Abby and Hailey are great friends. After two months they go missing. 2 years later one girl was found. Who did they find Hailey or Abby? Did one of the girls kill there own best friend? ..... Read To Find Out More.....


5. *Chapter 5*

“You had a pretty big crush on Abby, didn't you?” I asked Joey.

    “Yeah, I did. I can't believe she's dead.” he said putting his head in his hands.

    “You must have been pretty happy when she broke up with Tony.” I said.

    “Her breaking up with Tony didn't really help me.” he said.

    “Why is that?” asked Henry.

    “She loved me, but not the way I loved her. She loved me like a brother.” he said.

    “That must have bummed you out.” said Henry.

    “It did at first, but I found it was for the best.” he said.

    “Why is that?” asked Henry.

    “When Tony and Abby were dating, I didn't exactly have anyone to hang out with, so I spent most of the time with Hailey.” he said.

    “So you and Hailey spent a lot of time together?” I asked.

    “Yeah, and I found myself liking her.” he said.

    “Is it because she looked like Abby?” I asked.

    “No, I liked her for her personality. People didn't see her the way I did.”

    “How did you see her?” I asked.

    “I saw that she wasn't just shy, she was smart and funny. People were too busy paying attention to Abby they didn't see how amazing Hailey was.” he said.

    “So Hailey was gaining some confidence.” I said.

    “She wouldn't need Abby anymore.” said Henry.

    “I saw something go down between the two of them a couple days before they went missing.” he said.


    We were at a pool party at Anna's house. Tony wanted me to help him look for Abby, so he could talk to her. I found her and Hailey arguing in the kitchen.

    “You have to tell someone.” said Hailey.

    “No, I can't.” said Abby looking scared.

    I had never seen her look so scared before.

    “Think about your sister.” said Hailey.

    “I am, and if I tell she could get hurt.” she said.

    “Abby, if you're not gonna tell, then I will.” said Hailey beginning to walk out of the kitchen.

    “You better not.” said Abby grabbing her arm.

    “Ow, let go.” said Hailey pulling away.

    “If you tell anybody, you're gonna regret it.”

    “Let go of me.” said Hailey and pulled away.

    I moved so she wouldn't see me. She walked out of the kitchen and went out by the pool. Abby was sitting on the floor with her head in her hands.

                        Present Time

    “Do you know what they were talking about?” asked Henry.

    “No. I didn't ask because I didn't want them to know I was spying on them.” he said.

    “I think maybe we should talk to Tony and see if he knows anything.” I said getting up.

    “Thank you for your help, Joey.” said Henry as we walked out.


    “Why didn't you tell me you had a relationship with Abby?” I asked.

    “I didn't think it mattered.” he said looking down at his hands as we sat at the table of his house. His parents weren't home.

    “Every little thing matters. Not telling us makes it look like you killed Abby and Hailey.” I said.

    “I didn't!” he yelled looking up.

    “You know what I think, I think Abby thought she was too good for you, so she dumped your ass. You tried to get her to take you back, but Abby isn't a girl to give in to easy, so you killed her. Then you killed Hailey because she abandoned you and took sides with Abby.” I said.

    “I didn't hurt Abby or Hailey.” said Tony.

    “Then who did?” I asked.

    “I honestly don't know.” he said.

    “Why did you two break up?” asked Henry.

    “I slept with another girl.” he said.

    “How did Abby find out?” I asked.

    “Hailey saw us at Jason's party and she told Abby.”

    “So Abby broke up with you.” I said.

    “Yeah, she told me the only way she'd take me back is if I told her I loved her and meant it.” he said.

    “Did you ever tell her?” I asked.

    “I tried.”


                        Tony’s POV:

    “Abby please talk to me.” I said following her out to the backyard of my house.

    “There is nothing to talk about.” she said.

    “Tony would you just leave her alone.” said Hailey sitting on the porch swing.

    “Would you stay out of this.” I said.

    “Don't talk to her like that.” said Abby.

    “Hailey, would you give us a minute?” I asked.

    “No way.” she said.

    “Go, it's fine.” said Abby.

    “I'll be close.” she said going into the house.

    “I know I was a jerk to you when we were dating and I'm really sorry.” I said.

    “It's fine.” she said.

    “So, can we get back together?” I asked.

    “Tell me that you love me and only me, like you mean it.” she said crossing her arms.

    “I think I might love you.” I said.

    “That's not good enough.” she said.

    “But I said it.”

    “Look maybe this just won't work out.” she said.

    “Can't we give it another try?” I asked.

    “We tried and it didn't work.” she said.

    “Please, Abby.”

    “If you can't even say that you love me then it can't work out.” she said and walked inside.

                            Present time

    “She just wouldn't listen to me.” he said.

    “Girls don't really like it when you cheat on them.” said Henry.

    “I really did love her, I still do, but she was gone just like that.” he said.

    We got up and left the house. We got back to the station about ten minutes later.

    “I wonder what Hailey and Abby were talking about that day.” I said sitting down at my desk.

    “I don't know.” said Henry rubbing his temple, he did that when he was trying to think.

    “I just got a call from the morgue, they tested Abby's toothbrush to the teeth on the body and it's not Abby's body we found.” said Thomas coming up to us.

    “Then who's body was it?” I asked.

    “Hailey's.” he said.

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