Abby and Hailey are great friends. After two months they go missing. 2 years later one girl was found. Who did they find Hailey or Abby? Did one of the girls kill there own best friend? ..... Read To Find Out More.....


6. *Chapter 6*

“What was Hailey doing in Abby's cheerleading uniform?” I asked aloud.

    “I don't know.” said Thomas.

    “Hailey's parents are going to be absolutely devastated. We gave them hope that their daughter was probably still alive.” I said.

    “No one could've known.” said Thomas.

    “We'll go and talk to Hailey's parents.” said Henry getting up.

    “No, you will go home.” said Thomas.

    “Putting it off isn't going to make it any easier.” I said.

    “No, but you need to get some sleep.” he said walking away.

    “I'll drop you off at home.” I said.

                    Next Morning

    “Are you ready?” asked Henry.

    “No, but let's do it anyway.” I said getting out and knocking on the door of the Daniels.

    “Did you find Hailey?” asked Mrs. Daniels answering.

    “May we come in?” asked Henry.

    “Of course.” she said letting us in.

    Mr. Daniels and Tony were sitting in the living room. Mr. Daniels jumped up.

    “Did you find Hailey?” he asked.

    “I think you all should sit down.” I said. They sat.

    “What is going on?” asked Tony.

    “It...wasn't Abby we found.” I said slowly.

    “Then who...? asked Mrs. Daniels then she understood and started sobbing.

    “What, what's going on?” asked Tony.

    “It was Hailey.” said Henry.

    “No, you said you found Abby's cheerleading uniform on the body.” said Mr. Daniels trying to calm his wife down.

    “We were wrong.” I said.

    “Then what happened to Abby?” asked Tony.

    “We're not sure. Mrs. Daniels the day the girls were reported missing you said you saw Abby sneaking out?” I asked her when she calmed down.

    “Yes.” she said gasping for breath.

    “You said she was wearing her uniform?” I asked.

    “Yes, oh my god, it was Hailey, wasn't it?” she said looking at me.

    “We think so.” I said.

    “Any idea why, Hailey was sneaking off in Abby's uniform?” asked Henry.

    “No.” said Mrs. Daniels.

    “I saw Abby right before she went missing.” said Tony.

    “What?” said Mr. Daniels.

    “She was in her pajamas when she left.” he said.

    “What happened that night?” I asked.


    I was in the kitchen when I saw Abby run out the door. I went after her.

    “Abby, wait!” I yelled to her.

    “I can't talk right now.” she said stopping.

    “I have to tell you something.” I said.

    “What? I really have to go.” she said.

    “Look I do really love you and I need you to give me another chance.” I said getting close to her.

    “I have to go get Hailey, but we will talk about this when I get back.” she said starting to run off.

    “Wait! Is Hailey ok?” I asked.

    “I don't know, but you have to stay here.” she said and ran off.

    “Abby!” I yelled but she kept running.

                        Present Time

    “She never came back.” he said looking down.

    “You let her go.” said Mrs. Daniels looking at him.

    “You should've followed her.” said Mr. Daniels.    

    “She told me not to.”

    “And you listened to her.” said Mr. Daniels.

    “And why didn't you tell us you were with her?” asked Mrs. Daniels.

    “Because you would have made a big deal about it.” he said.

    “This not the time to be at each other's throats. Abby is still missing and we need to find her, so you need to pull together not apart.” I said.

    “She's right.” said Mrs. Daniels.

    “We're going to go talk to Abby's parents, call us if you need anything.” I said giving her my card.


    “It was Hailey?” asked Mrs. Hall.


    “What was she doing wearing Abby's uniform?” asked Mr. Hall, Abby's stepdad.

    “Is it possible that Abby could've killed Hailey?” asked Henry.

    “Of course not. All Abby ever did was protect Hailey.” said Mrs. Hall.

    Just then I heard Sara come in.

    “I'm home!” she yelled.

    “Sara, will you come in here for a minute?” asked Mrs. Hall.

    “What's going on? Did you find Hailey?” asked Sara coming in.

    “It was Hailey they found, not Abby.” said Mr. Hall.

    “Do you think Abby's alive?” asked Sara hopefully.

    “We don't know, we need your help.” I said.

    “With what?” asked Sara.

    “Did your sister say anything about someone wanting to hurt her?” I asked.

    “No.” said Sara. I could tell she was lying. She avoided eye contact when she said it.

    “Sara, you need to tell us the truth.” I said.

    “I am.” she said.

    “Alright.” I said.

    “Thank you for your time.” said Henry getting up.

    We left the house and got in the car.

    “She was lying.” said Henry.

    “I know. Whatever Abby told her, she couldn't say it in front of her parents.” I said pulling out.

    We got back to the station and sat at our desks.

    “We got something.” said Thomas coming up to us.

    “What?” I asked.

    “The night Hailey and Abby went missing Abby got a text.” said Thomas.

    “What did it say?” asked Henry.

    “They told her to meet them in the woods.” said Thomas.

    “Hailey must have saw the text and went in her place. Abby figured it out and followed her.” I said.

    “Yeah, but the question is, where's Abby?” asked Henry.

    “She's got to be in those woods somewhere.” I said.

    “I want you two to interview those two girls again. Find out what else they know.” said Thomas.


    “Do either of you girls know this number?” I asked showing it to them.

    “No.” said Rachel handing it back.

    “Did Hailey or Abby tell you that they were in any trouble?” I asked.

    “What about the day at your house?” asked Rachel.

    “Oh yeah, Hailey told us that something was going on with Abby.” said Becca.


    “Becca, can you turn the music up?” asked Rachel as we tanned.

    “Sure.” I said getting up.

    “Such a pretty day.” said Abby.

    “Yeah.” said Hailey.

    “This is just what I need, some quality time with my best friends.” said Abby.

    “You never told us why you broke up with Tony.” I said.

    “It doesn't matter.” she said.

    “Yes it does. Tell us.” said Rachel.

    “I'm gonna get some more iced tea.” said Abby getting up and going in.

    “She's been different lately.” I said laying back down.

    “She's been going through a lot of things.” said Hailey.

    “Like what?” I asked.

    “I think she's in trouble.” said Hailey.

    “What kind of trouble?” asked Rachel.

    “Big trouble.” she said then Abby came back out.

                        Present time

    “Did she ever tell you what?” I asked.

    “No.” said Rachel.

    “When was this?” asked Henry.

    “Two days before Anna's party.” said Becca.

    “That must have been what they were fighting about at the party.” said Henry.

    “Yeah, but what kind of trouble was Abby in?” I wondered.

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