Abby and Hailey are great friends. After two months they go missing. 2 years later one girl was found. Who did they find Hailey or Abby? Did one of the girls kill there own best friend? ..... Read To Find Out More.....


2. *Chapter 2*

                    Detective Johnson's Pov.

    I was about halfway to the station when I got the call.

    “Detective Johnson.” I said answering.

    “We got a case.” said my boss.


    “The Pines Wood Camping Ground. I'll give you the details when you get here.” he said hanging up.

    I made a U turn and headed to the camp ground. I was there in about ten minutes.

    There was police tape and a morgue van.

    “What've we got?” I asked my boss crossing the police tape.

    “Two fourteen year old girls went missing about two years ago, their names were Abby Benson and Hailey Daniels, police thought they were runaways.” he said.

    “Problems at home?” I asked.

    “Mom and daughter had a fight day the two girls disappeared.” he said.

    “They fight often?” I asked.

    “No. Both girls got good grades and were popular with the other students.” he said.

    “Doesn't sound like the runaway type.” I said.

    “No. A hiker was walking here when he stumbled across a trash bag with Abby Benson in it.”

    “How do you know it's her?” I asked.

    “The night she disappeared Abby was wearing her varsity cheerleading uniform. We found most of it in the bag.” he said holding up a bag with fabric in it.

    “If we found Abby here, Hailey must not be to far.” I said looking around.

    “Unless Hailey killed Abby herself.” he said.

    “Then where is she?” I asked.

    “That's what we need to find out. I want you to head over to Abby's house and talk to the parents and then Hailey's. I emailed you the address and take James with you.”

    Henry James was my partner.

    I got in the car looked at the address and called Henry.

    “Hey Liv.” he said.

    “We've got a case, I'm gonna swing by and pick you up.” I said.

    “Alright.” he said and hung up.

    I got to his place a few minutes later.

    “What've we got?” he asked getting in.

    “Two fourteen year old girls, Abby Benson and Hailey Daniels, went missing two years ago. A hiker found Abby's body.” I said as we drove.

    “Any suspects?” he asked.

    “Police thought they were runaways.”

    “Look how right they were.” Henry said disgusted.

    “We're going to interview Abby's parents right now, then Hailey's.”

    “You think Hailey's dead?” he asked.

    “Probably. If we found Abby's body we're probably gonna find Hailey's soon.” I said pulling into a driveway.

    We got out and went up to knock on the door.

    “Hailey's parents live right across from here.” I said pointing at the house.

    We knocked on the door and a girl of about 12 years old answered.

    “I'm Detective Johnson and this is Detective James. We're looking for Mrs. Benson.”

    “In here.” said the little girl.

    “What's your name?” I asked.

    “Sara. Is this about my sister?” she asked.

    “Yes.” I said.

    Henry gave me a look.

    “I'll go get my mom. Sit here.” she said pointing at the couch and then ran out of the room.

    We sat down and waited for Mrs. Benson to come in. We didn't have to wait long.

    “I'm Detective Johnson and this is Detective James.” I said as she and Sara sat down across from us.

    “Is this about my daughter?” she asked.

    “Yes. Mrs. Benson..” I began, but she cut me off.

    “It's Mrs. Hall. I got married four years ago.”

    “Mrs. Hall, I'm sorry to tell you this but, we found Abby's body today.” said Henry very slowly.

    “Oh no!” she screamed and then started sobbing hysterically.

    Sara sat there silent tears rolling down her face.

    “Are you sure it was her?” asked Mrs. Hall in between sobs.

    “We found the cheerleading uniform she had been wearing that night.” I said.

    “We need to ask you a few questions about Abby.” said Henry when she calmed down.

    “What kind of questions?” she asked.

    “Did Abby get into any trouble?” I asked.

    “All teenagers do, including Abby, but she never got into a whole a lot of trouble.”

    “What kind of trouble did she get into?”

    “Sneaking out, late for curfew. She had been dressing different too.” she said.

    “What do you mean different?” I asked.

    “She had been wearing these revealing shirts and really short shorts. I thought it was just a phase she was going through.”


    “Mom, I'm going to a movie with Hailey, Becca, and Rachel.” said Abby coming down the stairs.

    “Who's taking you?” I asked looking up.

    “Tony.” she said.

    “Honey, are you sure that's appropriate?” I asked. She was wearing a strapless black top and these white shorts that looked way short on her.

    “Mom, it's fine, and it's none of your business.” she said grabbing her purse.

    “You are my child, it is my business.”

    “No, it's not.” she said looking at me angrily.

    “Abby, you need to listen to your mother.” said Max coming into the kitchen.

    “You can't tell me what to do, you're not my dad.” she said heading towards the door.

    “Abby, what is going on with you?” I asked exasperated.

    “I just want to go and hang out with my friends without you worrying about every little thing.” she said and walked out.

    “What is going on with her these days?” I said sighing.

    “It's just a thing teens go through. It'll get better.” said Max sitting down in the chair.

    “I hope so.” I said sitting down too.

                        Present Time

    “I'd hoped things would get better, but they just got worse.” said Mrs. Hall finishing her story.

    “When did this behavior start?” asked Henry.

    “When first started high school.”

    “Was Hailey like that too?” I asked.

    “Oh no, Hailey was a very shy and timid girl. Abby was the one with the confidence.”

    “Were they together a lot?” I asked.

    “Always. Hailey was like family here. Do you think she might still be alive?” she asked us hopefully.

    “It's been two years, but nothing is for sure.” I said.

    “We're going to need a toothbrush or something of Abby's.” said Henry.

    “Why?” asked Sara.

    “We want to make sure it's really her.” he said.

    “You're saying there's a chance that it's not her.” asked Sara hopefully.

    “Sara, it was your sister's cheerleading uniform we found. I'm afraid it is her.” I said.

    She nodded her head sadly.

    “I'll take you up to her room.” said Mrs. Hall.

    We followed her up the stairs and down a hallway. There was a door with pictures of Abby on it. We opened the door and found a pink room inside. The bedspread was also pink with stuffed animals sitting on the pillow. There were framed pictures on her dresser of family and friends, also on the dresser was a bunch of perfume bottles and make up that was still out. It looked like any other teenage girl's room.

    “We haven't touched it since she left.” said Mrs. Hall.

    “This reminds me of the room I had when I was a teenager.” I said picking up a framed picture on the dresser.

    “Is this Hailey?” I asked.

    “Yeah. I'm gonna go get that toothbrush.” she said walking out of the room.

    “She had a lot of makeup.” I said.

    “Yeah, she didn't need it though. She was pretty without it.” said Sara sitting on the bed.

    “She was very pretty.” I said sitting next to her.

    “So was Hailey. I always thought they would come back just walk through the front door and we could just go back to normal.” said Sara with tears in her eyes.

    “Change can be a good thing.” I said.

    “That's what Abby used to say.” said Sara.

    “I got the toothbrush.” said Mrs. Hall coming back in.

    “We'll bag that and take it back to the station.” said Henry taking it from her.

    Mrs. Hall escorted us out.

    Before we left she said, “Please bring Hailey home.”

    “We will do our best.” I said and left.

    We bagged the toothbrush and put it in the car.

    “Now Hailey's house.” said Henry and we walked across the street to talk to Hailey's family.

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