt Abby or Hailey.” he said.

“The day Abby and Hailey went missing Abby and her mom had a fight, but I think you knew that and I think you told your wife and stepdaughter not to talk about it.” I said.

“You don't think I had something to do with this?”

“You tell us. Why was your wife fighting with Abby that day?” I asked.

“How should I know? They fought about a lot of stuff.” he said.

“I bet they fought about you a lot.” I said.

“No, they didn't. Now are you charging me with something or not?” he asked.

“No.” I said leaving the room.

“He knows something.” I said to Thomas.

“You think?” he asked.

“Yes. I think maybe we need to dig a little bit deeper into his life.” I said.

“I'll get somebody on that.” he said pulling out his phone.


Author's Note

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!  We are getting very close to the end.  The next chapter 8 is going to be kind of short, but chapter 9 is going to be the best chapter yet.  Hope you enjoy!

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