Abby and Hailey are great friends. After two months they go missing. 2 years later one girl was found. Who did they find Hailey or Abby? Did one of the girls kill there own best friend? ..... Read To Find Out More.....


4. *Chapter 4*

“You think these two girls know something?” asked the Chief Thomas.
    “We think so, they were the only other two people Abby told everything to.” I said.
    “We have people out there looking for Hailey's body.” said Thomas.
    “I still say Hailey might have killed Abby herself.” said Henry.
    “Where is she then?” I asked.
    “Maybe she went on the run.” he said.
    “Not for two years. She didn't just make herself disappear into thin air.” I said.
    “Until we know otherwise we're gonna have to assume Hailey is dead too.” said Thomas.
    “I just can't see Hailey murdering her best friend.” I said.
    “Everybody has their breaking point and maybe Abby was Hailey's.” said Henry.
    “Go and interview the two other best friends.” said Thomas.
    “It's very tragic, Abby was a great student.” said Mrs. Moore the principle.
    “Was Abby pretty popular with the students?” I asked.
    “Of course. She was pretty, smart, and nice to everybody.” she said.
    “What about Hailey?” I asked.
    “Hailey followed Abby's lead. She didn't have as much confidence as Abby did.”
    “Did Rachel and Becca follow Abby's lead too?” asked Henry.
    “All four girls were always together.” she said.
    “Is there a place where we can talk to them alone?” I asked.
    “Yes, the conference room. I'll call them down.” she said and lead us to a big room with a long table.
    Rachel and Becca were sitting in there a few minutes later.
    “Did Abby tell you a lot of her secrets?” I asked.
    “Some. She told Hailey almost all of them.” said Rachel.
    “What kind of secrets did you know about?” asked Henry.
    “Well, Abby was sort of seeing somebody.” said Becca.
    “It's alright, you can tell us.” he said.
    “She was seeing Hailey's older brother.” said Becca.
    “Tony? How long were they together?” I asked.
    “About two months.” said Becca.
    “Abby never said why they broke up.” said Rachel.
    “Then a month later she's dead.” I say.
    “Yeah, and Hailey must have knew because she was taking Abby's side.” said Rachel.
    “Whatever he did, it must have been really bad.” said Becca.
    “I wonder why Tony forgot to mention this.” said Henry.
    “They didn't want Tony's parents finding out, they would've made a big deal about it.” said Becca.
    “What about Hailey? Did she have any boyfriends?” I asked.
    “There was this one guy named Joey she kind of liked. Tony and him were friends.” said Becca.
    “He liked Hailey, but he was really in love with Abby.” said Rachel.
    “Rachel would you hurry up.” said Abby. She, Becca, and Hailey were waiting by the door.
    “I just gotta grab my purse.” I said grabbing it from the counter.
    We walked out and I got in the back with Hailey and Becca, Abby had climbed into the front with Tony and Joey.
    “Why do girls take so long to get ready?” asked Tony pulling out.
    “So we can look good for you guys.” said Abby.
    “Fair enough.” he said keeping one hand on the wheel and wrapping his arm around her.
    “This is so weird.” said Hailey.
    “What?” asked Tony.
    “She's my best friend and you're my brother.” she said.
    “So?” he asked.
    “It's just feels weird that you two are together.” she said.
    “It's not that big of a deal.” said Abby.
    “Whatever.” said Hailey.
    We got to the party about five minutes later. When we got in there Tony and Abby started dancing with each other.
    “That is so gross.” said Hailey.
    “Let's get drinks and go out onto the porch.” said Becca.
    We got some drinks and went out to the back porch.
    “Mind if I join you guys?” asked Joey.    
    “Sure.” said Hailey making some room.
    “We're gonna go get some more drinks.” I said pulling Becca back into the house.
    “What are you doing?” she asked.
    “Giving them some alone time.” I said giggling.
                        Present Time
    “After the party I asked Hailey what happened and she said nothing and she looked pretty bummed.” said Rachel.
    “So Joey had a thing for Abby?” asked Henry.
    “Abby always wondered why she was with Tony when she could've been with someone who really loved her.” said Becca.
    “Tony was kind of a jerk to her throughout their relationship.” said Rachel.
    “Thank you. You two were a big help.” I said.
    “You are gonna find Hailey, right?” asked Rachel.
    “We'll do our best.” I said and walked out.
    “Let's go see Joey.” said Henry.

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