Duck Out Of Heaven

Her er endnu en sangtekstsamling, som jeg har været igang med de sidste to måneder. :) Emnerne er måske drejet lidt mere over i noget kliché værk siden sidste udgivelse, men jeg føler at det er blevet balanceret vel med andre emner som nordisk mytologi. x) Endnu engang, sæt jer i jeres bedste stol, nap en kop kaffe og sæt noget Richard Ragnvald eller noget Metallica på, it doesn't matter, bare nyd samlingen. :D

1: Duck Out of Heaven
2: Turkish Delight
3: Winds of Valhalla
4: Silly Sinner
5: Bitter Dinner
6: Burned Alive


2. Turkish Delight

Verse 1:
Caught me in the middle, the center of the heart
Out of the blue it came, came into my soul
It played love's fiddle, along with emotion's harp
It existed like a flame, lighting up everything and all

And just as the river flow, and as the future is bright
The passion candles got lit, burning down the wall
Now nothing could contain it, but I could bear it all
And so I kissed the east hello, I found my turkisk delight

And where the sea seems to turn, the tides come to take us away
Oh for the promised land I yearn, I will bend for no delay

In the east I'll find my rest
But I won't just stay as a guest
For all the essence of me I've got left
Will live on in the land of which i dreamt
In the land of my Turkish Delight

Verse 2:
The road was paved with gold, the softest of metal
More blinding than the sun, but not as tempting as you
And as it lead me to your home, I felt something special
Like all fear was gone, and I realized the vision was true

For I had seen golden kingdoms, and unbelieveable wonders
But you were the most precious, more than faith to the holy
It was like losing all wisdom, now I'm only left to wonder
Is love that infectious, or is it just one big folly?

And so when the sea has turned, and we've been taken by the tide
I'll be on the land for which I yearned, I'll stay for the rest of my life




You are the only reason for why i've come
I can't leave cause you make my legs numb
You are the reason for why the thousand birds had sung
The song of how the future will become

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