Abby and Hailey are great friends. After two months they go missing. 2 years later one girl was found. Who did they find Hailey or Abby? Did one of the girls kill there own best friend? ..... Read To Find Out More.....


3. *Chapter 3*

“You found Abby.” said Mrs. Daniels tears in her eyes.

    “What about Hailey?” asked Mr. Daniels holding his wife's hand.

    “We haven't found her yet.” said Henry.

    “Do you think she could be alive?” asked Mr. Daniels.

    “We don't know.” said Henry.

    “Did Hailey get into any trouble when she started high school?” I asked.

    “Well, not a whole lot.” said Mrs. Daniels.

    “Just small things like missing curfew with Abby and sneaking out with her.” said Mr. Daniels.

    “So Abby was a bit of a troublemaker?” I asked.

    “She was very mischievous.” said Mrs. Daniels smiling.

    “She get Hailey into that stuff?” asked Henry.

    “To be honest we thought it was good Hailey was getting into a bit of trouble.” said Mr. Daniels.

    “She was a very shy girl and it was hard for her to make friends. We thought Abby would be good for her, give her some confidence.” said Mrs. Daniels.

    “When did they become friends?” I asked.

    “Abby moved here the summer before the girls started 3rd grade.” she said.

    Suddenly the door opened and I heard a male voice from the kitchen, “Mom! Dad! I'm home!”

    A guy about 19 or 20 walked into the living room.

    “Who are they?” he asked looking at us.

    “Detective Johnson and Detective James. This is our son Tony.” said Mrs. Daniels getting up.

    “Is this about Hailey and Abby?” asked Tony.

    “Tony, they found Abby.” said Mrs. Daniels putting her hand on his shoulder.

    “Is she alright? Is she at home?” he asked about ready to walk out the door.

    “No, Tony, they found Abby's body.” said his mother stopping him, tears falling down her face.

    “Abby, she can't be dead. What about Hailey?” he asked.

    “We're not sure.” I said.

    “I can't deal with this right now.” he said and walked out.

    “Were him and his sister close?” asked Henry.

    “Yes, best friends.” said Mr. Daniels.

    “What about Abby?” he asked.

    “She had a very big crush on him since she first met him.” said Mrs. Daniels.

    “Why don't I go talk to him?” I said and walked out.

    I found Tony in his room sitting on his bed.

    “Tony, may I come in?” I asked.

    “Sure.” he said.

    “I'm very sorry you have to go through this. Were you close with Abby?”

    “She was like a sister to me.” he said.

    “Were you aware that she had a crush on you?” I asked.

    “Yeah, but she knew it couldn't happen.”

    “Do you know anyone who would've wanted to hurt her?” I asked.

    “Well, there was this one girl at school. She was head of the varsity squad.” he said.


    I had football practice that day and the cheerleaders were practicing their routine. I looked up and saw Abby, Hailey, Becca, and Rachel stretching together. Becca and Rachel had only made the freshmen team. I could hear the conversation they were having.

    “I still can't believe they put me on the JV team.” said Hailey.

    “At least you aren't stuck on the freshmen team.” said Rachel.

    “Yeah, this sucks.” said Becca.

    “You were all great and you can always make varsity next year.” said Abby.

    “Oh please, you were the only one who had the skills to get on this team.” said Kelsey.

    “They were good too.” said Abby standing up.

    “I don't know why you waste your time with them. You need some real friends that will teach you the ropes in this school.” she said.

    “I don't think I need help, especially from a bitch like you.” said Abby.

    “You're gonna regret that.” said Kelsey.

    “No, I don't think I will.” she said walking away.

                            Present time

    “Kelsey had some problems with Abby.”

    “Yeah, she was really mean to her.” he said.

    “Thank you for the help, Tony.” I said walking out.

    I saw Henry standing by the door with Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. He had a blue toothbrush in a plastic bag.

    “Don't worry, it's just in case.” he said.

    “Thank you for all your help.” I said and we left.

    “You get anything from the brother?” asked Henry getting in the car.

    “One of the seniors had it out for Abby.”

    “Let's get these to the morgue and go talk to that cheerleader.” he said pulling out.


    We walked knocked on the dorm of Kelsey Adams. A young girl about twenty years old answered.

    “Are you Kelsey Adams?” I asked.

    “Yes. Why?” she asked.

    “Detectives Johnson and James. We're hear about Abby Benson.” I said.

    “Come in.” she said stepping back to let us in.

    “What happened to Abby?” she asked.

    “We found her body today.” I said.

    “Sorry to hear that, but it doesn't really surprise me.” she said.

    “Why is that?” asked Henry.

    “She had a mouth on her. Didn't know when to shut up.” she said.

    “So you did it yourself.” I said.

    “I didn't hurt Abby.”

    “You wanted to though.” I said.

    “All I ever really did was mess with her, but I never touched her.” she said.

    “Know anyone who might have wanted to?” asked Henry.

    “No, you'll have to ask those other two girls that followed her around.” she said.

    “Becca and Rachel?” I asked.

    “Yeah, besides Hailey, she would tell them anything.” she said.

    “We'll go check them out.” I said walking out.

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