Danielle Peazer's Twin


2. Big Sister Little Sister

Ashley's POV

"Great practice guys! See you at the performance tomorrow!" Our dance instructor shouted. "C'mon Ash, you said we'd go shopping today." Dani called from the door. I shook my head and ran over. We walked to the car, waving at friends as we passed.

"I'm really excited for tomorrow. The boys are coming!" Dani said breaking the silence.

"Yeahh me too, and Niall told me they were coming yesterday."

"Ohhh Niall told you. Since when did you guys get close?" she said slowly sending me a wink.

"Oh don't wink at me you know we've been best friends since you and Liam. Its because you guys make us feel all awkward."

She laughed and realized we were at the mall. We both got out and linked our arms together. I didn't actually know where we were going, and I don't think Dani did either. After about 15 minutes of walking we decided to get some food.

We were both just eating and talking when these two girls, who looked to be about 8 or 9, came to our table.

"Hi. I'm Carolyn and this is my twin sister Madison." the first one spoke.

"Oh look Ash twins just like us! Are you guys directioners?" Danielle asked.

The one called Madison nodded but then said "But we came over here to talk to you guys as dancers. You see me and Cary dance too and the teacher said it's big sister little sister day on Wednesday."

"Yea and if we don't have a sister that dances we have to find a pretend one. We were just wondering if-" Carolyn started.

"You guys would dance with us?" Madison finished.

I smiled and said "Of course we will! Just let us talk to your parents first."

They grabbed our hands and lead us over to a embarrassed looking woman. "I am so sorry!" she tried. Dani and I shook our heads. "It's no problem we'd love to do it!" we said at the same time. "In fact if we could just have your number and address we'd love to spend the rest of the day getting to know them." Danielle sort of asked. The lady muttered a Thank you so much while she put her number in our phones and gave us her address.

"I think we should buy matching dance outfits for Wednesday, it is just 3 days away." I suggested. "Yea totally and then all the other kids would know who we're there with. What do you think?" Danielle asked. We looked down and saw that they had huge smiles on. "We're in!" they yelled.


After about 4 hours of shopping and eating ice cream, Danielle and I finally made it home. We each took showers and sat down on the couch. Dani went into sloth mode and hugged me tight. "Wanna watch some movies until we fall asleep?" Dani asked. "Yes, Oh great sister mine. I would love to accompany you in the watching of movies." I answered in a "posh" accent. "Ugh. I'm revoking my proposal if you're gonna talk like that all night." she groaned. I laughed and got up to pick some movies out. It started with The Hunger Games and by the time Rue died we were both dozing off. I paused the movie and we said our goodnights.


A/N- Well there's the first chapter guys. Comment what you think of it. ~Takiya xx

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